03 March 2012 @ 09:32 pm
Stealing this from Myaruuuuu.

Books I'm reading: Your Life As Story by Tristine Rainier, Harry Potter (Book Three, reread).

Books I'm writing: Not a damn thing since fanfiction doesn't count. I pretty much gave up on actually ever writing a legit book. I don't have time or energy for that.

The book I love the most: This is a tough sort of thing to decide. I mean, I like books. I've had a lot of "favorites". But what were favorites 15 years ago aren't favorites today-- there's a nostalgia favoritism about them, but the books themselves aren't amazing like I thought. But right now, I'll say the Harry Potter series, because it's a great series, and I was wrong to ever think otherwise. But if we're going single-book here, the children's book, "I'll Always Love You"-- THIS ONE!-- will always remain near and dear to me, because I've never been able to forget it, ever. But if we're talking single novel type book here, well, I've read so many it's hard to say, but I did really, really love The Lovely Bones (by Alice Sebold).

The last book I received as a gift: The Harry Potter series, from my bestest bro ever. <33333333

The last book I gave as a gift: I've bought my sister plenty of manga (Crossroads was a series she collected, as well as Naruto for a time), cookbooks (she likes to look at them and experiment now and again), and for her birthday last year I did pick her up some Dr. Seuss books.

The nearest book: The only books anywhere near my desk atm are the Harry Potter books. The third book is, of course, the closest, but only because it's on the edge of my desk instead of on the table beside it. :P