12 February 2012 @ 08:18 pm

-After ten tons more testing, physical therapy for my mother's curved spine and arthritic neck, a biopsy, blood tests out the wazoo, arthritis specialists, allergy testing, and more blood work ad some scans, two things were found:

1.) Some kind of spot on her face, seen by accident via a neck ultrasound, and
2.) A tumor (benign) in her liver

That does explain rather a lot, doesn't it.

-New job begins tomorrow. Dx A bit nervous. I hope I don't lisp too badly, and I hope the picture for my ID badge doesn't look too bad. That said, boo on having to go by my given name. I wonder if I'll have to answer the phones that way. :( It's like the bane of my existence because I hate that name so much argh. Well if they don't let me go by Manna--understandable as it does sound odd and isn't easily recognizable-- then I might try using my middle name instead. It's short, easy to pronounce, easy to remember, and so on. I can live with that. I just. Can't. Stand. The first name. ARGH.

Also if one more person says they like it, and it's ~so pretty and elegant sounding~ I will punch them in the eyes. Just because you like it doesn't mean I do-- and it sure doesn't render my feelings about it invalid. ROAR.

-I am still lost in the land of Harry Potter. Somewhere. I did a tad bit of writing yesterday, too. Hurrah. I need to think of actual fun plots, because headcanon dumps are stressful to write well. I'm kind of thinking I won't share what I wrote with anyone because it's just that bad. Dx

-I've gotten my sister addicted to both Harry Potter and Kaze Hikaru.

Re: Harry Potter, she defends Luna already like a fangirl, it's great. :P "She's not crazy at all! She's so smart!" And I tried to explain she does come off a lot more nutty in the books, but no, she's not insane, exactly, just...really odd. She's already decided that Remus is The Coolest but she doesn't much care for Tonks. I had to explain that Tonks's role in the movies-- hell, EVERYONE'S role-- has been significantly cut. And by significantly, I mean completely entirely damn it boo hiss.

Re: Kaze Hikaru, the power of leaving books in the bathroom...strikes again. I totally knew that would work. I left volumes 1 and 2 in there FOR A REASON. When you're sitting there, soaking in the tub, books just within reach...and you're bored...and they're there... Oh yeah. I win this round.

-Speaking of books, I want to find The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands again, because that book was a fun read and I want to imitate it for a 'fic or ten just for kicks. But I'll be damned if I want to go out to the garage loft to find it. At least my boxes of books are all together again...but still, it could be in any box. Or even in one of the boxes in the house! LOL. :|

-Oh yes. I have been feeling a bit of a Fire Emblem twitch lately, which is good. I mean, honestly, this break in the HP fandom was probably a really great idea, if only so that I'd feel like writing FE again...even if reviews are scarce in FE-land. But who am I kidding, really? I get more reviews in FEland than in HPland. :| (Because I'm already known, but I digress.)