26 June 2012 @ 09:33 pm
So I was trolling around in the DBZ fandom and suddenly I stopped and I thought, Maaaaan, I remember my dream'fic for this fandom.

You know, that one 'fic you always needed to write. The one you can't forget about. Or two. Or ten. Or twenty. Maybe dream'fics is a better term, but sometimes in older, forgotten/abandoned fandoms, there was just this ONE story that you really wanted to write, to get out there, and you still think about it even if it's been 10 years since you were actually active or known in that fandom.

You know what I'm talking about. You're probably thinking about it right now. SO TELL ME ABOUT IT. And tell me why you've always wanted to write it. I mean, what's the motivation behind wanting to write it? Is there a certain satisfaction you want to feel? And if someone ELSE wrote it, would that make you just as happy?

So my "dream'fics" are:

Dragonball Z: Mirai/Future!fic. Oh man. I always wanted to write a REAL future'fic. Sure, I wrote one, String of Fate-- but for the love of God don't read it. It needs edited. I used the wrong "then/than" in there somewhere. UGH. Either way, the reason I felt I needed to write a future!timeline 'fic was because THERE WERE SO MANY. SO MANY UNFINISHED ONES. And I found that more disappointing than anything, ever. So much potential. Such an interesting playground. I guess the fate of certain characters (coughGohancough) turned away a lot of people, but there's still his life to write about, you know? He fought the Androids for how long? I felt there just needed to be a complete, satisfying-ending 'fic for that timeline. I would be over the moon if someone ELSE wrote this-- cause it would save me so much time.

Pokémon: You guys will laugh me off of LJ/DW for this one: I used to have this huge, sprawling plot written out in a notebook for a 'fic about a 30-something Ash who actually has cancer, and his last wish is to travel around Kanto on his original journey one last time. So silly. But it had the old gang in it and it was fun to think about. I'll probably never write it but I think about it a lot. I also had a nice outline for a 'fic where sometime in the future I think Misty was married and had quit running the Cerulean City Gym, but tbh I don't remember enough about that one to ever pick it up again.

Harry Potter: The werewolf idea, obviously, where Tonks ends up bitten by a werewolf (who isn't Remus). I might yet do this one but it's not an easy story to work on. P: If someone else wrote this I'd be pissed. MY IDEA BITCHES.

Fire Emblem 7: It's a damn three-way tie between The Novelization, All About Us, and and and Another Heart Calls. Dafuq. I think the novelization wins ONLY because I have sooo much damn headcanon that I want to squeeze it all into ONE FIC and make it COHERENT but I doubt I can do that. Sigh. That said, I also have this awful urge to write a Wallace and Vaida epic-- it's even beating out my ridiculous idea for the Merlinus epic. Shut up you know you'd read a Merlinus epic because it's such a stupid idea.

Fire Emblem 8: I have NEVER told anyone this, I don't think, but I wanted to write a semi-novelization alllllllll from limited 3rd Lute's perspective. YOU KNOW THAT WOULD BE SUCH A TRIP.

Fire Emblem 9/10: Uhmmm Kitty can attest that I spent many hours outlining Stand, a Haar/Jill 'fic that I CAN'T REMEMBER IF I STARTED OR NOT. I think there was another one, too, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was about and I'm not sure why. (I am so tired, ugh.)

Rose of Versailles: Say It's Possible. 88,000 words. Written. 10k posted. I am. So lazy. And I think maybe I should review that 'fic and see if it's as bad as I remember it being. It might have had potential. But it was so hard to balance the idea for it between the manga and the anime. Because Oscar is different in the anime than in the manga. The manga has her all YEAH WHERE ARE MY LOWLY SOLDIERS POPS? And the anime has her going NAW I DO WUT I WANT AND I DUN WANT THE MILITARY. (SPEAKING OF ROSE OF VERSAILLES, [personal profile] forcedsimile, WHERE IS THE REST OF THE OSCAR-WAS-RAISED-AS-A-GIRL FIC?! sob)

And a random assortment:

-I always wanted to write a really great Aoshi/Misao 'fic but I can't seem to accomplish that goal. /fail
-I feel like I should make up for all my shitty InuYasha 'fic by writing something good.
-I am a bad person for never writing Digimon 01/02 'fic despite being a fan. (I EVEN WROTE GILMORE GIRLS FIC. COME THE FUCK ON.)
-The Irresponsible Captain Tylor needs fic. But. I'm always so short on ideas.
-I need to make up for my blunder in the Ranma 1/2 section by writing something good. But someone beat me to the best 'fic in the fandom already. If you want a link I will link it!
-Speaking of making up for incoherent badfic: Dragonball Z.
-SPEAKING OF MAKING UP FOR REALLY SHITTY FIC, TALES OF SYMPHONIA. I admit, Once Upon a Tomato was pretty great, but Take Me Away? Oh my God what a terrible fic. Terrible. Terrible fic. TERRIBLE. FUCKING. TERRIBLE. Oh my God.

