23 June 2013 @ 09:45 pm

-My mother is in the ER, the hospital is keeping her overnight. I can't say why exactly, because I don't know. She does need surgery soon but the possible side effects of the surgery are pretty bad.

-June, the wife of my pastor who passed away in Feburary, has breast cancer. Again. This time the other breast. She'll probably have to have another mastectomy. And she needs surgery on her shoulder.

-I think I'm going to volunteer down at my old high school. Their principal is one of the staff members I knew pretty well, and he knew my siblings too. Step One in teaching: get in good with the school that you live a mile from. It might be useful someday. I'll volunteer to tutor of course, and for all I care I can do photocopying/grading for one of the teachers. Just wanna get my foot in the door.

-I might go to the doctor just to shut my mom up about my earaches. I swear if they were infections, I'd have lost all hearing in my left ear by now. They hurt so badly sometimes that it's like someone's sticking a pin inside my ear. But if I go to the doctor I can at least tell my mother it was nothing to be concerned over. She keeps bringing it up. "ARE YOU SURE...?" Yes mother dear, I'm positive. I've had these for over a year I'm pretty sure they'd have ruined my hearing by now if it was an infection. (Ruined it more than it already is ruined, anyway.)

-Topic proposal paper is done. It feels too academic but I don't care. I doubt this professor cares, either.

-I think the real reason I continue to go by "Manna" in real life is because it sets me apart from others. I just realized I filled out my application to the tutoring centre with my birth name and if they call any of my references and address me by my birth name they'll have no idea who the fuck I am. Good times. I might call them and stress my nickname.

-I hope I get to exchange papers with Mr. Blue Pen tomorrow for our peer grading thing. He was the only person who said anything intelligent on my paper last time.

Anyway I'm super bored.

So have this picture of my cats. (Tiny is huge.)
11 June 2013 @ 03:11 pm
So this morning I had Tiny under one arm, and CiCi was by my shoulder on the same side. CiCi was licking her leg and then suddenly, she got up, leaned over Tiny, and started licking Tiny's face.

To Tiny's delight. She's tried for two years+ to be CiCi's best buddy.

Then CiCi suddenly stopped, as if realizing for the first time what it was she was doing, and smacked Tiny right on the top of the head.

Tiny was very sad.

Cat drama guys. CAT DRAMA.
14 February 2013 @ 10:49 pm

1. Neal got me some stuff. <3
2. Neal's flying in tomorrow. I'm making him play FE7 of course. Weeee.
3. I cut my hair again. (Bangs.)
4. I told Neal he could take the bed and I'd take the couch this time because the couch is evil death trap-worthy and the bed is nicer and he got all NOOOOO I CAN'T DO THAAAT and I was like uhh yes you can and he was like hahaha let's share and I was like hah and he was like just kidding and then I rolled my eyes and was like no you're not and he got indignant and was like your parents would shoot me through the floor okay and i was like yep

I think I won.

Also, me making the bed netted me a monster and a demon. The monster initially shoved the entire top sheet off the bed because she knows I never use a top sheet (or whatever it's called) because sheets are cold and I hate them.

But then they both came to play.

11 February 2013 @ 05:27 pm
Tiny is pretty much the cutest thing ever.


30 January 2013 @ 07:56 am
Some asshole came up here in the middle of the night and left my front door wide open, okay. So this morning I am awoken ten full minutes early by CiCi growling and spitting and hissing at Frey.


Not that ten minutes is a big deal but you know how you feel when you see you're up just a littttle too early and you're tired as hell?


whatever gonna be 59 degrees today!! sure it'll be 20 tomorrow but for now... ...!!!!
10 January 2013 @ 11:47 am
So we had Chinese a few days ago.

I wake up this morning and see sticks all over the floor. And a Tiny is carrying them all over the place.

Trashdigger cat. Doesn't want leftover food. Wants sticks. Trash is intact. Minus sticks. Which are all over my living room floor.
09 December 2012 @ 01:58 am
Today I learned...

That when cats don't want you to sleep, they will fight with one another and then jump on your face with their claws out.

My eyelid was punctured (???WHY) and my eyeball scratched, and now my eyelid is a giant bruise. This is great.

By great I mean why me.

I was trying to celebrate being done with French class for the semester. I get a claw in my eye. Well, I never did get a nap. TIME TO SLEEP AT TWO IN THE MORNING INSTEAD!!!!1one
02 October 2012 @ 10:16 pm
Hey guys, I could use some prayers and warm fuzzy thoughts sent toward one of our cats.

Katiedid is dying.

