01 March 2013 @ 01:24 pm
Summer classes are pretty interesting. So far I've found...a few I can take.

French III (a term) 1:30pm--3:10pm
French IV (b term) 9:50am--11:30am
Math Blah Math (c term) 11:40am--1:20pm
Regional Studies: Latin America (a term) 11:40am--1:20pm

a term: first half of summer semester
b term: second half of summer semester
c term: all summer

I'm not taking math; the professor is still TBA and I find that unacceptable.

Other than that, I'm kind of lost. I have to try and find a class that doesn't, you know, overlap, and those three time slots seem to be the only ones. So uhhh either I have to find an 11:40--1:20 b term class...or a class that goes later into the afternoon a or b term. My brother's taking a painting class from 6pm-9pm but I'm like HAHAHAno also that's WAY too late to be hanging around; I'd be at school all day for that crap. I don't even know what other kinds of classes to look for. (All English courses suck, most are just more Great Books classes, or British Texts classes, and blaaaah. Maybe I'll see if they offer psych.)

Edit: Psych classes are only offered by a very low-rated professor, so N-O-P-E. I did manage to find Writing & Argumentation taught by this brotastic old British lady that my brother is taking now for Great Books. I'll try that.

So them my schedule will look like this:

A term:
Regional Studies, Latin America: 11:40am--1:20pm
French 2010: 1:30pm--3:10pm

B term:
French 2020: 9:50am--11:30am
Research Writing & Argumentation: 11:40am--1:20pm

19 February 2013 @ 11:48 pm

fe13: i haven't gotten very far, no OTPs yet, my brother and i are arguing about whose pairings are better
college: HAHAHAHA, exam tomorrow, classes all summer, spring break next week IT IS NOT SPRING YET DAMMIT

uhhhh when I have time to type up some more FEbruary stuff believe me I will. I have so many ideas ahhh. and fanfic. i want to write all the fanfic. but no time. maybe next week though. that'd be cool if i could get some writing done. am thinking of scrambling to finish the fe100 this year and i'd like to pick up canon in d again (SHUT UP I KNOW IT'S BEEN LIKE THREE YEARS) but it needs editing because i can't remember where i was going with some people and others i'm pretty sure i know (farina) but how i was going about it didn't make a lot of sense?

also I realized why I don't much care for sprawling stories like canon in d--everything feels so...surfaceish. like. if i write things too deeply it takes up so much space it hurts. if i write it sparing details it's fun and silly but lacks the depth i really want to see between characters. too many characters. i think that story had kent, lyn, sain, fiora, priscilla, guy, serra, florina, farina, hector, wil, rebecca, and then i had like jan and all the older characters and etc. it was such a silly story. fun to write but still hard to write because i had to try and strike a balance between HAY THIS IS TOO MUCH DETAIL and WHOA NOT ENOUGH DETAIL.