21 July 2012 @ 03:34 am
Why the hell am I still awake? Ugh.

When I say I'm trawlin' through a fanfic archive, it's usually FFN, and it's almost always a specific pairing I'm going to read.

(Side note: Some fandoms, like Rose of Versailles, are 98% canon main couple and 2% everything else, so most people are open to reading their non-OTP simply because it's unique and fun. Compare this, if you will, to a fandom like Fire Emblem, where technically everything is "end game", or can be, and people are a lot less willing to step outside of their comfort zone. I am, however, willing to bet that, if someone wrote, say, a Merlinus epic, or a romantic comedy about Wallace and Vaida, that people would read it even if the thought of reading or writing such a thing had never crossed their mind before. Why? It'd be unique.)

Anyway, something I've noticed while browsing the Dragonball Z 'fics (and by this I mean the Gohan/Videl section, because that's just about all I read anyway), I've noticed a huge (sad) trend.

1.) Everyone follows the anime. Literally. Everyone. When it comes to the Majin Buu saga, the anime goes into a lot more detail, but this also means they add a lot of garbage. While I like both pretty much equally (I love the voice actors), there's a huge difference in how Gohan was discovered (to be the Great Saiyaman) in the anime vs. the manga. For one, Videl gave him the absolute runaround trying to figure out who he was in the anime, whereas in the manga, she's pretty much, lolz so how did you get out of class, Gohan? And dumb as a box of rocks, Gohan answers her. -_- I mean, he's discovered pretty much right away in the manga. Which I'll admit is not nearly as fun as the anime.

2.) Fics can be literally categorized as follows:
a. School trip! (Survival in the woods trip? Yeah. Trip to Capsule Corps where everyone is surprised Gohan knows Bulma? Yeah. If it's a trip, it's been written. Probably badly. And in every language at least once.)
b. Videl tries to figure out Saiyaman's secret!!111one (Written over 9000 ways, to boot.)
c. Some convoluted AU that doesn't make sense, is usually written badly, and that is even more dull than the canon story.
d. Little oneshots.

3.) People keep saying their stuff is "naturally going to be OOC, as it contains romance". Uhm...what. I mean, if this was VidelxVegeta we were talking about, or 18 and Roshi, then okay, romance would be totally OOC. But in case people have forgotten, Gohan marries Videl in canon. So I fail to see how "romance" = "OOC".

4.) Most 'fics are pretty :/-worthy because they all include email, computers (Gohan owns one), and technology that we have right now but that is never really shown in Dragonball at all. Computers, okay, but honestly, this series was started and finished before high-speed was a big deal, so I honestly think unless it's an AU, that Gohan even knowing what "email" is is a bit "OOC".

5.) The biggest cause of OOCness? Besides sudden, rampant romance, and Gohan suddenly asserting his large-and-in-charge manliness (what the everloving FUCK, I thought everyone liked Gohan because he was such a sweetheart!), it's the cursing. Okay, maybe a shit or damn here and there, yeah. Cause that's canon. But Gohan actually saying the word "fuck"? Wha-?

6.) I could probably play a drinking game in this fandom with this condition: Take a drink every time Videl is made to look, act, and feel helpless. (Hint: You'll be drunk in a very short period of time.) I totally get that she's human and not nearly as strong or even as potentially powerful as most of the Z-fighters. Or any, if I think about it (cause Krillin could probably kick her ass). But every other 'fic has her melting at Gohan saving her, when in the anime (and to an extent, the manga), she was kind of pissed at him for stealing her thunder and/or treating her that way. It's great he helps out, but the damsel-in-distress thing gets tiring and it gets tiring VERY QUICKLY.

7.) Speaking of things that people tire of quickly, AU!Gohan when he's a douchebag. Seriously? Why? Why would you write that, or even want it? He was a crybaby as a kid, and even as an adult he isn't exactly gung-ho about fighting. It's kind of like a hobby for him, not a career like it is for Goku and/or Vegeta. But lots of AU 'fics show him growing up a major dickwad, and I saw quite a few stories where he was some kind of "sex god" and very seductive and just REALLY FUCKING CREEPY. I don't think I've seen a character written so wrong that it made me want to punch something as much as has happened in the DBZ fandom.

So, conclusions I myself can make?