When Flitter died (about 14-15 years ago), Katiedid was a stray we took in. Katie's had lots of dental problems, which the vet has been very helpful with. He's cut us wonderful deals on getting work done on her to help with her rotten teeth. But this time, there aren't teeth to cause a problem, and she's stopped eating. It's been a couple of days. My mom was surprised to find her still alive this afternoon, because she's hidden under her bed all night last night and early this morning.

I don't think she'll live much longer, but some good thoughts that her going be peaceful would be very welcome.

Thanks. :)

PS. CiCi turned 7 last month. I forgot to mention that. I'm thankful that she's always been in good health.
15 September 2012 @ 02:39 pm
My new hair color hurr. And the old one. And the original. )

AND A PIKTUR OF TINY. She likes to hide under the couch and attack feet so here she is partially...there... Looking evil.


I'm coming down with a cold or something.
04 August 2012 @ 11:23 am
So I made an appointment at my lawyer's office to get my worker's comp settlement check. Like I've said before, I'm really not expecting it to be much. 10wks pay is all I know about it, which, what is 10wks pay? 10wks pay at what I was making on first shift at Honda? Second shift? I'm not 100% sure. If it's either, it's MAYBE, at MOST, $4,000. Take out the lawyer's chunk and it's a lot less.

That said, they told me they were pretty sure they could get more than 4k, since that's what Adecco usually tries to settle for. But at the same time, since the original doctor said I was 0% disabled, and the second doctor said 10%, they decided to meet in the middle. -_- So my best guess would be that I'll get a check for $1k or $2k, probably somewhere in the middle.

If it's closer to 2k I'll give my parents $1k to start paying them back and then bank the rest for car payments. Or upgrade my computer since it's looking pretty sad. >> But first things first-- gotta get Tiny fixed.

Last night, I had a dream that the check was for $150. Yeah. I was like. THE FUCK. I was so upset in my dream it wasn't even funny. I guess at least with $150 I could pay my car insurance. -_- But I was like, ughhh now I have to wait even longer to get the cat fixed. She's a keeps-you-up-all-night cat when she's in heat. It's awffullll.

Then I woke up at 6am and ate a huge omelet and all was right with the world.
20 July 2012 @ 10:27 am
Someone on my RealID on WoW got me hooked on dual-boxing. >> The funny thing is that my "slave" (i.e., Follow) toon is the one that's out DPSing my "Master" (i.e., Lead) toon. What even.


I'm cleaning all the things today, focusing mostly on laundry because my closet got full to bursting. Now that my sister is moving her stuff out, that gives me another closet to store my crap, so winter stuff will go in one, while summer+pants/etc will go in the other. My underthings and pajamas barely are fitting in the bureau though, how sad. BUT. LUCKILY. MY SISTER MOVED SO HER BUREAU IS NOW MY BUREAU! (This just occurred to me about two seconds ago.)


Tiny is in heat again. I can't wait until I get my compensation check. I don't care if it's just for $100 so long as I can get that cat fixed. She's annoying normally but it gets worse when she's in heat. She spends all day rolling around in my cords knocking my speakers off the desk.

That said, normally she spends her days knocking my ponies off of their shelf. I'll look over and she'll be standing on the bookshelf, her foot sticking all the way out, a sad helpless pony dangling from her claws by its tail.


I found a bunch of Pokémon plushies and stuff that a friend gave me. I hadn't even remembered I had them. o_o They were stuffed into this cute little tote bag with a pokéball on it, too. Hee.


Cleaning cleaning cleaning cleaning. I have to get this done before next WEDNESDAY because that's when Neal will show up, Wednesday night. Arrgghhhh. I have so much work to do. Sob. Sob. Sob. As soon as I'm done with the clothes I'mma run to the store. Busybusy.


I found a cute little meme to rec fic that really "wowed" you so I'll probably do that one later as soon as I can get a huge job off of my checklist.


Watching DBZ as I do my laundry (since it's RARRRRRRRRR SPESHUL BEAM CANONZ for like four episodes in a row, if I walk away I probably didn't miss a damn thing), but while I'm playing WoW I'm rewatching Rose of Versailles. I forgot how different the manga is from the anime, geesh, but it's still good!! Episode 8 is my favorite I think, that appears in the anime but not the manga. Episodes 1 and 2 are yawnworthy.
24 June 2012 @ 02:58 pm
Tiny is 11 months old.

