05 June 2012 @ 05:43 pm


Public Announcement
Image Manager feature is now rolling out for the entire site and is currently pre-activated for Forums. Communities and Stories will be activated next once we confirm the feature is stable with the Forums.

In the meantime, you can get ready by uploading your existing story covers and community logos.



(Think of all of the STOLEN ART that people will use!! :||||)


Imagining this will last a month at best,

PS. You can find this on the upper left side when you log in.
12 May 2012 @ 07:43 am
Whoa, the review button at FFN looks...different now. o_o

I mean, it used to be purple a long time ago (and sometimes you still see stories that say to "press the purple button", lmao), but now it's this bright blueish sort of colour. Not sure why. Uhhh.

Also QQQQQ I don't want to work today. I'm going to drive into work because working from home is slow. And I'm so tired I feel like I'd just fall asleep at my desk if I was working from home today. Sooo in I go. Hopefully nobody will have taken my seat. >:] By "my seat" I mean, the one right next to Frits's desk. Since Frits is a supervisor and he's on one side, that means at least half of my hearing range will be rather quiet.

The quieter the better. I've been having more trouble hearing than usual lately. Also my earaches came back because I forgot to take my allergy medication (x2, I didn't take either one -_-) for a few days. Derp.
22 February 2012 @ 05:14 pm
Something I realized today that I can't stand to see in fiction in general, but I especially hate it in fanfiction:

Rehashed scenes.

No wait, let me explain.

This morning I woke up before my alarm went off (what) and I decided to read one of my many open tabs from Well, turns out that the 'fic I chose was one I really couldn't bear to write. Not only were there a ton of minor errors (spelling mistakes, hardly any commas even when there should have been one to break the sentence up, typos), but the layout was like this:

Chapter One: How they met, from Character A's POV.
Chapter Two: How they met, from Character B's POV.

I stopped reading halfway through (or 1/25th of the way through lolz) the second chapter, because I couldn't stand it anymore. Don't rehash scenes if nothing different minus a scattering of thoughts is going to occur. I don't need to read the same dialogue twice, kthx. This goes double if it's rehashing a movie or book or game scene. Don't be overly repetitive with what the reader already knows! Especially when what they already know is from the chapter they just read five seconds ago. -_-

Needless to say, despite the high review count and the draw of a nice long story, I did not stick around to even attempt to slog through the rest of the 'fic, lest I find every other chapter being a rehash of the previous chapter but with ~thoughts from the other party involved~, which I find not only tedious and boring to write, but tedious and boring to read, as well.
10 February 2012 @ 03:02 pm
The title of this entry is nothing but a bunch of total bullshit.

Last night, while I was lying there, pretending that sleep would arrive any minute, two things came to me.

The first was the title of a book I read years ago that I couldn't remember (and what great timing my memory has, 4:00am or later, in the dark, no paper in sight), and the second was the real reason that I jump into a fandom and read all the 'fic I can get my hands on about my favorite couple.

Lolobservations! )

I like seeing different variations and interpretations of a character, especially when they're close to my own personal headcanon but off in curiously interesting (but not OOC) ways. It makes things a lot more interesting, especially in a fandom like Harry Potter where there are literally thousands of 'fics about any given character. It'd be easy to get bored with a Tonks or Neville or even Umbridge who was portrayed exactly the same by every single person, despite there not even being enough canon evidence to support their character always being written the same way.

That said, from my adventure in reading 'fic, I have learned one important thing. When someone asks you how their ass looks...if it looks good, the proper response is:

like a peach in a hanky

I have been using this phrase copiously for two full days and I'm loving it more every time I say it. At least I can say it without laughing now.

...That said, on the headcanon front, it looks like I'll have to write my own fics after all. I figured with so many out there I'd likely find at least one other author who write the characters exactly like how I imagined, but it turns out, that's impossible. QQ.
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25 January 2012 @ 10:49 pm
Turns out can be just as bad as YouTube or Tumblr. I find a good author, read all their stuff I'm interested in, and then turn to their Favorite Stories list, find another good author, read all their stuff, et cetera, until I have 50 tabs open and my eyes are bleary from reading on the computer. Holy canoly.
20 October 2011 @ 06:04 pm
Caution when it comes to [ profile] bkamiro. I have removed him/her from my friends-list.

Compare: His story to My story.

^Not even remotely funny. Not sure if any other works are blatant rip-offs or plagiarized works, but I urge everyone to take a look through his stuff and see that your stuff hasn't been stolen.

Thanks, Ammie, for pointing this out. <3

And I suspect the story has already been deleted, because it's not letting me access the review page. EITHER WAY: It was screenshotted if it did get removed, and if not, you can check it out at the link above.

If the person behind Bartholomew is reading this? Not amused.


Edit: Apparently he's legit. One thing to say, bro: don't take other people's stories without asking permission, and definitely don't go and copy the entire format of their story and claim it as your own. :/ Also, not replying to my PM makes you suspect, not innocent-looking. Especially when the story was deleted.