also it's not meta month but what the hey.
29 May 2012 @ 09:40 am
Aw man, writing action scenes. How do you do that? :| I am so bad at this! Also I'm EXTREMELY TIRED but sadly I have less than an hour until my shift begins, so... :(

Werewolf fic got a new scene, though, so I'm happy about that. Thanks to Meg for help figuring out where to go next. ♥

edit: For the first time in over a week I'm sad my shift starts before 1:30. I hate the 1:30 to 10pm shift with a fiery passion, but I'm so tired that it'd be great if I could go back to sleep and nap, you know? Not sure how to make it through an 8.5hr shift awake right now, but I guess I'll have to make do. :P

I think tomorrow I'll drive in to work. Maybe they'll train me on emails if I do. I guess I could email Frits to ask? Hm.
15 May 2012 @ 12:05 pm
1.) Lol. >:]

2.) Dying my hair brown soon. The pink is nice but I might have a court date coming up, and as much I'm all don't-judge-others-for-their-appearance, I'm not about to get the fuck judged out of me when it actually counts.

3.) Asked for four days off around June 1st. Gonna go visit Neal if I can get the days off.
07 May 2012 @ 09:33 pm
Did I mention I was re-watching Glee? I am. Trying to remember why I got so mad at the series in the first place. Also I never got to watch The Funeral episode because I knew what was going to happen and I DID NOT WANT TO HAVE TO WATCH THAT.

Either way. I'm on Season 2 somewhere.

Now that I think about it, if they were trying to make the viewer(s) more accepting of people of varying race/religion/color/sexuality, then why did they pack every stereotype into the show and then make the teachers, aka adults, complete dipshits and/or assholes. Seriously, do not watch this show and try to take it seriously. IT HURTS.


How about a meme?

Give me a fandom, and I will link you songs that remind me of it!

You can ask for character-specific songs also if you like. And I'm not tagging anybody.


I tried to do some writing last night but I was terrible. I was working on The Werewolf Fic and I just went...hurrrrr what do. Because it sounds so...dialogue-y. And I hate dialogue-driven fanfiction for some reason. Probably because when it gets long, it gets boring. And this thing is 6,000 words of mostly dialogue.

Then again, if you have four people in the same room having a discussion, too much description slows the pace down and dialogue happens quickly. Huh.

I did, however, get to The Night. >:] Too bad I am amazingly fail at action scenes.


I finished a good Harry Potter 'fic and then clicked on a horrid one that had annoying tropes like Instant Attraction and Lots of Blushing and Trip Into His Arms. I hate all of those things because they're so overdone and never done well.

For once, HP fandom, can Tonks trip and NOT BE CAUGHT?! PLEASE.

Not because I want her to bust her face on whatever sharp edge happens to be sticking out. But because that shit does not happen in real life. And Tonks doesn't seem the swooning type, so every time she gets caught, she swoons, and I scowl. Because it's awful. Come on.
07 May 2012 @ 10:22 am
This is just something that annoys the crap out of me.

Dear Harry Potter fandom,

If even REMUS thought that Sirius was guilty and deserving of being put into Azkaban, then I highly doubt his cousin Andromeda, Andromeda's husband Ted, or his second cousin Nymphadora thought that he was innocent.


The fuck.


Least of all Nymphadora, who was only something like EIGHT YEARS OLD when Sirius was put away.

I mean, yeah, it'd be nice if she did think he was innocent, but the chances of that happening are just about nill. Even his own close friend was convinced he was guilty.

Whether or not you think Remus thought something was wrong with it or not, the fact is that he spent the last 12 years of his life NOT DOING ANYTHING TO HELP SIRIUS. So there's a good chance that, yeah, even if he thought it was odd, that he still believed it enough to go along with it.

Fellow fandom writer
01 May 2012 @ 01:54 pm
Nobody got my question from yesterday right. :(

Nice guesses, though!

Tonight I'll post the answers, but if someone gets it before then, well, I'll still draw them a piktur. :P


I'm still reading the badfic from yesterday, though I'm not 100% sure why I'm bothering. I think it's a mixture of I'm-desperate-and-I've-read-everything-else Syndrome and also Can-it-get-worse/Trainwreck Disease.

The grammar and sentence structuring are so bad that it's cringe-worthy. The plot is kind of awful. But it does have a few redeeming moments. (For the record this is a Tonks/Remus fic, which most of you probably already guessed.)

Horrible things include but are not limited to: awful grammar, terrible tense-usage, what-is-sentence-structure, how-I-use-quotation-marks-and-commas, and cliché, ridiculous ideas that would never actually work (because...logic), and copious amounts of pain and torture and other things.

