12 May 2012 @ 07:43 am
Whoa, the review button at FFN looks...different now. o_o

I mean, it used to be purple a long time ago (and sometimes you still see stories that say to "press the purple button", lmao), but now it's this bright blueish sort of colour. Not sure why. Uhhh.

Also QQQQQ I don't want to work today. I'm going to drive into work because working from home is slow. And I'm so tired I feel like I'd just fall asleep at my desk if I was working from home today. Sooo in I go. Hopefully nobody will have taken my seat. >:] By "my seat" I mean, the one right next to Frits's desk. Since Frits is a supervisor and he's on one side, that means at least half of my hearing range will be rather quiet.

The quieter the better. I've been having more trouble hearing than usual lately. Also my earaches came back because I forgot to take my allergy medication (x2, I didn't take either one -_-) for a few days. Derp.