01 February 2013 @ 06:45 am
things that are not okay:

the weather

13 below??

30 January 2013 @ 07:56 am
Some asshole came up here in the middle of the night and left my front door wide open, okay. So this morning I am awoken ten full minutes early by CiCi growling and spitting and hissing at Frey.


Not that ten minutes is a big deal but you know how you feel when you see you're up just a littttle too early and you're tired as hell?


whatever gonna be 59 degrees today!! sure it'll be 20 tomorrow but for now... ...!!!!
03 December 2012 @ 06:24 am
Gonna be 67 degrees today.

In December.

I am 300% okay with this.
01 July 2012 @ 09:42 am
Thing #1: Apparently the first 24 chapters of RoV were translated by someone? YAY. Here's a link. I can't vouch for its validity as far as the translation goes, since I haven't bothered to read it, but from the page or two I did look at, it seemed they did a good job.

Thing #2: The 100 Things Meme is beginning now. So.

Fire Emblem Headcanon 001: Wallace had two younger brothers who fought in the Caelin military-- and died fighting in it. In fact, this is partially where he gets the speech he gives Lyndis on anger for their supports. While this headcanon is completely unnecessary, I think it works out really well, and I have a lot more backstory for good ol' Wallace than I care to admit. He's a pretty great guy, so I think having him fleshed out only makes him seem better. He is pretty funny, but he's a looootttt more than comedic relief.

Thing #3: We got hit with that storm that swept through just about everywhere from Virginia to Michigan the other day. Power outages, trees down all over the place-- trees down on the FREEWAY in some areas-- and apparently some power outages will take two days to fix.

I got lucky because the power company said it could be two days, but it was back up within 10 hours. (Thank God, I really needed a shower and I didn't want to drive into work all gross.) But then midway through work my Internet took a nosedive, so I ended up going into work anyway. But at least I was clean.

The only damage my yard sustained was a tree limb down. Well, lots of tree limbs, since we have lots of trees. But the most notable one belonged to a 120-year-old maple tree. I heard this huge CRACK! sound and I just saw it fall out of the corner of my eye. My reaction was, "UHHH..."
because honestly, if it had been the other maple tree, the limb would have fallen on the house. -_- Luckily it was the one close to the road, and the limb fell straight off of the tree and didn't blow into the road.

(I think it's too heavy to blow anywhere, even though it did break it off of the tree. You can see in the pictures where it looks like the wood wasn't doing very well at the top anyway, which is probably why it was weak enough to be snapped off.)

Pictures? Shoar!

Pictures behind cut. )

So that was the excitement there. :P I'm tellin' ya, though, the wind was so bad it wasn't even funny. Our power came back on almost immediately (the 10-hour outage didn't happen until the next morning), but in-town they all have Dayton Power & Light, and DP&L could care less about a random town an hour away so they ALWAYS take their sweet time fixing an outage (obviously a huge city like Dayton is more important, derp). However, we in the rural areas tend to have Pioneer, which is 100x better and is usually back up and running very quickly. :D
19 April 2012 @ 03:01 pm
Well maybe I'm a snob, but this story is completely OOC and the author wonders why they got two reviews for the first chapter. -_- People who like Remus like him because he's not an asshole. Writing him as a sarcastic jackass doesn't work. And it's OOC. Too bad, too, because the actual writing is fairly good. :/

Anyway, another day, another dollar...and all that fun stuff.

It's so nice outside.

I'm bitter that I'm working right now. :(
13 January 2012 @ 03:14 am
I always check LJ before bed AND THEN I CAN'T LEAVE IT.

Either way, this evening I ran some dungeons with Illidont from LJ. Had a blast with the newbies. Met quite a few people from our own realm (one of whom I had just seen on the boat that goes from Stormwind to Darnassas). Tried out burr tanking for the what, third time? Went pretty good, I thought.


The weather's getting crappy. Huzzah. I hate the wintertime.


They got my drug test/background check info back, so I'm good to go for my new job. Which I still have a month until I start. Kind of nervous. I also wonder if I could do it without my teeth in, though the thought of going to work without my teeth in makes me go D: because right now my face looks reminiscent of my old Geometry teacher's face when he had a stroke and half his face was paralyzed. :| One side of my mouth is in a frown all the time. It's kinda a horrible sort of way. :( Though that's probably partially due to yet another acne outbreak. :| I just can't win.

I was never afraid of growing old. Just of getting ugly. Stupid, I know. But I don't like feeling ugly. I was okay with feeling average, or not pretty but okay, but not ugly. Without teeth, I do feel ugly. But it's not like I can get them back. They're gone.

And I still have no idea what's wrong with my mouth. I must have eaten something or...something. Upon close inspection I saw there were like canker sores all over the back and sides of my tongue (just where it attaches in the back, so that every time I moved my tongue it hurt, and swallowing food hurt because it all touched the sores across the back/top). Anyway. Benedryl and stuff seems to have helped... I don't think they were canker sores. But who knows. They better not come back though.

If my tongue feels okay tomorrow maybe I'll try wearing my teeth again.