The first: Gohan and Videl are hard to write as a couple. At least we have some anime episodes where they're interacting (though it's not very normal), and parts of the manga where we see things, too. But we don't actually see them as a couple. Other fandoms are just as bad, though! (See: Fire Emblem, Tales of Symphonia, any other fandom where the couple "gets together" MAYBE but never really enter into a relationship in canon.) But DBZ is worse. Why? We've seen Goku grow up since he was a boy. We've seen Vegeta and Gohan and Bulma for YEARS. We watched Gohan grow up! We saw Krillin get married! Videl comes in pretty late, but we still are given just enough canon that you think, "There's enough canon here, why am I hesitating?" while also thinking, "How the hell do I write these two?" I have my own thoughts, but AS USUAL...HESITATION!!!

The second: AU 'fics have a lot of potential, but DBZ presents unique characters in an already-unique environment. Making a unique environment even more unique usually lends to the same pitfalls and mistakes--they've always gotta make Gohan stronger and less happy about it, they've gotta make Vegeta a prince, etc etc. All AUs are pretty much filed under two or three categories and rarely are they unique, fun, or even interesting...let alone a good read. There are very few "What if?" stories unless they're about the Future timeline.

The third: It's pretty obvious that the Saiyaman saga > all in the eyes of most fans of the pairing. Nobody writes about post-Buu, how Gohan and Videl might have REALLY gotten together, or anything like that. They just rehash the pre-Buu crap under the guise of an AU or "what if" story. -_-
20 July 2012 @ 10:27 am
Someone on my RealID on WoW got me hooked on dual-boxing. >> The funny thing is that my "slave" (i.e., Follow) toon is the one that's out DPSing my "Master" (i.e., Lead) toon. What even.


I'm cleaning all the things today, focusing mostly on laundry because my closet got full to bursting. Now that my sister is moving her stuff out, that gives me another closet to store my crap, so winter stuff will go in one, while summer+pants/etc will go in the other. My underthings and pajamas barely are fitting in the bureau though, how sad. BUT. LUCKILY. MY SISTER MOVED SO HER BUREAU IS NOW MY BUREAU! (This just occurred to me about two seconds ago.)


Tiny is in heat again. I can't wait until I get my compensation check. I don't care if it's just for $100 so long as I can get that cat fixed. She's annoying normally but it gets worse when she's in heat. She spends all day rolling around in my cords knocking my speakers off the desk.

That said, normally she spends her days knocking my ponies off of their shelf. I'll look over and she'll be standing on the bookshelf, her foot sticking all the way out, a sad helpless pony dangling from her claws by its tail.


I found a bunch of Pokémon plushies and stuff that a friend gave me. I hadn't even remembered I had them. o_o They were stuffed into this cute little tote bag with a pokéball on it, too. Hee.


Cleaning cleaning cleaning cleaning. I have to get this done before next WEDNESDAY because that's when Neal will show up, Wednesday night. Arrgghhhh. I have so much work to do. Sob. Sob. Sob. As soon as I'm done with the clothes I'mma run to the store. Busybusy.


I found a cute little meme to rec fic that really "wowed" you so I'll probably do that one later as soon as I can get a huge job off of my checklist.


Watching DBZ as I do my laundry (since it's RARRRRRRRRR SPESHUL BEAM CANONZ for like four episodes in a row, if I walk away I probably didn't miss a damn thing), but while I'm playing WoW I'm rewatching Rose of Versailles. I forgot how different the manga is from the anime, geesh, but it's still good!! Episode 8 is my favorite I think, that appears in the anime but not the manga. Episodes 1 and 2 are yawnworthy.
16 July 2012 @ 12:57 am
So I posted a cute little DBZ fic today. And I was like. Wow, four reviews in one day? I feel like a champ! LMAO. Sure they're short reviews, but still. If that happened in the FE fandom I probably wouldn't feel--along with a few others in the fandom-- that writing and sharing was a waste of time. I figure if I'm gonna write an idea, I might as well write the ideas for the fandoms that will, you know, read it. LOL!

I have really awful hours this week. 9am to 3pm for a few days and then an 11:30 to 5pm? And I'm, they really cut back on hours this week, didn't they? And I'm on phones all day every day except for tomorrow. Which they might change first thing in the morning. It wouldn't surprise me at all.

Now that Wendy and Tim have officially moved out (got the official word, they got a cat) I can have my bedroom back. And my closet. And and and and and and--seriously, this makes me insanely happy. I love my space. And my privacy. Even if it's not really privacy.

