21 May 2012 @ 05:06 pm
Arrrgghhhh. What drives me nuts? People on the chat who want to know how to fix a spreader wheel that won't turn...and then tell me they're not going to pay for stuff to fix it then they end the chat, refuse to accept a re-invite, and leave the site.




If they would give me ONE SECOND TO SAY IT then I WOULD SAY IT. This problem doesn't happen on the phone. Ever. Usually people just ask what it costs. But this lady, argghhh, she drove me insane. She typed up this long ranty thing about how she shouldn't have to pay to do maintenance etc and so on and then just left the chat. I'm like ._. really?

She could have gotten a new axle kit PLUS two new wheels for her spreader but noooo. :|


My other work pet peeve:

"How long do I have to wait to reseed after using your weed killer?"


Or, alternatively, "I have a question about your product." Then they ask an off-the-wall question, but don't mention the product they're wondering about. This is funnier when they ask about a Roundup product but they called in on the Scotts lawn and so I *even answered the phone with, "Thank you for calling Scotts..."


Anyway, I am feeling particularly RAWRRRRR today. 1.) PMSing like whoa, 2.) I WANT A NAP, 3.) I keep dreaming stupid shit. Like my cats dying. Or that I get more cats. I have a lot of cat-related dreams. Also Dave at work is being promoted ARGGHGHHHHHHH. I mean, I'm ecstatic that Julie is getting promoted /o/ because she deserves it and is awesome and creepily nice even if she does hate her job.

It's like. I can't even FEIGN niceness. It's amazing. I get yelled at a lot by old people, who then all apologize to me for being mean. I'm like. Uh. Whatever. But then I have a lot of people who just LOVE me. Old people ask me all the time if I've given my heart to Jesus. (OMG it's sooo funny when I get those calls. They crack me up.)

I have what my sister so kindly dubs "a bitch voice", which means I naturally just sound like a bitch. :B

In other words, I don't sound anything like those cutesy anime characters. Ugh.


Speaking of anime, I'm rewatching Spice & Wolf. Why? Because I promised Neal that when I visit him, we will watch the 2nd season together. So I had to catch up. I finished the first season and I remember why I decided I liked it, now. At first I made fun of the series because Neal said he liked it and it looks SO ridiculous, like your typical hurr durr catgirl type of anime.

But it's not. Yeah. It's totally about economics. Which is kind of cool for an anime.

But my favorite part is that there isn't a ton of TEEHEE LOOK AT THIS STUFF HERE GAIZ scenes. If any, really. And even though Holo is a sneaky ass chica, Lawrence is adorable. Mostly. I think the part I like best about the series, though, is that it's almost a role reversal, but the characters are pretty even-footed. I mean, Holo saves Lawrence a few times, he saves her like, once, but he teaches her all kinds of things she didn't already know. There's a lot of give AND take on both their parts. And some of the scenes are just really great, like when he's going bankrupt and he's walking around asking to borrow change from people to pay off the debt he owes-- but nobody will help him because he's arrogant enough to still be walking around with a woman. I was like, whoa. YEAH. Cause she's well-dressed. That would just look SO bad.

Anyway, TBH Spice and Wolf sort of does give me Fire Emblemy ideas. There is a little bit of fantasy mixed in there, but for the most part, it's just medievalish. And there's the whole "corrupt church" thing going on, too. The only issue I have with that scheme is that it's aggravating to see everyone being portrayed as evil who is a part of a "corrupt religion". Even if you can say a religion has corruption in it, that doesn't mean everyone who is associated with it also evil. I think having a mixed thing makes it a LOT more fascinating, you know?

Like for Fire Emblem, maybe the church of St. Elimine is corrupt, right, but that doesn't make Serra or Lucius evil.