24 May 2013 @ 03:59 pm
Those of you who don't play World of Warcraft can ignore this. ;P

Dalaran-US [Alliance]: Infinite Shadows is recruiting! )
16 May 2013 @ 12:49 pm
World of Warcraft blathering below. You've been warned.

Under a cut. )
15 May 2013 @ 11:17 am
So I finally finished More Than Words. It's kind of mind-blowing, really. I've written chaptered 'fics before but I usually abandon them (oops) or rush to the ending (double oops). This time, I did neither. I think I kind of screwed myself over at one point because I started repeating myself and also, it got bogged down with too many details. (Not as bad as "Crazy" did, but in that same vein.)

I'm currently toying with a couple of ideas. I won't write anything today, I don't think, because I've got other stuff to do, but it's a good planning day.

I already went to the park with Leila, and I'm considering a nap, but only because 1. I am sleepy already, and 2. the breeze coming in the side window is soooo niceeee (when it comes).

In crap news, it's too windy to put the rest of the trusses up on the new garage. We tried yesterday and uhm. They fell. So did the ladders. Was a grand old time.

Time to drag my alts through the raid finder.
25 April 2013 @ 03:34 pm
So I'm tanking dungeons for Doyle, Daniel, and their friend Pack. Whenever I lose aggro and Pack gets it, he yells in a scary-good imitation of Slippy:


Gets me erry time.
10 December 2012 @ 01:04 pm
I tanked a dungeon last night for Neal. Got the dumbest DPS on the planet. His typing is bad but I thought this was a cute uhm...bit.


01 December 2012 @ 04:04 am

you know

I'm not sure why it makes me happy to tank dungeons for my boyfriend.

I mean I love tanking dungeons for other people but.

It's fun to do them for someone you care about, too. ??? I don't know.

He's trying to get used to his old shaman (healer) after not really playing since raiding ICC. His time is so limited that it's hard for him to get much done, buuuut of course I will tank for him whenever I can cause I am baws like that.

...I really need to get to bed. Dx
22 November 2012 @ 10:19 pm
Happy Thanksgiving. :D My family is out Black Friday shopping already. HAHAHA.

So I was sitting here thinking about doing "art", and I decided I wanted to play a cd. And for some reason the thought entered my head that I shouldn't put a cd into my radio/stereo, because it might be too loud and it might wake my grandmother up.

Two huge problems with this.

The first is that she died in 2008.

The second is that I'm living in her apartment.

I have no idea why that thought even crossed my mind. Maybe because it's Thanksgiving and "family time" and all that. I'm not sure. An interesting thought.


That said, I've gotten into RPing again. My Tales of Symphonia friend was looking for another buddy to paragraph-RP with via email and after we goofingly RP'd a bit in WoW together, I decided to give it a try.

This reminds me of the good old days having silly fun RPs with [personal profile] amusetache and [personal profile] sain. <3

Except this is even better because it's easier to do via email I think? I don't know. I'm so out of touch with RP. But I did roll a panda monk to RP...or try. She's gonna be an adventurer and stuff... I really want to draw her.


Speaking of drawing I am so incredibly bored and I will be up late (and I'm too lazy to do the stuff I should be doing). Anybody have a favorite pokemon I can doodle up for them?
30 September 2012 @ 09:32 am

Regarding Mists of Pandaria:




Let's not forget the cute panda guy admiring Ayra or whatever her name is at the start, but by the end I was shipping her with the Horde panda guy instead. Fuckdammit, I have to stop shipping in my mind. Because then I'm like, hmm, what about Sully and Amber? :U

One other thing:

25 September 2012 @ 04:30 am
WoW expansion released tonight. Well, an hour and a half ago.

The second quest is a clusterfuck of 300 people on helicopters all at once. Ugghhh, took me almost thirty minutes to finish the boat-sinking. Fail, Blizz.

And then realm first miner = 1 hour in, realm first herbalist = 1 hour 15min, and realm first fishing = 1.5 hours in.

I didn't even level into Panda fishing before someone snatched realm first. I wouldn't have been able to beat them anyway; I got stuck on that stupid ass quest for way too long.

