29 December 2012 @ 02:14 pm
It's been a long week, haha. My introverted self is excited for school to start back up so that I have some alonetime. (weh, weh, qq more, etc)

At any rate, I have forced Neal to play Tales of Symphonia. He's about 10 hours in (he just broke into the Asgard Human Ranch) and his team is:

Lloyd, Kratos, Raine, Genis.

(Not that this is very surprising.)

He keeps calling Kratos "CRAY-tos", which cracks me up, but he seems to have not noticed most hints. Things I found that were funny were:

spoilers! )

He seems to like Raine, he makes fun of Lloyd a lot--but seems to like him all right, he says his brother would be running around with Sheena as his avatar (lol booobs), he thinks Lloyd/Colette is pretty much the cutest thing ever...and just yeah. It's so fun forcing other people to play games. I feel sort of bad about it, though: I can't help but wonder how bored he is of playing it. LOL.

That said, while we've been doing dungeons, I've forced him to watch Gilmore Girls...which he admits he likes...and he ships Luke/Lorelai like burning and cheered when Rachael left AND when Lorelai broke up with Max (both times). He said he's never getting his Man Card back again.