04 February 2012 @ 04:27 am
So, funny story. There I was, importing community things:

[community profile] meta_morphmagus is a crosspost of my meta community on LJ
[community profile] rescuemission is a crosspost of my fanfiction community on LJ

When I realized that randomly DW switched me out of my comm account and back to the main one while editing, so I lost my ENTIRE LAYOUT for my DW journal. :| :| :|

I don't remember where I had the banners/colors/background either, and that kind of work isn't even worth attempting, least of all trying to figure out what colors I used to have selected (LOLno, that would have taken hours). So I gave it its own layout and finished my fun comm layouts, butttttttttt then I managed to figure out how to fix the Flexible Squares layout (it's not here on DW, so in order to use it you have to mess around a bit, if anyone wants the link lemme know), and because Flexible Squares is my ♥♥♥ layout, I had to go design a new layout really fast.

So the Remus icons and stuff are because well, I am in the middle of a Harry Potter craze, and, what the heck, I do love the color brown, so lots of brown for this layout. And because of Remus. I like his movie portrayal a whole lot-- he's not hot or sexy or anything. Just...normal. And the hair almost reminds me of Shannon Well, plus everyone knows I generally dig older guys, and the scary thing is, I won't be able to say that for much longer, I mean, guys in their mid-late 30s will be MY age before I know it! SCARY THOUGHT.

But for now I can say I think he's nice to look at. And I do dig facial hair. :P Shhhh.

In other news, its' 4:30am and I have no idea at all why I'm awake, except that I napped today earlier. I also watched Despicable Me (pretty good!) and spent way, WAY too much time erasing backgrounds on pictures for no real reason except that I wanted to do it.