Bedtime now. Then leveling alts and/or making alts tomorrow maybe.
29 August 2012 @ 02:16 pm
I feel better today. Tiny was much better this morning, and the frustration at WoW is still pretty high, but less. Tolerable? D_G continues to annoy me with the, "you must be new!" bull. Look, I've played this game for MANY YEARS. I'm not one of those scrubs who constantly posts about "bad groups", yet might just suck themselves...and they only started a few months ago. -_- (I mean, God forbid you ever make a mistake, sigh.)

Anyway, so here I am, waiting between classes. I've tried to update WoW, and I did get the addons updated, but the actual client refuses to update. I'll figure it out later. >>

So that left me to peruse Tumblr for well over an hour, which gets dull after a time, and so I'm sitting here minding my own business when YET ANOTHER PERSON asks me where the stairs are. I have been asked this question like 100 times, and if I hadn't accidentally wandered up the stairs in question on my first day, I'd probably have no idea what I was talking about.

So I direct this bro to the stairs, and explain that they are behind a set of doors, because at a glance it looks like I'm just a douchey liar and there are no stairs and I HAVE MADE YOU WALK ALL THAT WAY AHAHA NOW YOU MUST WALK BACK. There's an elevator like two feet away and even though I haaaaate elevators I might end up taking it just to avoid walking up three flights of stairs with a rolling back, a backpack with my laptop in it, and a purse. Though the purse might end up going into the backpack now that I think about it. It's a matter of figuring out how to smash it all in there without making myself feel like I'm carrying even more weight. Yeehaw.

I'm pretty impressed at how many students are brave enough to speak to total strangers; maybe I'm more approachable than I seem? I doubt it, though. I seem to be "last resort" person, if nobody else is around then I'm asked for help hahaha. But it turns out I'm lonely out in this corridor a lot, though Wendy, Doyle and Tim pop by on occasion because we've taken over Oelman Hall for the most part.

Today's schedule is the same as Monday's, but with a lab at the end of the day-- that I don't have until next week. Have I said I don't like science? It's a good thing I took an earthy science course, because that and environmental science are pretty much the only sciences I can stand to deal with/pay attention in/understand.

Fuckdammit I hate elevators. Have I said that yet. But the stairs are so far away. And and and. And. I don't know how I could ever get away with not lifting more than 3-5lbs as per medical restrictions. I mean, the rolling cart what, 35lbs? And then the backpack weighs another uhhh 15, and then I have a purse, too. So yeah. :U

Also it wasn't cold out here earlier, but now it is, so I put a jacket on...and just as I type that someone walks by with a belly shirt on, it just kinda blows my mind. Whaaaaaat even.

Though now that I think about it, with the amount of walking you do in this place, it probably does get pretty hot after a while. My sister was like, they always crank the heat up in the winter, too, so make sure you wear a hoodie with a t-shirt or something underneath. I am okay with this, though I'm pretty sure my hoodie collection consists of like three hoodies and they're all Ohio State/Bengals, i.e., football team hoodies.

I feel vaguely vomit-ish today. :(

Nothing else to say really. Uhmmm... I like seeing the service dogs. They're cute.
28 August 2012 @ 11:14 pm
Today just wasn't a good day.

Realized I need an English book, could not find my sister's copy (hers was wrong edition anyway), had to drive down to Dayton AFTER taking Tiny to the vet and dropping her off to be fixed.

Went to Kohls to find a rolling bag and did find one...for like $250. HELL NO.

Went to WalMart and found a smaller one for $30. It won't fit my laptop in it but I DO NOT CARE. I WILL CARRY IT. I WILL DO ANYTHING BUT CARRY THE BOOKS.

Did homework and took notes. Lots of notes. Did more homework.

Took my mother to the store. Picked up Tiny from the vet.

Tiny jumps all over the fucking place giving me mini heart attacks (flashbacks of what happened to Clara happening to her, too -_- please no I don't need that trouble or worry) and making me crate her. But she's scared of the crate. So I get a dog crate so I don't have to worry about her ripping open her gut while I'm in the shower and when I get out of the shower she is sitting in the litterbox with litter in the food dishes and water and stuck to her nose and all over the blanket and I'm like


So I let her out where she goes under the bed and stays there. She's still there. I think she left for a moment but I haven't seen her do it a second time.