Good things: Severus Snape, no rushed romance between anyone.

That is it. They did some weird things, like randomly having Snape ask Tonks to morph her eyes green-- which was just SAD, but what happened afterward was, er, I felt...OOC. Though for the most part they did really well with Snape. Usually people get him completely wrong but this not-so-great 'fics Snape is probably one of the best I've seen.

how sad is that qq sob

30 April 2012 @ 12:31 pm
I have been so incredibly lazy the last two days. I had Saturday and Sunday off. But hot damn I haven't done anything intelligent. (Well, I did do a load of laundry. :U)

I was accepted to Wright State (yay!) so now I just have to wait on loan information to see if I'll actually be able to go. I personally do not feel that my workers' compensation settlement will be worth much. Sounds awful to say it but when they looked at me during my last appointment it was more about a.) can you still use your arms, b.) do you still have normal range of motion, and c.) does it hurt when I poke you/move your hands this way?

The answers are, of course, a.) yes I can move my arms, b.) I do have perfect range of motion, and c.) no it won't hurt, not for 20 minutes. :|

That said, I did finally get the info re: how much money in workers' comp I made in 2011: $12,000 since I was cut off in August. I hope I get the loans I need. Dx


I work 1pm to 10pm EST today. :/ Blech.


Also on Dalaran is more fun than it should be. It's hard to separate my toons in WoW because I play so many but let's face it, things at 85 have gotten pretty boring. My mage did the raid finder and...soopriez soopirez, won absolutely nothing. My healer won shoulder tokens but since I rolled for offspec (2 dropped, a warrior, another shaman and I rolled), I traded the one I won to the other shaman since it was for his main spec.

I rarely play on WrA anymore. It's just not as much fun as it used to be. :/


I'm reading this 'fic and it's so bad but for some reason I just keep on reading. It's been a while since I've seen writing so bad...but I've read practically everything I could find for my favorite HP pairing so...

Speaking of Harry Potter, I quoted it in guild chat last night and then Sey says, OH HEY I'M WATCHING THAT, TOO. I mean, what are the chances of us both watching the third movie at the same time? Still amused by that. But of course I watch that movie mostly for Remus. (I was trying to get inspiration for 'fic but daaaaaamn I am so lazy.)
19 April 2012 @ 03:01 pm
Well maybe I'm a snob, but this story is completely OOC and the author wonders why they got two reviews for the first chapter. -_- People who like Remus like him because he's not an asshole. Writing him as a sarcastic jackass doesn't work. And it's OOC. Too bad, too, because the actual writing is fairly good. :/

Anyway, another day, another dollar...and all that fun stuff.

It's so nice outside.

I'm bitter that I'm working right now. :(
10 April 2012 @ 09:39 pm
Okay so the F!S about the person who took money from her fandom friends to fix her computer and used it instead on an abortion makes me kinda see red. Abortion aside, the lying is just completely dickish. And the WORST part are the comments about health. About how the readers can't believe other people would rather donate to a computer-fixing fund than a health-risk fund. Sorry guys, there are very few circumstances where being pregnant equals a legit serious health risk. -_-

But I guess liars just really piss me off in general. Like, why do you feel the need to lie through your teeth to get things? Tell the truth. It's not that hard. And if you feel you can't tell the truth, use your OWN money to pay for something.

I know I'm a bitch, and I have zero tolerance for stupidity. I can't lie about that. I just have a lot of FEELINGS and I won't LIE about them. I also won't share them HERE. I'll just say that too many people will use any kind of Rewind/Restart button they can get their hands on for a do-over, and I think that's stupidity at its finest. One thing if you absolutely must-- another thing ENTIRELY to act like life is some kind of viddya game where you accidentally let Sain die make a mistake and have to now start over. Consequences. They exist. Etc etc and so on. It's not even a legit do-over, because it's not as if it's never happened or anything. :/

Edit really quick: Let's not get into a pro/not-pro choice argument or anything. My issue here is the lying.


In happier news I've been reading a 'fic about "What if" Tonks and Remus had lived in HP. It's a pretty interesting read so far, where Teddy (20yrs in the future) actually goes back by way of an advanced Time Turner type thing, makes fake corpses (so as to not alter the present), brings them back in the midst of the final battle, aaaand then things go from there. Andromeda's reaction to seeing Tonks again was like ;___;. But seriously, the story is almost over and I'm like BUT HOW WILL IT END?

And then I'm like


I usually don't like 'fics about married couples because they're always so boring but this story is decidedly not boring, which is great. I think people assume that once two people get married there is ~bliss and joy errywhurr~ when in reality it's...uh...not like that, no. I mean, you can get on with your spouse great, but it's not 150% harmony and happiness every moment of the day forever. Come on. Disagreements and stuff keep things fun, especially in fiction.
09 April 2012 @ 09:29 pm
Let me tell you about Chatty Chris.

