16 March 2012 @ 12:34 am
Manna 12:32 am
This sentence
I think this author
fails at spelling and knowing what words actually are
Check it

Manna 12:33 am
["Tonks, any other man who lived his life on tender hooks] TENDER HOOKS

Kender 12:33 am

Manna 12:33 am
I think
but I'm fairly sure
that should say

Kender 12:33 am
no man

Manna 12:33 am
Going to just laugh myself to death right now.

Kender 12:33 am
that's like spayed eagles

Manna 12:33 am
Better imo
because this is like
I'm picturing Remus

Kender 12:33 am

Manna 12:33 am
Swinging from the hooks in a butcher shop

Kender 12:34 am
because we can't make an All-'Murrican TV show out of tender hooks, but we can out of eagle balls
Oh, I was imagining lovingly stroking fishing hooks or something

Manna 12:34 am
I haven't forgotten Eagle Ball Z

Kender 12:34 am
me neither

Kender 12:34 am
seared into my brain forever

Manna 12:34 am
Your own fault, honestly.

Kender 12:34 am

Eagle Ball Z is speshul. I should find that convo and put it in my journal because it was just that important.

ALSO. "Tenterhooks" is one of my favorite words. <3
01 March 2012 @ 11:44 pm

For the Fire Emblem characters: Outie or innie? :B

Manna 11:40 pm
your shelton pal
who is now my pal
navel ships
pretty sure they meant naval but
navel ships are more interesting
picture that

Meg 11:40 pm
all aboard the ss bellybutton

Manna 11:40 pm
For some reason
I picture hector's
outie or innie
either way
it's probably hairy

Meg 11:41 pm

Manna 11:41 pm
okay new journal post, I need answers for bellybuttons

Meg 11:41 pm
to write
modern AU
with hector's wife
shaving his backhair

Manna 11:41 pm
LOL I think waxing would be more fun
Farina would be the most satisfying.

Manna 11:42 pm
"Shut up you weaksauce motherfucker, it's just hair."

Meg 11:42 pm
oh man
she'd charge
to let people watch
she would

Manna 11:42 pm
Hector: I have become quite attached to my backhair over the years. ;_;
Farina: too damn bad, now, on the count of three... ONE, TWO... *RIPS*
Farina: *dangles hair covered paper in front of Hector* Lookit!
Picturing blue hair covering that is creeping me out tbh.

Meg 11:44 pm
dajkdhjkahd yes
24 January 2012 @ 11:05 pm
So beautiful I had to share okay:

Manna 10:45 pm
so tired
also braindead
luckily reading a friend's HP fics so I'm not seeing crazystupid summaries
and name smushings
I mean Remadora really
please tell me things are more sane where you are

Meg 10:46 pm
it could be wors
which sounds like a horrid tropical disease

Manna 10:47 pm

Manna 10:47 pm
It's like the Tonka toy trucks mixed with disease

Meg 10:49 pm
oh man
like idk
big horrid lesions shaped like ugly plastic trucks
"it seems you're in the big wheel stage, still THERE'S HOPE FOR YOU YET."

Manna 10:50 pm
I'm picturing a huge lesion and a convoy of tonka trucks streaming out of it now
also they are the old fashioned tonka trucks. back when metal children's toys existed
still QQing about plastic trucks
they break so easily

Meg 10:51 pm
oh man yes
they hurt worse when you step on them
this is fact

Manna 10:53 pm
parents getting their just desserts and all that

Meg 10:54 pm
ahaha yes

Manna 10:54 pm
what? you squeezed me out your boy-howdy? well step on legos, that'll teach you for doing that

Meg 10:58 pm
the ultimate revenge, oh yes

Manna 10:58 pm
and we all know legos hurt like hell

Meg 10:59 pm
they are the worst
oh man

Manna 10:59 pm
mostly because you step on one right
and you're like OUCH FUCK SHIT DAMMIT
and you go to hop aside okay
and your hop inevitably lands you on a bigger lego
and because you hopped on it

Manna 11:00 pm
it hurts like 10x more
so you're hopping around cursing
landing on legos at every turn

Meg 11:00 pm
like a minefield
except there's never the mercy of losing a leg

Manna 11:00 pm
a child's makes so much sense.