She JUST went into her first real heat yesterday. :U



22 June 2012 @ 05:18 pm
Two things. Part I is the meme everyone is doing:

Gimme a pairing and I'll tell you:

•who is the big spoon/little spoon
•what is their favorite non-sexual activity
•who uses all the hot water in the morning
•what they order from take out
•what is the most trivial thing they fight over
•who does most of the cleaning
•who leaves their stuff around
•who remembers to buy the milk
•who remembers anniversaries


Part II is just babbling. Let's see. I got paid today. YAY. But I'm not celebrating until I'm in college and I don't have to worry about this job anymore. Today has been a pretty good day, nothing too bad happened. I mean, I woke up, but that's as bad as it got.

Luckily the temperature is a lot nicer today than yesterday. It's still hot, but I'm not soaking my shirt through with sweat today, and I was yesterday. (Yesterday was a miserable heat. Lemme tell ya.)

I've been going through my grandmother's books, and my sister and I are picking out what we want and don't want. Astronomy books are going to my brother, who cares. History and religious and western books + autobiographies are going to me, and all of the medical books and thrillers/mysteries are going to my sister.

I have a secret hope that I'll run into the book I've been DYING to find for 15+ years. It's an old book about two cats who are sisters. The one runs away with a tomcat at one point, but I don't remember anything else about the book. Argh. I've never managed to find that book again.

Anyway. I'm tired. And bleh. And meh. And stuff. Am thinking of watching Korra since that's what all the cool kids are doing these days.

Also we had to make an appointment for Katiedid for her teeth. She's really not doing well. :( Poor kitty.
19 June 2012 @ 11:54 am
I just love cute little Francis's markings, so I entered a picture of him into this week's shuttercats theme. :D

And I thought I'd re-share here. If you like kittens? You will like this post. :D

Click for kitttiiiesssss! )

14 April 2012 @ 07:39 pm
So I have this glass desk now and it drives Paul insane. He can't figure it out. WHOA IT'S SEE-THROUGH. AND I CAN WALK ON IT.

His cat mind is completely blown.

Today I looked over and he's standing there on the top part of the desk with his paw crammed underneath the glass. And he licks it. So he's all trying to lick his own foot through the glass BECAUSE HE CAN SEE IT SO IT MUST WORK, RIGHT?

08 April 2012 @ 01:28 pm
Oooh a picture post.

Okay so, there I was, cruising the house, when I decided that while I waited for the Easter food to finish, I would take pictures of all of the cats. But Leila looked so pathetic I felt sorry for her so I took a picture of the dogs, too. Which meant I had to go outside. Which meant I took pictures of All the Things. The lilacs aren't 100% bloomed yet but I did get a shot of them, too, because they're so tall and pretty. :D

MEET THE PETS. And then see some pictures of blooming apple trees and peach trees. Woo.

Cut for photographs! Taken with the camera this time, not the cell phone. )

17 February 2012 @ 08:42 pm
I am so damn tired, it's not even funny. Zzzz.

Anyway, I never really considered myself a clumsy sort of person. I never really thought I was accident-prone. And when people told me I was, I basically told them to shove off because I honestly didn't think I was.

And then I stopped to think about it, and I guess I'm not as big a badass as I thought I was. -_-

Okay, in the last week I have nearly fallen down the stairs well over ten times. You know the feeling you get when your foot slips on the step? When you step too far and only the very edge of your heel catches the step? FFFFFF. That is a HORRIBLE feeling. It usually comes right before pain.

If you can't tell, I have fallen down many times in my life. I've been lucky in that I haven't really broken anything, but I had pretty strong bones as a little punk.

So there I'm remembering my joyous mishaps throughout my life, from start to finish, and I think, holy crap, I am a lot klutzier than I thought, but I will never, ever admit this IRL. Because seriously, it's sad.

If people added up the record they would know, but usually people don't get the full picture. Here are some memorable fun ones:

-Thought I'd be a brilliant little kid and I wanted to show my daddy this frog or toad or something I caught. Hell, maybe it was a rock. I don't even know. I was a dumb kid, always dirty and rolling in dirt/grass/whatever, so my weird obsession with animals began early. And with rocks, because I was bitter I couldn't collect them. ("We have plenty of pets, you don't need rocks!")(I secretly kept sparkly rocks in a box ANYWAY.) So I have great timing as always and show my dad whatever it was...while he's on a ladder. Maybe walking under it to get his attention was my downfall. Either way, the ladder, the paint, and my dad...all fall onto me. I was five. It hurt. Tore open my arm pretty spectacularly. I totally deserved it. And I learned that Epson salts hurt a lot when you have to soak a bloody appendage in them. Ouch.

