23 June 2013 @ 09:45 pm

-My mother is in the ER, the hospital is keeping her overnight. I can't say why exactly, because I don't know. She does need surgery soon but the possible side effects of the surgery are pretty bad.

-June, the wife of my pastor who passed away in Feburary, has breast cancer. Again. This time the other breast. She'll probably have to have another mastectomy. And she needs surgery on her shoulder.

-I think I'm going to volunteer down at my old high school. Their principal is one of the staff members I knew pretty well, and he knew my siblings too. Step One in teaching: get in good with the school that you live a mile from. It might be useful someday. I'll volunteer to tutor of course, and for all I care I can do photocopying/grading for one of the teachers. Just wanna get my foot in the door.

-I might go to the doctor just to shut my mom up about my earaches. I swear if they were infections, I'd have lost all hearing in my left ear by now. They hurt so badly sometimes that it's like someone's sticking a pin inside my ear. But if I go to the doctor I can at least tell my mother it was nothing to be concerned over. She keeps bringing it up. "ARE YOU SURE...?" Yes mother dear, I'm positive. I've had these for over a year I'm pretty sure they'd have ruined my hearing by now if it was an infection. (Ruined it more than it already is ruined, anyway.)

-Topic proposal paper is done. It feels too academic but I don't care. I doubt this professor cares, either.

-I think the real reason I continue to go by "Manna" in real life is because it sets me apart from others. I just realized I filled out my application to the tutoring centre with my birth name and if they call any of my references and address me by my birth name they'll have no idea who the fuck I am. Good times. I might call them and stress my nickname.

-I hope I get to exchange papers with Mr. Blue Pen tomorrow for our peer grading thing. He was the only person who said anything intelligent on my paper last time.

Anyway I'm super bored.

So have this picture of my cats. (Tiny is huge.)