28 October 2012 @ 11:10 pm
You know, I tend to sort of default to believing everyone online is a brunette. I'm not sure why. But unless I know otherwise, you are a brunette in my mind.


Have you ever been extremely hungry but everything made you kinda just want to puke because it smelled or tasted so bad? :|


La douche = shower. Tried to keep a straight face for that slide during French class. Me and about 6 other people failed miserably.


They got two professors to take over Sociology for the rest of the semester. No more word on Dr. Guzzo; last I heard he was not very responsive and in critical condition, so please continue to remember him.


I get to evaluate a movie for my Analysis class. I believe we're just evaluating good/bad based off of XYZ criteria, so that should be interesting. Movies I've considered:

Dead Poet's Society

I haven't seen Amélie but I heard that it's amazing so it's a possibility. I put in Dead Poet's Society and was 400% depressed before the first commercial clip was over so I took it out. Doogle is the worst movie known to man and it might be funny to explain why that is. Glory is FUCKING AMAZING but also sad so it's still a possibility. HMM.

Garden State was another horrid movie but I would rather die than watch it again. I can always do Hercules (HAHAHA) or another Disney movie for the lulz, but I think I'll keep things simple by doing something more obviously bad or good. I have until the end of the week to figure it out but I refuse to do a horror flick (FUCKING HATE HORROR MOVIES WHAT A STUPID GENRE SORRY) and I'm not big on action movies either. The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a great option too but it's sooo sappy and sad and just FEELS EVERYWHERE (such a great movie rendition of the book) that I'm just not sure.

Also a valid choice? The WB 1996(? I think) version of Black Beauty. I like The Black Stallion, too, but Anna Swell's tale is a little more classic if I may say so.
09 June 2012 @ 10:55 pm
So there I am, watching Funny Girl, and there are two things.

1.) Nick sounds like Fersen from the Lady Oscar live-action movie. HAH.

2.) The scene where Elsie (the horse) walks out? I see the horse for like, two seconds and suddenly my eyes get all teary just WATCHING THE HORSE WALK. I mean, the fuck? I knew that I was an oddball with the horses running making me bawl like a baby but now if they even WALK. I just can't help it. They are GORGEOUS ANIMALS. GAHHHHHH. ;_;