06 May 2013 @ 05:10 pm
I never update this thing because I suck. Actually, like two people read it and I talk to them on AIM anyway soooo.

Let's see.


1. French class: HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. The professeur has a phD in both French and Spanish. Fun times. She slipped into Spanish a couple of times during the lecture. Which was entirely en français. I understood like 12% of what was going on. Alex kept laughing next to me. I think he was lost, too.

2. I'm moved into the bedroom. Took like three full days to do it, too. I went a whole day without a television, then caved in and brought my brother's old TV inside my room. It's bigger than my old 27" (not by a lot, but it weighs like 100lbs less), but it has tons of lines across the screen. HAHAHAHA. It's hard to see. But whatever. I watch DVDs for background shit anyway.

3. My girls (Tiny & CiCi) are settled in all right.

4. I haven't gotten shit done.

5. My mother suddenly came to the realization that I probably have a long-untreated UTI. This is funny because I've mentioned it like 20 times. Why else would I be running to the bathroom every hour? My backaches have gotten worse, too. And I think I might have an unexplained fever--just a slight one, though. She started flipping out on me saying stuff like I FEEL HORRIBLE I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF FOR NOT FIGURING IT OUT SOONER YOU ARE DRINKING WATER AND-- And I was like, Mother Dear, I did. Like three months ago I went three weeks drinking only water and it didn't help at all. But whatever. Attempt #2.

6. Fanfic ideas out the wazoo and no time to work on them. Uhhm. I'm going to start one for FE7 soon I think. About the tactician. BUT NOT WHAT YOU THINK. Pseudo-spoof of the "kid from the modern world ends up in the game" idea that everyone and their gramma writes. But better. And hopefully funnier. And more realistic. The twist is that they're not from modern-day USA or Europe, but from modern-day Elibe, and they're going into the past because the events that happened in FE7/FE6 are history textbook things. ;P The downside is that it'll probably be in first person.

7. More Than Words has dragged on too long and is now probably one of the worst things I've ever written. Still going to try and finish it. But all future things will be posted to my other account. I think. Unless I panic and change my mind.

8. Rewatching Record of Lodoss War, too, btw. :D