Meg 11:01 pm
/terrible person

Manna 11:01 pm
you finally slink away, humilated at being beaten by building blocks
and the bottoms of your feet have like lego imprints all over them
you'll never be the same again
post-traumatic embitterment lego disorder will affect you forever

Meg 11:02 pm
next thing you know you're at the lego store
javelin in one hand
burning torch in the other
screaming your rage at the plastic blocks that RUINED YOUR LIFE

Manna 11:03 pm
Lego store employees screaming, running for their lives
your javelin pins one by the apron to the wall
you beat your chest and roar with bestial vigor

It gets weird now. Embittered Geoffrey goes to the lego store because... )
28 December 2011 @ 09:01 pm
And for part II

[8:40:06 PM] Yugithesouvenir: you will live harry potter for the next three days
[8:40:44 PM] Manna: I think I'm breathing it right now
[8:41:44 PM] Yugithesouvenir: does it smell like ~magic~
[8:41:52 PM] Manna: smells like
[8:41:54 PM] Manna: crisco
[8:42:00 PM] Manna: you know
[8:42:10 PM] Manna: Snape could squeeze enough grease out of his hair to fry me some potatoes
[8:42:13 PM] Manna: maybe he is my ideal man
[8:43:13 PM] Yugithesouvenir: ...........i never thought i would hear this from you
[8:43:16 PM] Yugithesouvenir: you of all people
[8:43:25 PM] Yugithesouvenir: MANNA THE SNAPP FANGIRL
[8:44:00 PM] Manna: He could supply like
[8:44:03 PM] Manna: grease for fried potatoes
[8:44:09 PM] Manna: at any time of the day or night
[8:44:21 PM] Manna: that's so legit
[8:45:40 PM] Yugithesouvenir: french fries
[8:45:45 PM] Yugithesouvenir: mcsnapples
[8:47:00 PM] Manna: snaep, keeper and maker of fried goods
[8:47:02 PM] Manna: suddenly
[8:47:04 PM] Manna: mental image of
[8:47:13 PM] Manna: snaep working at mcdonalds as a teenager
[8:47:21 PM] Manna: and then frycook!snape who looks strangely square and yellow
[8:47:51 PM] Yugithesouvenir: THIS PLEASES ME
[8:48:45 PM] Yugithesouvenir: especially the part about pimply snaep flipping burgers with his feeble past white wrists
[8:49:14 PM] Manna: aaaaaaaaaahaha
[8:49:18 PM] Manna: greasy hair just fits him
[8:49:21 PM] Manna: in this setting
[8:49:25 PM] Manna: he could blame it on his job
[8:49:38 PM] Manna: I wonder if snaep has backne
[8:50:00 PM] Yugithesouvenir: cries and laughs
[8:50:10 PM] Yugithesouvenir: dies of crying and laughter
[8:51:13 PM] Yugithesouvenir: yes.
[8:51:29 PM] Yugithesouvenir: he has backne scars.
[8:54:21 PM] Manna: the shame
[8:54:24 PM] Manna: THE AGONY
[8:54:47 PM] Manna: "LILY WILL NEVER LOVE ME LIKE THIS," he said, weeping into his robes.
[8:54:55 PM] Yugithesouvenir: i think mostly i am loling because i'm like
[8:55:02 PM] Manna: tired as heck?
[8:55:20 PM] Yugithesouvenir: what would happen if there were a scene in the movie where we got a shot of snaep's backne
[8:55:23 PM] Yugithesouvenir: and like
[8:55:26 PM] Manna: picturing Spongesnape Squarepants?
[8:55:34 PM] Yugithesouvenir: alan rickman had to get face backne make-up put on him
[8:55:40 PM] Yugithesouvenir: this is an impossible situation but like
[8:55:41 PM] Yugithesouvenir: WHAT IF
[8:55:45 PM] Manna: lolol
[8:55:47 PM] Manna: what if, indeed
[8:56:11 PM] Manna: oh God if shirtless snape had ever been in there I would wonder if I was watching a bootleg copy of Twilight
[8:56:41 PM] Yugithesouvenir: asdfasdfa
[8:56:54 PM] Manna: lily as...bella!
[8:56:58 PM] Manna: snaep as...jacob!
[8:57:03 PM] Manna: AND JAMES AS EDWARD
[8:57:12 PM] Manna: it's disturbing yet satisfying
[8:57:22 PM] Yugithesouvenir: wow
[8:57:25 PM] Yugithesouvenir: no words
[8:57:30 PM] Yugithesouvenir: because
[8:57:39 PM] Yugithesouvenir: you know that jacob imprints on bella's son right...........................
[8:57:48 PM] Yugithesouvenir: er, daughter
[8:58:01 PM] Yugithesouvenir: but in the bootleg copy it would be a son........................................................
[8:58:02 PM] Manna: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA /dying over here
[8:58:34 PM] Manna: snaep can't tell the difference between girl and boy babies anyway
[8:58:45 PM] Yugithesouvenir: asdfa
[8:58:49 PM] Manna: Lily, I have imprinted on your daughter! o/
[8:58:53 PM] Manna: Lily: actually it's a son
[8:58:57 PM] Manna: Snape: shit
[8:59:16 PM] Yugithesouvenir: lmfao
[8:59:27 PM] Manna: first year of twilightworts:
harry: snaep my love!
snape: fml
[8:59:34 PM] Yugithesouvenir: sdsgdfafds
[8:59:41 PM] Manna: "WHAT HAVE I DONEEEEEE?"
[9:01:08 PM] Yugithesouvenir: actually snaep's version of imprinting kind of scares me
[9:01:32 PM] Yugithesouvenir: because it would be so tsundere