There's my bro at work, Julie. One day Julie comes in but there are no seats on Nicolas-Cage-Lookalike (AKA Justin)'s side of the call center. A real shame. So she's forced to sit next to a random guy. Named Chris.

She said she would love to go to Germany!

Chris has been there.

She mentioned art offhandedly.

Chris is into art!

They have all these things in common and now Chris thinks Julie is pretty much his soulmate. I was laughing my ass off when she first told me about it, but I got a text from her today because Chris found her in the hallway when he was on break (and she was getting a spreader to help someone calibrate theirs via the phone) and he showed her his favorite painting by Dahli.


She was like, "I pretended to be 75% deaf but it didn't work. He was like "JULIE!" and I was like...crap."


Thaaaaaaaat said I started my Werewolf Fic last night. So pleased with myself. I wrote more for it this morning before work, too. Pathetically enough it's only 4k words long and I feel like I've written 100,000 words already. Boo.

But I am excited to get this concept out there.

I even.

(Are you ready for this?)

I printed out calendars for 1995 and 1996 for the UK to see what days the full moon fell on. OHHH DEDICATION STRIKES HARD. OOOOH.

Also I have no idea why I think older men are so attractive. It's just. Older Men. Okay.jpg.

I wouldn't say I'm sexually attracted to anyone, really. But I am definitely attracted physically to older men. By older I still mean late 30s/early 40s. Early 30s is sadlytooclosetomyownageqqqqqq to be considered "older". But I guess the mid-30s through mid 40s is just an attractive age group, all things considered.

So what the hey, I'll write 'fic about guys in that age group, amirite or amirite. Fair's fair! Tonks and Remus fics, here I gooooooooo--!
04 April 2012 @ 10:32 am
All right, so while I'm working on a couple more HP fics, I'm reading along in the Tonks/Remus section of FFN. Made it to page 75 (I'm working backward). Found this 'fic:

Which I have to say is the BEST portrayal of Remus's internal conflict *AND* the best portrayal of both Sirius AND Molly that I've ever seen. So I'll rec it here in case anyone is interested.

Everyone tends to gloss over Sirius, or they make him silly/funny/cutesy. But let's face it: he's had a rough decade+ and he's not entirely sane if the books are any indication. Not that he's clean off his rocker, but he's certainly not 110% there, if that makes any sense.

And he's certainly not all up in Matchmaker Cupid-land. Not saying he wouldn't try, I guess if he was bored enough he might, but it wouldn't be some kind of gigglefest oh-how-cute-and-silly-this-is kind of crap, because let's face it, this is Sirius. And he is not all right. Nobody is, I suppose, by the time the fifth or sixth book comes around, but Sirius is definitely...worse off than most of the others.


ALSO related but not entirely so:

Re: Patronuses.

The one main characters whose patronus form is unknown is Remus. (Sirius as well IIRC but he never uses one. Maybe he doesn't know how or he just doesn't have to, but.) Either way, we know that Tonks's is a werewolf (by the end, though it does change from 'something else', common speculation is a chameleon but I like other thoughts better), Harry's is a stag like his father's, Kinglsey's is a lynx, Dumbledore's is a phoenix, blah blah blah. I have other thoughts, like I'm 99.9% sure Molly's HAS to be a hen, I mean come on it fits too well, but I actually have a thought about Remus's.

I think he can't make one.

I KNOW RIGHT WHAT EVEN. Because everyone tries to make his patronus a werewolf. The one thing about himself he HATES. Sure, Tonks's patronus mimics Remus when she's in love with him, but Remus obviously hates that about himself so I have trouble imagining he'd have a werewolf patronus. And in the third book he says himself that "quite the opposite, actually" when Harry mentions the dementors, indicating that Remus is actually quite bad at driving back dementors when there is more than one. I believe this is just foreshadowing to give away the fact that Remus is a werewolf and has so few happy memories that driving back a group of dementors would be hard, but let's face it, maybe he doesn't have a memory strong enough to conjure a corporeal patronus!

I like that idea and I think I'll run with it. I haven't seen it yet in any of the fics I've read. His corporeal patronus when it's mentioned in a 'fic is ALWAYS a werewolf, probably because of the whole Lily had a doe and so did Snape thing.

Which cracks me up because nobody really knows what Snape's patronus is but Snape and Dumbledore. (In the end, Harry as well.) But imagining Snape saying that Tonks's patronus looks "weak" is just a laugh when Snape's is a doe...and also mimics someone he loves. WTF. But we all know Snape hates Remus so that's probably got something to do with it.

