15 May 2013 @ 11:17 am
So I finally finished More Than Words. It's kind of mind-blowing, really. I've written chaptered 'fics before but I usually abandon them (oops) or rush to the ending (double oops). This time, I did neither. I think I kind of screwed myself over at one point because I started repeating myself and also, it got bogged down with too many details. (Not as bad as "Crazy" did, but in that same vein.)

I'm currently toying with a couple of ideas. I won't write anything today, I don't think, because I've got other stuff to do, but it's a good planning day.

I already went to the park with Leila, and I'm considering a nap, but only because 1. I am sleepy already, and 2. the breeze coming in the side window is soooo niceeee (when it comes).

In crap news, it's too windy to put the rest of the trusses up on the new garage. We tried yesterday and uhm. They fell. So did the ladders. Was a grand old time.

Time to drag my alts through the raid finder.
15 April 2013 @ 04:01 pm
So I waltz into the kitchen, turn to the left, and see this freaky fucking thing:


PS. We're getting a new dog tomorrow.
20 January 2013 @ 11:32 am
Also Ruthie passed away this morning. She was ill yesterday, so we figured it was coming. She had a good couple of years with us after my mom picked her up on her mail route from a house where she had wandered (an 8-year-old lab w/ health problems); they wouldn't feed or water her hoping she'd go away but a dog in such bad health had nowhere to go so...anyway, she spent her last couple of years here.

She died in bed around 6:30am. Poor old girl. Well, she's in a happier place now, that's for sure.

But Leila is so sad that her buddy is gone. She's the one that woke the family up because she knew something was wrong, and though she usually jumps on people when they sit on the floor...she put a paw on my mom's shoulder and just kind of looked at her. And my mom said, "Sorry, your friend is gone," and Leila's ears drooped and her tail fell and she walked off.

I feel sorry for Leila the most. I mean, Leila helped housetrain Ruthie; you'd think an old outdoor dog like Ruth couldn't learn, but Leila asked us to go out when Ruthie had to go, and would kind of "herd" her toward the door and everything.