10 October 2012 @ 09:07 pm
WHO WANTS TO SEE PIKTURZ?! Of Neal and his new kitten!!! YEAHHHH!!!

Warning: cute as fuck kitten in here gaiz.

Snip snip! )

Her name is Mica (Mee-kuh). I want to pet dat widdle kitteh belleh.
08 April 2012 @ 01:28 pm
Oooh a picture post.

Okay so, there I was, cruising the house, when I decided that while I waited for the Easter food to finish, I would take pictures of all of the cats. But Leila looked so pathetic I felt sorry for her so I took a picture of the dogs, too. Which meant I had to go outside. Which meant I took pictures of All the Things. The lilacs aren't 100% bloomed yet but I did get a shot of them, too, because they're so tall and pretty. :D

MEET THE PETS. And then see some pictures of blooming apple trees and peach trees. Woo.

Cut for photographs! Taken with the camera this time, not the cell phone. )

26 March 2012 @ 10:46 pm
I didn't forget about LJ, promise.


/insert tears of joy here.

That said, you know how there are all of these sappy 'fics and movie scenes where someone stands out in the rain, or two people stand outside chatting in the rain?

There is nothing even remotely romantic or awesome about that. Why? I stood out in the rain chatting with my workbro, Julie, and all I got from that was sick. I mean, I always thought the "lolz so romantic, stood in the rain, caught a cold" thing was a bunch of bullshit invented so 'fic authors could write hurt/comfort stories.

Turns out you can get upper respiratory infections from standing in the rain. And with the weather suddenly turning cold, to make things even sweeter (aka: worse), I had my windows open while I was at work Friday, so when I came home Friday, changed my clothes (but didn't shower or blow-dry my hair), then fell into bed after shutting those windows...

...I woke up Saturday feeling like DEATH.

I still feel like DEATH. Oh man. Throat is SO SWOLLEN. And I woke up Sunday three times during the night almost choking on my own phlegm. Talk about awesome. /eyeroll.

So anyway, since I worked all weekend, I didn't get jack shit done. I have a new Facebook picture though, which I didn't link here.


A photograph and this one was actually taken with my CAMERA so it's a NICE PICTURE YAY. )

What else.

Uhhh... I haven't done anything interesting. Just playing WoW now and then, and mostly just texting Neal and assorted bros from work. Tomorrow I'm visiting Doyle for a bit and then I will come home and do a post about cats. Because cats. (Speaking of cats I had the crazy urge to write a story about cats. I was getting dialogue in my head and stuff. Very weird.)


And to those I didn't tell.

Why do I get the sad calls? Dx

A little old lady who is like 85 and lost her husband two years ago, okay. She finally scraped together enough money to buy 14 rose bushes for a little rose tribute garden for her deceased husband. She calls in on the Miracle Gro line to find out how to care for them because she spent all her extra money on them and wants them to grow great so she can tell her husband "I TOLD YOU SO!" (they failed at caring for roses when he was still alive) as well as of course, honoring him. I was like ;_____;.

And then the old guy whose wife died last year so he lost most of her social security and he doesn't have the money to buy a new bag of fertilizer but he has this old bag of the Turf Builder Summerguard, and can he use that? Because he just wants to make the grass over his wife's grave look pretty. And I was like ;___;.
24 January 2012 @ 09:01 pm
Before I start on finishing the FE Meme, have this picture. There's something wrong with it, though. Hmmmm, I wonder what.

Pictured: Tiny