23 April 2013 @ 01:47 am
Okay sooo things.

1. Finals are over.
2. Got a 76 on my science final. YUCK. I knew I'd do badly, though. No curve at all because the class averaged a 70. >< Bastards!
3. There goes my 4.0. It was nice knowing you, perfect GPA. /waves handkerchief
4. 87% on my French interview.
5. Not sure if I want to know how I did on my French final though. Eek.
6. I keep dreaming that people are ordering boneless hot wings and eating them without me. I get so pissed in my dreams over it, too. It's like I'm catching my husband cheating on me, but no, it's just a friend cheating on me with hot wings and not sharing WTF.
7. I am so hungry for boneless wings. BBQ would be good, too. Damn.
06 December 2012 @ 11:55 pm
Dear everyone ever,


Sob give me my greasy food back dammit,

PS. WalMart you pieces of shit start carrying the unhealthy stuff again IT TASTES BETTER.

PPS. I know it's practically cat food but saltines + a small square of cheese + salty canned tuna = yum

PPPS. Yes I am weird.
15 March 2012 @ 09:43 pm
FMLLLLLLLLL 9 and 10 hour shifts all next week.


Had this guy call in who sounded and acted like Shannon. It was weird as hell. He was from AZ but still. Weird. I wondered if he could possibly drag the conversation out any longer. I almost expected a proposal by the end of that call. Lmao.

Still don't know what to do for 'fic.

Sister is making Apple Brownies. IDK who the hell linked me that but all it took was a wellplaced mentioned on my facebook page about it to get her to make them. Oh yeahhhh. 8D


That said, my 3-month-long earaches of crap and death are very likely a part of...

...allergies. Which I thought I had mostly outgrown. From childhood until I was about 20 I had allergies that were so bad it was like walking around with the flu 80% of every year. I ALWAYS had a drippy nose, I was ALWAYS sneezing, and I always felt extremely ill.

Well, damn. I hate nasal sprays with a passion. But if it helps...I guess it's worth it.


Enjoy this pretty song and fabulous viddya. Wish I could trill at all while singing. This dude does it singing falsetto and shit. Not fair, I say.

16 January 2012 @ 12:15 am
Random post is random:

-Turns out you don't need teeth to eat a salad. Best salad I have ever eaten in my life. Had a steak and fries, too. Great lunch. Om nom.

-Moved all my furniture around in my living room to accommodate a bed. My sister gets our previously-shared bedroom (I wasn't using it anyway), and I moved my couch in front of the TV (better to read the subtitles, my dear) and wheeled a bed behind the couch against the wall. YEAH. I have a huge living room so all this fits. The good thing about this bed is that it's adjustable so maybe it will help my back? After I moved it I was so tired I fell asleep on it for a quick nap. It was my grandmother's-- but she fell out of it on the first night and never used it again. The cats are excited at all the changes.

-I really want a ukulele.