05 February 2012 @ 10:44 pm
I have been obsessively watching ukulele videos on youtube all day. (Off and on. I think there was an attempt at a nap. I kept having these weird almost-dreams about shit that for some reason I thought was hilarious so I would snort like I was laughing but my body was confused and thought it was dying and I flailed all over the place, waking myself up. :|)

Anyway, my favorite thing about World of Warcraft was (my account is kaboomed for a while, so no WoW for me) the teamwork, and it's what I miss the most about being in a band. Luckily I still get some group effort stuff out of church (the music/singing), but still. Watching groups perform makes me go all ;_; NOSTALGIA!

That said Here's a ukulele orchestra rendition of It's a Heartache. I actually made an AMV for Rose of Versailles to that song, my preferred version is by Trick Pony. (Here it is!

That said, I found all kinds of fascinating covers and stuff today.

This was my favorite. It's just TOO cute, and it's my favorite Carpenter's song! <3333

Not my favorite cover of Take On Me, but upbeat and fun! This guy really gets into it:


Also if one more person favorites that old old InuYasha fanfiction I wrote I will weep. Because I know how bad they are.



and :(

but someone just favorited Parallels so I'm like :D yay


OH YEAH. My sister is as of this evening OFFICIALLY ENGAGED. Wedding for 12/12/12. XD!