13 June 2012 @ 07:56 pm
Watch me be opinionated again:

All of these people are idiots.

1.) Kids are kids. You know, I didn't eat three meals a day as a kid sometimes. Or we went out to the zoo and would wait to go home before we ate because it was SO much cheaper than eating out on the way back. Maybe my parents would stop at the store to stock up on the way back. Also, a KID saying they haven't eaten all day can't be taken literally for all kids. "All day" could mean "five hours". Or, "since breakfast" (and it's 4pm).

2.) Soda and chips are definitely not real food. Not even CHEAP real food. A bag of fucking chips is like $3.50. You do realize that for the price of a case of soda and two bags of chips you could EASILY buy bread, peanut butter, and jelly.

3.) But still, the OP didn't know why the woman was buying what she was buying. And saying, "I would have helped her but what she was buying was WRONG!" is pretty...ugh. Assuming. Presumptuous? I don't know.

I agree that on the whole crap food is cheaper, but there is such a thing as Banquet Beef Pot Pies or something (.69 each, okay, and they feed a kid pretty well), and that is not only cheaper, but healthier than chips and soda.

But again, just cause she SAW chips and soda doesn't mean there wasn't other stuff in there. And it sure doesn't mean she wasn't just stocking up for a party or something. I mean, maybe her card didn't work, but that isn't always dire straights. Could be she maxed her Visa out but...fuckdammit forgot the checkbook at home! :P

I mean, everyone there is assuming these kids were starving to death or something. I'd probably be somewhat offended if someone was like HEY I'LL BUY YOUR KIDS CEREAL AND MILK. I'd be like, dafuq? Probably would have that at home. I mean on one hand maybe they DID need the food, on the other, maybe they didn't. :/

Either way, wow. So many assumptions rolling around. And so many nutrition elitists. "I NEVER buy candy unless it's Halloween!" Wow, sucks to be YOUR kid then. I rarely got any fun food as a kid, and we didn't GO trick-or-treating, so honestly even a stick of gum was :O omg amazing to me. Same with soda. I plan to probably raise kids that way (with fruits and vegetables too, but I looove veggies haha) if I ever have any with treats now and then just because I can, but so many stupid assumptions, wow. I Nobody else was there and they just take what they want from that post and assume away!


Also wrote 1200 words yesterday. I have tomorrow off. I think I'll write an essay for my college placement test thing. Keep your fingers crossed I do well. XD
09 June 2012 @ 07:06 pm
I like this Cafemom post. Most of the replies here are great:

Marriage is not perfect for ANYONE. There will always be pet peeves, buttons being pushed, getting upset at one another or even outright angry, disagreements, et cetera and so on. The people who work together and communicate are the ones that come out okay.

Everyone else doesn't.

Of course, at the same time, lots of people change and sometimes they don't change for the better. And other times, people get married before they're ready, or they married an asshole but didn't realize it quick enough.

But yeah. No such thing as a "perfect" marriage. But there are some pretty damn good ones!
08 June 2012 @ 06:41 pm
And now on highly disturbing and/or triggery fronts:

A fourteen-year-old screwing around online-- CafeMom post by a mother whose 14-year-old daughter made a FB account that said she was 20, she started hitting on this 21-year-old guy and things just sorta...snowballed. Nothing bad happened-- yet. But the amount of stupidity and IGNORANCE of the people commenting just amazes me.

Some comments are by people who Get It, but others. UGH.

I liked this response a lot:

The one thing that ALL kids have in common, especially teens is:

Nothing like that will ever happen to me.

Their reasoning is that they are smarter than who ever had what ever bad thing happen to them. You can't get it through their thick head that the other person was just as smart and it happened. The only thing that you can do is what you are doing now. By setting up a FB account with the age of 20 she maybe wanting to be a grown-up really really badly. If this 21 yr old is only responding to the person he thinks is 20 or any of the "men" are communicating with the 20 year old I would be upset with her as they are talking to someone they think is old enough. Now any "men" talking to her on the FB account that you set up with her those are the ones that are probably trolling for minors those might be the ones that need to be brought to the attention of authorities. There are agencies that try hard to help stop some of the online trolling for the pedophiles. They can't stop all of it. The reason I am saying bring it to the attention of the authorities of the adult men who are knowingly contacting a minor not related to them. You might be helping to stop one. She is going to hate you for a while and right now she may need some counseling to find out why she feels the need to do this.

