01 February 2014 @ 01:13 am
I'll never shut up about RK so feel free to ignore this.

Finally I have found an A/M author that writes Misao the way I imagine her--at least when it comes to this one particular thing. There's this silly trope in the fandom about Misao trying to look pretty for her Aoshi-sama and that's fine, but every time she does it so eagerly! Or even grudgingly! But she always is sure he's going to like what he sees. This one story I'm reading, though, highlights her doubts and, I think, fears, of dressing up for him: maybe he'll think she looks like a little kid trying on her mother's kimono, she'll look like she's trying too hard, or it'll just look too weird because she never dresses that way. Or maybe he'll like her that way better which is almost worse.

I can really appreciate Misao being written in a way that makes more sense in regards to her character. She's peppy, but let's be real: everyone steps all over her feelings all the time and she's better at pretending things don't bother her that do, but shit bothers her. She cries when Kenshin promises to bring Aoshi back and she cries for Kaoru, too. So (general) you can't tell me that she doesn't have doubts about herself: her abilities, her looks, her feelings, et cetera.

(COMING UP NEXT: a rant on episode #89 of the anime series!)
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