Tomorrow after work will be MAJOR cleaning. No WoW until I actually get something ACCOMPLISHED. Like getting my clothes back into the closet. -_- I had just taken them out since I was giving up the bedroom, but nowww I don't have toooo. Hee. Also I'll have a 2nd TV!! I won't use it but i'll have it. Why? ...Cause it's there. But maybe i'll give it to my dad. I think he wants a flat one for his workshop. Mine is an old 27" butttt the entertainment center fits it so I'll keep it for now. XD
05 July 2012 @ 10:48 am
All right, so I finished reading the Dragonball Z manga. And I have Thoughts. (And FE thoughts at the very end.)

First of all, the pacing is incredibly fast in the manga. I've read it before, but I don't think I noticed how fast the pacing actually was. I mean, on one hand, it has to be fast, because the anime is so slow that anything by comparison would by default be quick.

But wow. It's SOOO much faster than the anime. And a lot less drawn-out. Not that I dislike the anime or anything, but 2-3 pages of fight scenes for each fight is a lot better than a 20 minute segment of an episode, IMO.

In the manga, I like Hercule/Mr. Satan a lot better, too. He's funny in the anime, but for some reason in the manga, he just seems like a better person. My brother and I used to think he was a huge douchebag, but the more I've thought about it (and the older I've gotten), he's really not that bad. He's a braggart, but he's not as weak as the anime showcases him as being. I mean, compared to the Z Fighters, yes, he's a weakling, but so is Krillin and so is Videl. It seems really silly to compare. Obviously if Mr. Satan had gone up against Spopovitch he'd have gotten his ass beaten, but Spopovitch wasn't exactly normal, either. (And we never see anyone actually fight him but Videl, but if we're being honest here, I don't know that he could have been beaten without actually having been killed. I mean...if breaking his neck doesn't finish him...)

However, he did win a tournament. And he isn't a weakling. (Even in the anime he picks up a bunch of microphones and crushes them in his hands. Come the fuck on guys, he is NOT your average human by any means.)

I can't say he's a good person, of course, but he's not as bad as some people make him out to be. And I don't really think he's abusive at all. (/stares at fandom)

That said, the manga really didn't have any of the nice extras that followed the main plot-- like Dabura in heaven? HAHAHAHAHA, that scene made my life the first time I saw it, but the manga actually didn't have it. It also didn't show the people on the lookout being eaten, and it didn't show them in heaven, either.

I liked those extra scenes moooossstly because, despite the fact that it dragged out the stupid season even longer, we got to see more of the "weaker" characters, who I actually like the most. I really like 18, and Videl, and Krillin, and Dende/Piccolo/et cetera. I even like Hercule. Also, I think it was a pretty good way of showing how serious the situation was? I mean, despite the fact that the entire thing is terrifying yet silly at the same time, it'd be seriously terrifying. And characters like Gohan, Goten, and Trunks aren't going to take the deaths of people they care about well at all.

Also, Vegeta is such an asshole, but you still can't help but like him, and to be honest with you, I think the manga was the better portrayal of him.


Anyway, onto talking about the DBZ fandom. Like I've said before, there are SO MANY BADFICS. So many. Mine were pretty badly written, but the old, "Survival trip!"/"Trip to Capsule Corps" thing is just...what. I honestly thought that trend died in like 2004 or something, because I know it was hopping in 2000. No. It's still around.

And they're not even unique or well-done versions of it.

Right up there with that tired old idea are the AUs. I've seen a lot of AU DBZ 'fics. Ones where, for some reason, Gohan had one arm like his mirai/future/alternate timeline self. And there are ten tons of Space AU fics, where Goku/Gohan/Vegeta/etc were all Saiyan-raised and etc.

In fact, I was reading one there other day that is surprisingly well-done, but...the characterization within the parameters of the setting just don't make sense. So I'm over here like, wait, so you're telling me that Chi-Chi and Bulma were used for, what, breeding experiments under Freiza's reign, and that the five remaining Saiyans (including half-breeds) are pretty much under lock and key, not to mention abused regularly, yet somehow Gohan, who we know from canon was a wimpy little kid unless he got angry, and an even-tempered teenager unless you made him angry-- though he was stammering and lacked social skills-- is going to miraculously befriend people who don't even like him? Suddenly go from being a subdued person to just asking outright for things? It's hard to explain but I just couldn't buy his sudden friendship with people, or his going from being, essentially, a tortured/starved individual to being outgoing.

I guess that's a common mistake in AU fics ANYWAY but it really annoyed me in this one because other than that, it's actually pretty well-done. I just can't buy the characterization, though.

It appears, though, that the fandom is still ploughing steadily on, which I do find to be pretty impressive.


In Fire Emblem news, all I can say is: meh. I wanted to bounce back into the fandom and write stuff, and post it, and blah blah blah, but the fandom feels so empty. I'm not saying it's dead, but it's certainly not very active anymore. is like a wasteland, scattered reviews hither and yon but not a clump on any one story, really. It's kind of sad.

