10 April 2012 @ 09:39 pm
Okay so the F!S about the person who took money from her fandom friends to fix her computer and used it instead on an abortion makes me kinda see red. Abortion aside, the lying is just completely dickish. And the WORST part are the comments about health. About how the readers can't believe other people would rather donate to a computer-fixing fund than a health-risk fund. Sorry guys, there are very few circumstances where being pregnant equals a legit serious health risk. -_-

But I guess liars just really piss me off in general. Like, why do you feel the need to lie through your teeth to get things? Tell the truth. It's not that hard. And if you feel you can't tell the truth, use your OWN money to pay for something.

I know I'm a bitch, and I have zero tolerance for stupidity. I can't lie about that. I just have a lot of FEELINGS and I won't LIE about them. I also won't share them HERE. I'll just say that too many people will use any kind of Rewind/Restart button they can get their hands on for a do-over, and I think that's stupidity at its finest. One thing if you absolutely must-- another thing ENTIRELY to act like life is some kind of viddya game where you accidentally let Sain die make a mistake and have to now start over. Consequences. They exist. Etc etc and so on. It's not even a legit do-over, because it's not as if it's never happened or anything. :/

Edit really quick: Let's not get into a pro/not-pro choice argument or anything. My issue here is the lying.


In happier news I've been reading a 'fic about "What if" Tonks and Remus had lived in HP. It's a pretty interesting read so far, where Teddy (20yrs in the future) actually goes back by way of an advanced Time Turner type thing, makes fake corpses (so as to not alter the present), brings them back in the midst of the final battle, aaaand then things go from there. Andromeda's reaction to seeing Tonks again was like ;___;. But seriously, the story is almost over and I'm like BUT HOW WILL IT END?

And then I'm like


I usually don't like 'fics about married couples because they're always so boring but this story is decidedly not boring, which is great. I think people assume that once two people get married there is ~bliss and joy errywhurr~ when in reality it's...uh...not like that, no. I mean, you can get on with your spouse great, but it's not 150% harmony and happiness every moment of the day forever. Come on. Disagreements and stuff keep things fun, especially in fiction.
05 March 2012 @ 09:00 pm
So there was a secret posted at F!S. Every now and then I read there, idk why, I just do.

It's about inter-racial ships and slash fans and...well, whatever.

Anyway, I noticed a lot of, "The secret isn't true because *I* ship interracial ships!"

...Uh...what. Just because YOU do doesn't mean the secret doesn't have validity.

That's like me saying that just because YOU think fried potatoes are nasty, well, you're wrong, because *I* think they're great. Eyerolling goes here.

That said, a thread in there reminded me of the Static Shock cartoon. Hahaha, I forgot about that one. :D It was a fun show, iirc.


Working on outlining my Werewolf Fic, which is an HP fic of course, with absolutely no title. I'm trying to think of something fitting that isn't corny to title it. Either way, it's proving to be a bit difficult to outline just because I haven't completely memorized every single HP book. Looks like I'll have to attempt a re-read already, which I was already working on, but this time for fact-gathering.

That's what I get for having a fic take place mid-canon. -_- Oh Books 5 and 6, I love you but SERIOUSLY. That's a lot of stuff to read through just to make sure I'm not failing at life.

And I'm trying to understand the general magic...ness. Like how it works, what it can do, etc etc. Lots of fic authors have them using a made-up spell for EVERYTHING from warming their beds before they get into them (handy, I admit) to siphoning alcohol out of a drink. Hm.


Feeling sort of artsy today. Did I mention I made an alliance female rogue named MarySue? Because I totally did. She's going to be ~amazing~.