Speaking of, there was a fic where Snape was jelly of Remus getting Tonks. I was like...wait what. It didn't make a lot of sense on THAT level. But on a GENERAL level, i.e., being upset that Remus did get to fall in love while he didn't get to be with the person he loved, is actually something that makes a lot of sense. Imagine hating people all your life and then in the end THEY are happy and you're still not. It would kind of suck a lot.
30 March 2012 @ 09:22 pm
I almost wanted to post this to my fandom meta comm, but I think I'll restrain for now until I can make a better post. Or something. But what's really getting my goat in the HP fandom has to be the gaggle of fangirls/nutjobs who think that there's something ~omgsoromanticandsweet~ about dating a guy who is down in the dumps about himself.

Alternatively, they think that the whole situation with Remus with Tonks is ridiculous because nobody would be that down on themselves (like Remus in, re: Book 7 in particular), but it's like...come the fuck on.

How do these people Real Life? How do you even WRITE if you can't at least TRY to get into the shoes of the character you're writing about? Get some perspective and then come back and tell me how ~lolsocute~ it is to date someone who is constantly needing to be reassured that they're not a worthless piece of shit, or tell me how ridiculous Remus is for refusing to accept Tonks's love or whatever.

That just makes it plain for me to see that they don't even make an effort to try and BE the character they're writing about. I mean, maybe it's just me, but I pull in all the info I can find on a character, from speech patterns/mannerisms to the tone they say things in, to-- well, everything, gestures, expressions, the actual words they say.

Meanwhile, other people take EVERYTHING at face value. Okay.jpg. You can take things at face value all you want but people lie like it's going out of style, even about stuff they don't HAVE to lie about. And this is true for JUST ABOUT EVERYONE. So sometimes people are saying more than words. (Now go look up More Than Words by Extreme; it's a great song!)

Anyway, my irritation mostly stems from...well...

Minor Spoilers for HP3+ books! )

It's obvious that he has issues with HIMSELF. If you put yourself in Remus's shoes, how could you NOT feel like you were a worthless piece of shit? You'd just be happy to have a sorta-friend or two, or even just acquaintances who didn't run away screaming. The fact that Harry and the other kids RESPECT and LIKE him probably almost blows his mind.

He's definitely a good person. And he tries really hard to do the right thing. But things have been very hard for him his whole life, and he knows those things aren't ever going to change. So really, give him a break. It would be hard to say, "Yeah sure, I'll be with you forever!" to someone, no matter how much you loved them (and they you!) if you knew that their life would turn into yours because of it.

And it's safe to assume that that's exactly what happens in the end if the seventh book is any indication. They got together, her life fell apart. Not his fault, per se, but he'll still blame himself. It's not like he can help it.

Speaking of aggravating, though...the people who think Snape is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Sorry guys, no. Snape is a GREAT character. He's so morally ambiguous that you kind of have to like him as a character because in that sense, he's easier to relate to than characters who always do ~the obviously right thing~, because when it's you, your emotions, your life, you might choose an option that is, well, morally ambiguous to other people.

Snape's not some kind of shining gold star hero, though, and I wish people would stop acting like he is. He's not. He never was. He's a douchecanoe. The guy can't let go of a fucking grudge against a former classmate. You'd think people would grow the fuck up after school, but they don't, and Snape is fictional proof of this. That's why I like him, though. Because people like him DO exist. Are they awful people? Well, no. But they are dickwads sometimes. And Snape certainly is one several times:

Moar spoilers! )

Don't get me wrong, though. He doesn't really do anything overtly terrible, anything that would make me say, "He needs to die right this second!" But he's not some shining example of what a person should be.

He might have loved once. But that love twisted a bit and turned him into a bitter, angry man who never really grew up. In that way, he's not much different from Sirius, is he?

ALSO I do honestly believe that if Remus and Snape hadn't been pitted against one another from the get-go, that they'd probably have gotten on well enough as friends as adults. I mean, Snape is, by the third book, predisposed to hating Remus. But Snape did make the potion for Remus so it's not like he's a total dickwad. He's just dickish enough to ~let it slip~ that Remus is a werewolf to get him fired. (But they actually do have quite a bit in common I think.)

ALSO having re-read the third book, I do want to say that I love that the POV stays pretty solid throughout the books, with the characters consistently referring to each other the same way.

i.e., Minerva constantly calling Harry "Potter", Harry referring to Remus as "Lupin", Remus calling Snape "Severus", et cetera and so on. People are like that IRL-- refer to each other differently and not always equally, i.e., Remus and Sirius call one another by their first names, and Remus calls Snape by his first name as well...but Snape refers to most people by their last name. (I like to think that JUST TO BE A DICK he would refer to Tonks by her FIRST name ONLY, since she hates it.)


