11 November 2013 @ 02:56 pm
Exciting news!

Tim found a job. :D They hired him on the second interview and he hasn't even graduated yet. The best part? His record (felony) didn't matter at all. They were very understanding about it and said most of the men working for the company were ex-military and divorced and understood the situation and they were glad he was up-front and honest about it. Tim is super pumped about it and Wendy naturally is, too. He starts at $50k which is pretty good considering he hasn't even graduated yet--and won't until after spring semester.

But wait! THAT'S NOT ALL.

They were giving Tim a tour of the facilities and they have a manufacturing area they're working on. Tim asked if they were hiring people for those positions, too, and they said yes. So Tim mentioned that his father-in-law (my dad, though Tim thinks he might have accidentally said stepfather, lmao) was looking for work and they told him to have my dad apply there--just to make sure Tim's name was on the resume also.

My dad's been unemployed since January when Parker laid off a whole shift, so this is très exciting weeee.


Tim's parents want to switch cars with Tim & Wendy. They have a really nice new(er) CR-V and a, hrm, Jetta? And they are doing this because Wendy and Tim's CR-V is an old piece of crap basically, and they want to ensure that Tim doesn't have any problems with his new job. (Like the car breaking down. The company said their biggest issue with hiring kids right out of college is...they...are always...late.)

So I'm very excited for Tim getting this job, and very excited also that maybe this will enable my dad to get a job, too.

I typed more than this but they're working on the power lines and the power went out and I forget what I was saying. Hah.
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