13 April 2012 @ 06:58 pm
I didn't forget about the F!S Meme! I just haven't had the time to make secrets to post up! Buuut I got off work a bit early today and am going shopping...and I paid my parents back $200 because my paycheck was big enough! WOO HOO! I feel better now. :D Later I need to work on applying to WSU...but for now, a secret. (Admittedly I have others I intend to make...will do tomorrow since Wendy and Tim will be with his parents.)

Secret #4

And before I get mauled, let me explain.

I hate it when people say, "X could do better than Y". When it comes to people, that really doesn't work well. Maybe X deserves a better job, or deserves to be treated better (or right!) by Y, but it's sometimes unfair to say that they deserve better (re: another human being), because let's face it, when you love someone, you really can't "do better".

With that out of the way, though: Domon is a dick. Through most of the series. He only seems to actually CARE when he thinks she's gonna die, but he's totally okay with saying and doing hurtful things otherwise. Like telling someone they're useless isn't hurtful and awful, /eyeroll /golfclap.

That said, the first couple times I watched the series I didn't realize how big of an ass Domon was. Shit, Master Asia, who did a lot of asshole things, was still a nicer bro than Domon. Domon acts like a hormonal teenager or something, which he probably is, but that doesn't make him any less grating. One little "hurr durr I love you actually" gets him off the hook. Raaaaaaaage.

I always meant to write a fic about how it wasn't that easy, but I never did, and the G Gundam fandom is actually dead. (Unlike the Fire Emblem fandom, which gets accused of being dead but is, in fact, nowhere near dead.)

I feel like making Domon sit down to listen to this song every day until he Gets It:

One of my favorite songs...possibly right up at the top with my Actual Favorite Song if I'll be perfectly honest with myself. Love the message this song conveys. I just wish more people could hear it and understand the meaning and then LIVE the meaning!