I mean, we used to go around and read each other's works, but most of us have been around so long we've just retreated into caring only about our preferred game and our preferred characters in that game. I mean, even if someone wrote an amazing Priscilla-Raven-Lucius-centric story, I doubt I'd check it out, even though FE7 is my preferred game.

(That, combined with the split of the fandom, I think really cut back on reviews/comments and ENCOURAGEMENT. Which the fandom has been lacking, lately.)

I mean, why bother putting all that time and energy into writing a story, and sharing it with people who will never read it, anyway?

Everyone says we need more gen, more slash, more this, more that, but when people actually go and write it, it doesn't get any attention anyway, so what, are people just making up what we do and don't need in the fandom?

Not that I've really been trying to write FE 'fic lately, but I know now that there's not much of a chance that I'll be trying anytime soon.

And that's kinda sad because this used to be my favorite fandom. Where the people were really generous and would read things that weren't 150% their interest, and would give stuff a chance even if it wasn't their cup of tea. But even I've slacked a lot in the reading department. So there you have it.
03 July 2012 @ 04:10 pm
So I'm reading the DBZ manga, right?

And there's this one panel with Vegeta in it.

And he says: "Come at me."



I feel so cheated. :'(
26 June 2012 @ 09:33 pm
So I was trolling around in the DBZ fandom and suddenly I stopped and I thought, Maaaaan, I remember my dream'fic for this fandom.

You know, that one 'fic you always needed to write. The one you can't forget about. Or two. Or ten. Or twenty. Maybe dream'fics is a better term, but sometimes in older, forgotten/abandoned fandoms, there was just this ONE story that you really wanted to write, to get out there, and you still think about it even if it's been 10 years since you were actually active or known in that fandom.

You know what I'm talking about. You're probably thinking about it right now. SO TELL ME ABOUT IT. And tell me why you've always wanted to write it. I mean, what's the motivation behind wanting to write it? Is there a certain satisfaction you want to feel? And if someone ELSE wrote it, would that make you just as happy?

So my "dream'fics" are:

Dragonball Z: Mirai/Future!fic. Oh man. I always wanted to write a REAL future'fic. Sure, I wrote one, String of Fate-- but for the love of God don't read it. It needs edited. I used the wrong "then/than" in there somewhere. UGH. Either way, the reason I felt I needed to write a future!timeline 'fic was because THERE WERE SO MANY. SO MANY UNFINISHED ONES. And I found that more disappointing than anything, ever. So much potential. Such an interesting playground. I guess the fate of certain characters (coughGohancough) turned away a lot of people, but there's still his life to write about, you know? He fought the Androids for how long? I felt there just needed to be a complete, satisfying-ending 'fic for that timeline. I would be over the moon if someone ELSE wrote this-- cause it would save me so much time.

Pokémon: You guys will laugh me off of LJ/DW for this one: I used to have this huge, sprawling plot written out in a notebook for a 'fic about a 30-something Ash who actually has cancer, and his last wish is to travel around Kanto on his original journey one last time. So silly. But it had the old gang in it and it was fun to think about. I'll probably never write it but I think about it a lot. I also had a nice outline for a 'fic where sometime in the future I think Misty was married and had quit running the Cerulean City Gym, but tbh I don't remember enough about that one to ever pick it up again.

Harry Potter: The werewolf idea, obviously, where Tonks ends up bitten by a werewolf (who isn't Remus). I might yet do this one but it's not an easy story to work on. P: If someone else wrote this I'd be pissed. MY IDEA BITCHES.

Fire Emblem 7: It's a damn three-way tie between The Novelization, All About Us, and and and Another Heart Calls. Dafuq. I think the novelization wins ONLY because I have sooo much damn headcanon that I want to squeeze it all into ONE FIC and make it COHERENT but I doubt I can do that. Sigh. That said, I also have this awful urge to write a Wallace and Vaida epic-- it's even beating out my ridiculous idea for the Merlinus epic. Shut up you know you'd read a Merlinus epic because it's such a stupid idea.

Fire Emblem 8: I have NEVER told anyone this, I don't think, but I wanted to write a semi-novelization alllllllll from limited 3rd Lute's perspective. YOU KNOW THAT WOULD BE SUCH A TRIP.

Fire Emblem 9/10: Uhmmm Kitty can attest that I spent many hours outlining Stand, a Haar/Jill 'fic that I CAN'T REMEMBER IF I STARTED OR NOT. I think there was another one, too, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was about and I'm not sure why. (I am so tired, ugh.)