I mean, THIS STUFF HAPPENS. IT HAPPENS. Did I mention that it happens?"

I have many FEELS about this.

1.) Some guy could end up fucked over completely. Lying is a dick move. It's even worse when lying to someone could land them in PRISON. WITH A PERMANENT RECORD. She lied to this guy. What if he came out, picked her up, tried to sleep with her, got caught? Even if she did lie, everyone would be creeped out by him, his reputation would be ruined and so would his name.

2.) This mom kept boohoo making excuses. Like look, I wouldn't call her a bad parent exactly, but your kid is 14. 14. I know, some of you on the flist aren't much older than that, but are you out there screwing around with guys? This it the SECOND time this girl has done this. My child would NOT have their own computer at 14 EVER PERIOD NO NO NO NEVER, especially not with INTERNET ACCESS. And any games would be MONITORED. PERIOD.

I mean, trust is earned, not automatically given. Seriously. I have always been relatively behaved. Sure, I snuck online at like midnight most of my Jr./Sr. years of high school, but that was a matter of fighting my family for internet time and the fact that I really liked someone and I wanted to talk to him. :P (But we were the same age pretty much.) I never left the house when I wasn't allowed, I didn't really have a curfew after I was 16, I just had to behave myself and do what I was told and be respectful and I did for the most part. So I guess I was just trustworthy. And my mother could have printed off my conversations with Neal back then, because hell, I did myself now and again to reread! We were just silly, goofing off, and tbh, I needed someone I could confide in, because I didn't confide in my close RL friends. ;P Our conversations were totally G rated. Or maybe PG rated. Whatever. :P

But a kid that's been caught doing things like purposefully looking for older men when she's like, just hit puberty? Uhhh that's bad. That could spell some bad things.

I mean, I don't blame the mom, because the daughter is 14 and has a brain, she should try using it sometime. But geesh. I mean, I understand what it's like to be 13/14 and just have one of those years. I did in 7th grade. (But there was no Internet then.)

But that kid would be having to earn trust back and maybe they'd get it back in a couple of years. :| Ugh. Horrible. I mean, as a parent I'd just be terrified that someone would snatch my kid in the night, you know? So when they go LOOKING for trouble it's just terrifying.

I swear, this site makes me want to have kids LESS AND LESS. For two reasons: 1.) they can turn out bad even if you're a great parent, and 2.) I feel like I'd be a better parent than half the people I've met in my life YET IT IS STILL TERRIFYING.

Oh, and 3.) Because my first kid is probably getting the name Francis/Frances (boy/girl). That's just wrong. I shouldn't do that. BUT I LOVE THAT NAME. *_*
10 May 2012 @ 07:25 pm
Oh lookit me, all full of opinions and stuff today!

Check out the latest CafeMom dramafest/discussion post:

Breastfeeding. Oh joy.

I'm sorry, but. No. Just no.

1.) That kid looks like he's 5-7 years old, not 3.
2.) 3 is too old to breastfeed IMO.
3.) That poor kid, that magazine will embarrass the fuck out of him later in life.
4.) You take away your child's blankie when they get too old for it, you get them to quit sucking their thumb because they are too old for it. SO WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT BREAST-FEEDING?

Even a 2-year-old should be eating table food. And if you can't get your child to eat table food IDK what the fuck to tell you.

Sorry, I'm 110% against nursing your baby as long as they want to do it. -_- In fact, I'm extremely creeped out by 10-year-olds who are still being breastfed.
29 March 2012 @ 09:35 pm
Oh, God.

All I can say is, wtf is wrong is people.