13 April 2012 @ 10:40 pm
Went shopping, had fun. Didn't buy *too* much, so I guess I'm finally learning. I found a pair of earrings I just loooooved but I don't have pierced ears. :'( They were like little bundles of flowers with a bee on them. Soo cute.

Also, I stepped into Victoria's Secret for the first time ever in my life. My sister and I went on a Mission to get my mother new panties. :D We found some really cute ones and she likes them!

Then we went to Claire's and I got a necklace. It's an owl with a WATCH on it. YES. So basically I can tell the time know...having a watch on my wrist. Woo!

Crafts2000 (now called Pat Catan or something) yielded some cool things. My personal haul was some Horehound candy (bahahaha) and stickers-- cat stickers heehee--panda stickers for my letters to Neal-- and my sister picked up some chalk pastels (she even said she might enter into the next WoW Art Exchange! She's been painting with my paint collection and my canvas paper) and a huge print of the Star Wars cast as a rock band. I'm 80% envious because that thing is AWESOME and I would LOVE to have it on MY wall! :P But i have legit paintings up here. XD;;

Then we went to Target, where I made the mistake of going past the toys. I came out of the toy section with a fluffy stuffed Tigger-- I loooove Tigger!-- and a little stuffed Bambi! And last but not least, there's a like, "collector's edition" of my favorite old board game, Parcheesi! So of COURSE I bought it. OMG. If I can find Scrabble as well I'll get that next because I like that game too.

So, small haul but I had a nice time. :D