Rose of Versailles: Say It's Possible. 88,000 words. Written. 10k posted. I am. So lazy. And I think maybe I should review that 'fic and see if it's as bad as I remember it being. It might have had potential. But it was so hard to balance the idea for it between the manga and the anime. Because Oscar is different in the anime than in the manga. The manga has her all YEAH WHERE ARE MY LOWLY SOLDIERS POPS? And the anime has her going NAW I DO WUT I WANT AND I DUN WANT THE MILITARY. (SPEAKING OF ROSE OF VERSAILLES, [personal profile] forcedsimile, WHERE IS THE REST OF THE OSCAR-WAS-RAISED-AS-A-GIRL FIC?! sob)

And a random assortment:

-I always wanted to write a really great Aoshi/Misao 'fic but I can't seem to accomplish that goal. /fail
-I feel like I should make up for all my shitty InuYasha 'fic by writing something good.
-I am a bad person for never writing Digimon 01/02 'fic despite being a fan. (I EVEN WROTE GILMORE GIRLS FIC. COME THE FUCK ON.)
-The Irresponsible Captain Tylor needs fic. But. I'm always so short on ideas.
-I need to make up for my blunder in the Ranma 1/2 section by writing something good. But someone beat me to the best 'fic in the fandom already. If you want a link I will link it!
-Speaking of making up for incoherent badfic: Dragonball Z.
-SPEAKING OF MAKING UP FOR REALLY SHITTY FIC, TALES OF SYMPHONIA. I admit, Once Upon a Tomato was pretty great, but Take Me Away? Oh my God what a terrible fic. Terrible. Terrible fic. TERRIBLE. FUCKING. TERRIBLE. Oh my God.

also it's not meta month but what the hey.
26 June 2012 @ 11:08 am
I love how, when you're looking for something, you find everything ELSE you need instead. Stuff you needed like THREE YEARS AGO. :|

While looking for the Dragonball Z manga, I found EVERYTHING ELSE. I found ALL of Fruits Basket, Red River, From Far Away, Ceres: Celestial Legend, and even a book by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. But DBZ? No. Nowhere in sight. I have no idea where it is. I went through everything out in the garage. Sob.

EDIT five minutes later:

SOOOOOOOOOOOOB they were RIGHT HERE. IN THE HOUSE. IN MY CLOSET. WITH RUROUNI KENSHIN. You know. Rurouni Kenshin, the books I spent THREE DAYS SEARCHING FOR. DBZ was underneath the book about how to understand a cat lady by her cat (gift from a coworker). sob.


sob. Why am I so scatterbrained.
11 March 2012 @ 09:42 pm

Created and therefore stolen from BunnyNumber13/Raina from LJ. <3 I thought this sounded like a fun idea, and I can definitely think of enough stuff to write. I'll try to do this for 30 days. :D To those that don't know, "S!B" means "secret because".


I'll just be over here, uhm, missing The Good Old Days, which weren't that good...
18 January 2012 @ 12:52 pm
I dreamed a bunch of crossover stuff. Some weird combination of a Fire Emblem 7 novelization but there was a dash of Harry Potter in there because a.) the mages had wands (lol) and b.) I don't remember now but I swear it was very HPish. And then to add in even more confusing there was World of Warcraft.

WTB FE version of WoW? Not sure if want.

Trying to decide if I'd rather rewatch DBZ (starting with Buu saga) or Rose of Versailles (in French). Hmm hmmmmmmm well DBZ is more difficult to track down (Takes up an entire cupboard alone basically)
18 January 2012 @ 02:05 am
I finally found my way off of Tumblr. Good God.

But I saw this while I was there:

I would probably piss myself if I saw this guy IRL. I want to watch the Buu saga again so badly hahaha.

Anyway I am working on A List. Sorta a mix of my old NaNoWriMo exercise to write what you like to see (and don't like to see) in fiction and what Ammie did with her tiers of elements she likes to see in fiction/characters (and what she doesn't like to see).

I think sorting by tier sounds like more fun, so...yeah. You'd think this would be an easy task. Alas, it is not. I keep remembering my old NaNo original piece...and also my first ninety attempts at novelizing FE7. (Manna says NO. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.)

Anyway, I can't find my DS Lite. I can't even remember where I had it last. :( Maybe if I'm lucky it's still in my purse. BUT THEN. WHERE IS THE CHARGER?? I distinctly remember my dad redoing the wiring in the charger... Hm.