In work news, I've been asked to work from home! So maybe next week I'll get trained on that. It would be soooo nice to save myself that commute and gasoline!
15 March 2012 @ 09:52 am
What is time? Geesh. Well, I have my doctor appointment this morning, and then an 11:30-8:00 shift, and then I have Friday off. Hurrah! :D I hope they don't ask me to work Friday. I really want it off. Dx

But we are short manpower so. :( I think we had almost 40 people on hold at once yesterday at one point, and we were really struggling to shorten that queue.


I'm trying to figure out, for my 'fic I'm working on, which I might have TIME to work on tomorrow, if I want Remus's parents to be alive or not.

On one hand, that could be extremely interesting.

On the other...I always sorta got the feeling he was very alone.

I'm leaning toward having one parent be alive, though.

12 March 2012 @ 12:20 am

I'm posting too much all of a sudden, aren't I?

Well, I come bearing a 'fic rec.

Here it is: The Wise and the Lovely

Before you click that, know two things:

1.) Harry Potter 'fic.
2.) It's about Tonks and Remus.

That said, don't let that stop you. If you've read Harry Potter, I have to rec that 'fic to you. It's seriously the best thing I've read in the fandom so far. Best thing. It's been a long time since I've felt a physical ache and nearly shed some legit tears reading fanfiction. It was written so well, and felt so in character to me, that I think I'll be thinking about it for a long time to come.

I mean, what do you even say in a review to a story like that? I tried to say something good, 'cause I'm usually pretty horrid at reviewing well, and this story deserves a standing ovation or something.

I mean, the fact that Sirius isn't forgotten about the moment the sixth book starts is one of many great things about that story. There's even poetry references. And did I mention the characters felt in character? Because shit son, not very many authors seem to pin Remus or Tonks down how I imagine them, but this came really close, especially for Tonks. She might be young--er than Remus-- but she's not a flippant silly little girl, and I wish people would stop writing her that way.
10 March 2012 @ 09:16 am
My "werewolf fic" idea has been growing. (aka I'm a loser!)

Sadly I have hit upon-- not writer's block, but something slightly less aggravating.

You know when your idea could go either way at a certain point in the story? Yeah, well, that's happening to me. And it's really annoying because I am now fond of both "branches" the plot could take. -_-

Both ideas have plenty of room for angst. I don't particularly love angst, but it's going to be there no matter what. XD

Either way, I can't make up my mind.


Also, while I'm at it, I'm running into more and more irritations in the HP fandom. Namely that people seem to lack creativity when it comes to writing. I'm seeing very non-British sayings floating around that I know some writers snapped up from other writers. Not saying that people should be picky about that kind of thing overmuch, but still-- copying another non-Brit writer isn't going know...make your work look more authentic? :|

And people writing Tonks and Remus weirdly also annoys me but maybe I'm just irritated that they don't mesh with my headcanon. I'm getting annoyed with--especially-- versions of Remus trying to prove he's not boring. I just got this feeling from him, especially in the books but even his movie persona gives off this same feeling for me, that he's been unaccepted and thought ill off so much during his life he just gave up trying to change people's minds. The first thing he does when his secret spills out? HE LEAVES HOGWARTS. HE JUST. FUCKING. PACKS UP AND LEAVES. He doesn't stay to defend his honour, or stick around hoping that parents won't think he's horrible. (Let's hope he didn't actually get any owls because they would probably be very hurtful.)

Anyway, the sad thing is that a.) I don't think Tonks would think Remus was "boring", b.) I don't think Remus oozes off Boring Vibes, and c.) I highly doubt he would go out of his way to prove to ANYBODY, least of all some young woman, that he's not boring just because she thinks he is.

Not that the stories aren't fun, because they are, and it's nice to see Remus's sense of humor coming out. I do imagine he has that dry sense of humor. But I think he's grown out of his marauding days of his youth-- you know, the days when he still had friends who weren't dead or traitors-- and while he might be up for a trick here and there, going out of his way to irritate someone into admit he's not boring feels wrong to me. Like, this is a fun story, but it feels OOC, it doesn't feel like I'm reading about Remus at all.

Maybe my issue here is that I feel authors try to make Remus more 'interesting' and therefore more 'appealing' either to themselves or to their readers. When, let's face it, if you don't like a character as they appear in the canon, YOU DON'T ACTUALLY LIKE THE CHARACTER.
06 March 2012 @ 01:08 pm
This is a really good HP viddya. The one line of the song is really good, as well...derp, the one about how their refusing to believe Voldemort is back is risking the lives of more than just one boy-- and how it shows clips of the people who do die in canon. Perfect imo.

Anyway, that said, some of the comments are disturbing. Lol Wizard Rock Bands my ass. I mean, okay, cause they're based off of the HP books/movies, sure. But that doesn't mean they're better or worse than "Muggle" songs. WTF? Are these people serious? That's so...creepily fannish it's disturbing.