-Ice and I do not get along. And this started when I was little. (Rain, snow, sleet: These things are also things that I do not get along with.) I live on a hill, and the bus always stopped at the end of our driveway. When I was very little we had nothing blocking our view of the road, so I could wait until I saw the bus about 1/4 mile away and then I could run down the hill. This was great because I didn't have to wait in the cold for the bus. Except I ran and slid/crashed/rolled down the hill a lot. This particular time I pitched over right in front of the bus...with everyone, including the driver, Barb, watching. She felt bad for me and asked me if I wanted to go back to the house. I said my mother would kill me if I did on to school I went. Now that I think back on it (I can still remember how that felt-- my nose smashed right through some of the ice at the bottom of the driveway, after all) I'm pretty sure I broke my nose that time. Holy crap did it hurt. I mean, wow.

-Playground equipment and I also did not get along. I was the type who always had scraped something-or-another, and I've always bruised easily, so I have spent most of my life rather banged up. No, really. Swinging from the metal monkey bars on the side of our backyard (actually: sideyard, but whatever) my hand slipped, I fell, busted my arm something good, and had to wear a sling to school...though the PhysEd teacher made me dribble a basketball anyway. :| We couldn't afford to go to the doctor, but we think it was sprained. Took weeks before I could use my arm right again.

-My first bicycle (training wheels that eventually came off, it was not a small bike, large for a kid who never hit a growth spurt) ended up with me doing a dive off into solid concrete. The scabs on my knees were a glistening yellowy-pink for months.

-Despite my bookish phase (that lasted a long time), I did spend a lot of time outdoors gardening and stuff, but when my brother got a new bicycle with HAND BRAKES I was more excited about it than he was. (I still had This hand-me-down Huffy, faded badly by the time I got it given to me by my cousin when she got a shinier bike.) I sped madly around the yard and when I got to the driveway I wanted to come to a badass skidding halt. ...Sadly nobody told me that pressing only the right brake would stop ONLY the front tire, and sure enough, I did a magnificent double-flip face-first into the gravel. Joy. My face/back/legs/arms have never forgiven me for that moment of derpidity.

-For 6th grade phys ed, we had to run a mile. Which would have been great, if people from our class could run to the mailbox without running out of breath. I was having a jolly old time and I finally finished but was so dizzy from all that running (we had played games all year instead of actually exercising but whatever) that I tripped right up the concrete steps to the gymnasium stage and cracked my knees on the edge of a step. Well, that was fun. It took four years for that pain to go away. Every time I forgot that my knee hurt I would crack it right into a wall, into the tire swing, into the sharp metal edge of the dog house's shingled roof, et cetera.

-I learned too late that one must be careful when walking down the stairs wearing socks. With no carpet runner or anything, wooden stairs are slippery...and splintery. There was the time I cracked my head really spectacularly going down, the time I landed on my face going down, the time I slid down on my back and it looked something like roadkill filled with splinters, and the numerous times I fell into a crumpled heap of horrified embarrassment at the bottom of the stairs. Oh, and all the times I just fell on my ass. Not my shining moment, I'd say.

-There was also my wonderful moment of putting my hand up in front of an airbag as it deployed. Not to mention my many other car accidents. Hitting The Old Lady when I drove the Blazer, hitting the golf course fence in my Cavalier knocking the alignment off but not noticing until five months later when my tires were almost shredded, almost running into another car right before a long trip in the Cavalier, hitting every curb EVER in the Cavalier, going off the road in the Cobalt, which was my lovely brand spanking new car, totaling the Cobalt before it was even seven months old, going off the road in my Equinox, getting into an accident that broke the axle on my Equinox, going off the road again in my Equinox knocking the alignment off, blah blah et cetera.

-All the times I've run into doorways, into doors, almost stepped on cats, tripped over dogs, tripped on tree roots, faceplanted, slid down the sidewalk, fell on my ass in Honda's parking lot, got my foot stuck under the assembly line edge (stupid big ass feet), got my head rolled up in a window, got my head slammed in by the hatch of my own car (once was my fault, the other time my sister did it to me, it hurt just as bad both times), shut my hand in a car door, play-fought with my brother and busted my head clean open against a wall, stepped on thorns, fell into raspberry bushes, got attacked by roosters...ahh. The memories.

I guess deep down I am somewhat of a klutz. And this is multiplied by a billion if I just woke up, because I will walk sideways and stumble into, over, and through things. I have run headlong into more solid objects than I care to admit when I first have woken up. HOWEVER, that does not excuse the amount of objects I've knocked over, the dishes I've broken, the times I've run straight into doors trying to leave because I THOUGHT THEY WERE PUSH DOORS, et cetera.

So, to make up for this ridiculous information overload that I personally find amusing and worth recounting just for the sake of recounting... have this picture of CiCi from a long while back (she's rather chubby a cat, now) stuck in a window.
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25 January 2012 @ 05:27 pm
So, uh...Tippy died this afternoon. I walked downstairs to find her gone.

We were starting to think she was invincible because she's nearly died three or four other times, but randomly made a remarkable recovery, but this time her back legs just stopped working, so we knew it was coming.

Wendy and Tim found her stuck under the cupboard covered in her own waste the other day, and she couldn't move, so they cleaned her as best they could and put her in her box. She's not been able to get out of the box since.

This is honestly a good thing. Tippy hasn't been happy since my grandmother died in 2008-- she missed her something fierce.

Anyway, RIP Tippy, who lived to the ripe old age of 19 (almost 20!) and is now back with her proper kitty mum.
24 January 2012 @ 09:01 pm
Before I start on finishing the FE Meme, have this picture. There's something wrong with it, though. Hmmmm, I wonder what.

Pictured: Tiny
08 January 2012 @ 11:55 am
I really need to sort out my icons, here. Derp.

Let's see:

-I managed to get my hair into a ponytail again, and my sister stood around and gave me advice when I re-cut my bangs right before my interview. So hopefully with my hair in a ponytail again, I look a little less like a "transit hobo".

-My patience with WoW is astoundingly short these days. Last night I ran into an arms warrior with a shield/1h weapon, and I whispered him to inform him that arms warriors use a 2h weapon (right? fury dual-wields 1hs?) if he didn't already know, that he gets increased damage or whatever for using it.

And then. I let. It drop. The guy didn't whisper me back, I accepted that as him not giving a bloody damn about how to play. Not everyone wants to be told how to play. I know when I was still a scrub, I didn't like being told what to do. And I've learned that politely mentioning shit like, "Oh hey, did you know...?" goes a lot further than "You're doing it wrong, stupid."

So then we've got this heirloom-geared hunter who starts complaining about the arms warrior, as if we NEED his extra DPS to carry on or something--admittedly, his DPS was bad, but we weren't wiping or anything. And while he was at it, why didn't he complain about the healer who was STILL WEARING THE CANDLEWAX-STREAKED ROBES--WHITE QUALITY FROM A GOLDSHIRE QUEST, AT LEVEL 40-SOMETHING, IN DIRE MAUL? Well.

Of course I was also extremely put off by the hunter's comment about how the warrior was "probably messican". <--what the shit, racist prick. I tried to kick but it didn't work.

Later, after a lot more badmouthing on the hunter's part, the others kicked him.

Then we wiped on the final boss a billion times due to the healer sucking. Yeah. Flash Heal =/= the best heal, no wonder he was out of mana on trash pulls. Between that and his white-quality robe, I mean, really. :|

I just have no patience to a.) deal with Stupid, or b.) do more than lead people through the dungeons they haven't memorized yet. (This part cross-posted to [personal profile] draenei.)

-Tiny and CiCi spend most of their awake-time ambushing one another from behind shoes and things. It's amusing. Tiny shows off and makes CiCi jealous on purpose by trying to get all cuddly right in front of her. People think cats aren't that smart, but they are very wrong.

-I finished reading Order of the Phoenix and will start the Half-blood Prince sooner or later. Good GOD those books are long as long gets. I'm no saying I haven't read long books before, but these are at least twice as long as the longest Star Wars novel, and dddddfdkafj;dsflkdsja, I can't possibly finish these in one sitting. Though I did read over half of Order of the Phoenix last night since I couldn't sleep, and...yeah. I should be writing my thoughts down as I read these books, because I have so many, but alas...

I will say, though, that they used one of my FAVORITE words in there. I mean, imagine my surprise to see the word "tenterhooks" in a novel. Teehee.

And now for the meme:

Day 11 - Favorite Level

I have twoooo favorite levels, I think. Mostly I don't love a LEVEL so much as I love the dialogue before/after/in the level. Hm.

So I guess:

-The chapter Kent and Sain show up in. :3
-The chapter where you help Rath open the castle of Araphen and the marquess is a douchewaffle.
-The chapter where you beat the shit out of Darin. I take pleasure in letting someone from Caelin do him in, because he trampled through their canton like an asshole. I also like what Kent says if conditions are right, at the beginning of the match.

Day 12 - Favorite Class

Well, duh. Cavaliers! Paladins by extension.

First, I used to drive a red cavalier-- so I am biased.

Second, any units on horseback make me go :DDDD and this includes paladins and pegasus knights. But paladins are just stronger-- I prefer the more defensive units over the fluttery fast ones, sometimes.