PS. Want to see Fire Emblem Bard music now. trollface.jpg

05 March 2012 @ 09:00 pm
So there was a secret posted at F!S. Every now and then I read there, idk why, I just do.

It's about inter-racial ships and slash fans and...well, whatever.

Anyway, I noticed a lot of, "The secret isn't true because *I* ship interracial ships!"

...Uh...what. Just because YOU do doesn't mean the secret doesn't have validity.

That's like me saying that just because YOU think fried potatoes are nasty, well, you're wrong, because *I* think they're great. Eyerolling goes here.

That said, a thread in there reminded me of the Static Shock cartoon. Hahaha, I forgot about that one. :D It was a fun show, iirc.


Working on outlining my Werewolf Fic, which is an HP fic of course, with absolutely no title. I'm trying to think of something fitting that isn't corny to title it. Either way, it's proving to be a bit difficult to outline just because I haven't completely memorized every single HP book. Looks like I'll have to attempt a re-read already, which I was already working on, but this time for fact-gathering.

That's what I get for having a fic take place mid-canon. -_- Oh Books 5 and 6, I love you but SERIOUSLY. That's a lot of stuff to read through just to make sure I'm not failing at life.

And I'm trying to understand the general magic...ness. Like how it works, what it can do, etc etc. Lots of fic authors have them using a made-up spell for EVERYTHING from warming their beds before they get into them (handy, I admit) to siphoning alcohol out of a drink. Hm.


Feeling sort of artsy today. Did I mention I made an alliance female rogue named MarySue? Because I totally did. She's going to be ~amazing~.
19 February 2012 @ 09:25 pm
So there I was

Driving on the freeway

And a white car passes me with the license plate: AUROR

And I think to myself

Fuckdammit, that's brilliant.

And then I imagine Mad-Eye Moody driving that little white compact.

Made my day.
18 February 2012 @ 03:32 pm

The Weasley matriarch decided to attempt to shift their interest to someone else, and said, "So glad to see you enjoying the mornings, Tonks."

Lupin nearly choked on a sip of orange juice.

"Constant vigilance!" Mad-Eye Moody said grimly, and clapped the younger man on the back a few times, nearly knocking him off his chair.

Man, if everyone in Harry Potter learned to listen to Mad-Eye, then nothing bad would ever have happened in the first place. I mean, really. Constant vigilance is important, especially concerning the amazing task of being in the same room as anybody from the HP universe.
18 February 2012 @ 01:14 pm
Today will be what I like to call Journal Spam Day. I'm bored, tired, bored, very bored, and I miss WoW, and until I get my brother's WoW login info, I can't even play WoW (I fully intend to borrow his account to level an alt out of sheer boredom, but he's still asleep).

Until then, lots of updates and thoughts. Sorry in advance. Except for that first part.

First: When a summary for a Harry Potter 'fic ends with: [Crossover with The Crocodile Hunter] it makes a person do a double-take. Not sure if want.

Second: This is driving me batty. If one more 'fic shows Sirius as knowing all about Tonks, and if the narrative from his POV says one more thing like, this: [She had only consumed a few small shots, but Tonks had never been one to hold her liquor.]

I will headdesk at roughly 50mph.

It's one thing if it's a 3rd-person omniscient, okay, but when things are clearly biased from Sirius's POV, there's no way he could possibly know her well enough to even THINK something like, "had never been one".

I mean, okay, let's say they did know each other before he went to Azkaban. If she's 13 years younger than Remus, she's also 13 years younger than Sirius. If James and Lily died at 21, then Sirius went to prison at ~21 (depending on when his birthday was, and so on).

21 - 13 = 8

This is assuming that Sirius was close enough to his first cousin, Andromeda, to go over to visit her and Ted and Nymphadora. (I am not entirely sure that this would have happened, but for 'ficcing's sake, let's say it did.)

Sirius is in Azkaban until the third book, Prisoner of Azkaban, and according to my notes, he'd be about 34 then. This makes Tonks 21. BUT, Sirius went into hiding as soon as he escaped, and I really, really doubt that he knew how to find Tonks by this time, let alone that he actually contacted her. I mean, he went to prison, he has no idea who he can trust and who he can't trust. You could tie in something for 'ficcing's sake again and say that Andromeda wrote letters to Sirius while he was in Azkaban, or that Tonks did (as a child), but by Tonks's adulthood, she'd probably be at least halfway convinced that Sirius was guilty, I mean, she was 8 years old or so when he went to prison, everyone thought he was guilty-- EVEN REMUS, HIS OWN CLOSE FRIEND-- and just, yeah. I doubt that Tonks or Andromeda would be safe bets for him after breaking out.

So then we know he stays in hiding until the end of Book Four, where he's teetering on 35/36 and so is Remus, and Tonks is hanging around the 22/23 age range.

Okay, so. Then we have the whole timeline issue thing here. I might be off but this is scribbled in my notes. (The Wiki has to be wrong about when Tonks's patronus became a werewolf, because there's no way it happened in 95, when it happens in Book 6, the beginning of the school year. :|

Spring 95-- 94/95 school year, Book Four: Goblet of Fire, Voldemort returns, Dumbledore sends Sirius to find Remus and the others to reform the Order of the Phoenix.

Summer 95-- Tonks is in the Order of the Phoenix, because she's in the Advance Guard to pick up Harry from Privet Drive.

Spring 96-- Department of Mysteries battle, Sirius dies

Fall 96-- Tonks is known to have a different patronus.

So assuming this is correct... Even if Tonks had known Sirius when she was a little kid (before or at eight years of age), I highly doubt much of their acquaintance was very interesting, considering she'd be all of eight years old and he'd be an adult already. Little quirks about her might still be in effect, but generally speaking, he doesn't actually know her at all, not when he missed the whole "becoming an adult" thing.

Okay so, then we have Tonks's training to be an Auror. Supposedly it takes three years, she graduated Hogwarts in 91-- again, the Wiki is wrong because she would NOT have been in school the same time as the eldest FIVE Weasleys--only the eldest two. She would have graduated in the Spring of 91, and Harry/Ron/Hermione/Et Cetera, did not start until the FALL of 91. By then she was long gone.

If she went right into Auror training after graduating, and it lasted three years, we could say:

Summer 91 --> Summer 92
Summer 92 --> Summer 93
Summer 93 --> Summer 94

So in 1994 Tonks is qualified as an Auror. This is post-anti-werewolf legislation (passed by Umbridge in 1993), and before Book Four. So this also means she has the entirety of Book Four in an Auror position, giving her approximately one year on the actual job before Sirius and Remus/etc start recruiting for the Order of the Phoenix*.

*Got another pet peeve re: Order of the Phoenix. Too many authors take the whole recruiting thing a bit far. They'd have to be EXTREMELY careful about who they brought in, they wouldn't frolic about the Ministry asking everyone, seriously. :|

Okay so then we have Summer of 1995, the beginning of Book Five, where Tonks is already an Auror, AND she's already in the Order of the Phoenix. She was probably one of the first inducted because let's face it, they wouldn't send scrubs to pick up Harry with the Advance Guard, no matter who else is with them.

So we can assume someone is vouching for her badassery/trustworthiness, and I personally vote for Mad-Eye on this, but it could also be Kingsley.

SIRIUS DOESN'T KNOW HER, HE CAN'T BE THE ONE TO SAY SHE'S TRUSTWORTHY, THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. You think you know someone when they're a kid but they usually don't grow up like you think, case in point, nobody would have suspected Peter Pettigrew of turning asshole, but he kind of did, you know? He could probably suggest her (and Andromeda and Ted) but he couldn't outright vouch for them.

The only issue with Mad-Eye is that he retired *and* he just was locked in a box for a full school year. So he's probably not doing too well. But at the same time, he is Tonks's mentor, so we can also infer that he trained her and POSSIBLY she was trained to take his place (my headcanon is going with the fact that he retired just as she was qualified to be an Auror, it makes sense to me).

Either way, she probably joins late in the Spring of 95 or early summer of 95. Nobody knows if she moved into Grimmauld Place or not (most people think she spends a lot of time there, but not that she actually moved in) or if she has her own flat, or if she lives with her parents. By this time she's 22 or 23, and it's probably safe to say that if her job pays enough (we don't know how the Auror system works, if you're paid according to position or rank or time on the job or what, if they're salaried or not, et cetera) she probably has her own flat. Maybe she does move into Grimmauld Place if she could stand the house-- it'd be cheaper. But I doubt it, because well, who knows who's watching the Aurors? Safer for her to have her own place so she can't be followed, etc etc.

Either way, Sirius dies in 1996 in the Department of Mysteries, ~springtime, and Tonks starts to get to know him in late spring or early summer of 1995. That's less than a year. Even if they lived in the same house... I mean, come on. You can't assume that someone "never could" hold their liquor. Or that they'd always been clumsy, or that --well, anything. Because it's been a matter of months, not years.

No matter what, Sirius probably wouldn't be assuming anything about Tonks, or acting like he knows her like a little sister or something because he doesn't. Especially not in a fic set in summer of 1995, because they've known one another just a few months at best. -_-

Edited to add: This author has no idea what kind of timeline they're even writing in. How could Tonks have possibly known Remus for, and I quote, "three years"? I mean, I guess if you assume she met him via Auror training/assignment, but that's not a very common theme in the fandom, though a few people have attempted to pull it off (not as believably as they'd like to think they've done though).

I'm sure I'll think of more to complain about later. :P