And then I see pretentious jackass shit like this on d_g:

Maybe I'm just already super irritated but I cannot STAND people who are all GET OFF MY LAWN about World of Warcraft. Look, fucker, we don't care if you've played five minutes or ten years-- your opinion does not mean jack shit to me.

I don't have TIME to play WoW much now, and the fact that the game must be COMPLETELY RELEARNED is really getting to me in the most negative way. It almost makes me want to just ragequit. I've played for years and dealt with the pre-Cata patch that was really annoying (FOCUS?! ON MY HUNTER?! WHAR MAH MANA GO?!) but this is just overwhelming. I have glyphs, but they're all the crappy ones. How do you pick talents? And what the fuck does this button do? I'm too stressed out for this. And just generally annoyed. Sob.

And I get up in like six hours. This is so not worth my energy.
18 August 2012 @ 03:22 pm
Dear Barry White,

It started when I was put on hold calling Tier II at work.

Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe was playing. ...I was like...oh God. First, "Business Time" by Flight of the Conchords parodied that song which just amuses me to no end, and second, I immediately got the song stuck in my head for like a month straight.

I thought I was safe.

But then I logged into WoW.

And you were there.

Damn it.

How I feel:
20 July 2012 @ 10:27 am
Someone on my RealID on WoW got me hooked on dual-boxing. >> The funny thing is that my "slave" (i.e., Follow) toon is the one that's out DPSing my "Master" (i.e., Lead) toon. What even.


I'm cleaning all the things today, focusing mostly on laundry because my closet got full to bursting. Now that my sister is moving her stuff out, that gives me another closet to store my crap, so winter stuff will go in one, while summer+pants/etc will go in the other. My underthings and pajamas barely are fitting in the bureau though, how sad. BUT. LUCKILY. MY SISTER MOVED SO HER BUREAU IS NOW MY BUREAU! (This just occurred to me about two seconds ago.)


Tiny is in heat again. I can't wait until I get my compensation check. I don't care if it's just for $100 so long as I can get that cat fixed. She's annoying normally but it gets worse when she's in heat. She spends all day rolling around in my cords knocking my speakers off the desk.

That said, normally she spends her days knocking my ponies off of their shelf. I'll look over and she'll be standing on the bookshelf, her foot sticking all the way out, a sad helpless pony dangling from her claws by its tail.


I found a bunch of Pokémon plushies and stuff that a friend gave me. I hadn't even remembered I had them. o_o They were stuffed into this cute little tote bag with a pokéball on it, too. Hee.


Cleaning cleaning cleaning cleaning. I have to get this done before next WEDNESDAY because that's when Neal will show up, Wednesday night. Arrgghhhh. I have so much work to do. Sob. Sob. Sob. As soon as I'm done with the clothes I'mma run to the store. Busybusy.


I found a cute little meme to rec fic that really "wowed" you so I'll probably do that one later as soon as I can get a huge job off of my checklist.


Watching DBZ as I do my laundry (since it's RARRRRRRRRR SPESHUL BEAM CANONZ for like four episodes in a row, if I walk away I probably didn't miss a damn thing), but while I'm playing WoW I'm rewatching Rose of Versailles. I forgot how different the manga is from the anime, geesh, but it's still good!! Episode 8 is my favorite I think, that appears in the anime but not the manga. Episodes 1 and 2 are yawnworthy.
14 June 2012 @ 11:57 pm
Hey all my WoW buds.


Also. I need a last name for my completely badass dorf lady named Anna. She fucking wrangles bears and shit. Or tames them, whatever.

I need the cutesiest bear name you can imagine, too.

Also, Firefox, I love how "cutesiest" is a word and "badass" is not. Wow. What.
03 March 2012 @ 01:09 am
Uhhh okay so today I was dumb and said I'd go into work tomorrow from 1 to 5. Four hours, no big deal. Also probably barely worth the drive, but still, could use the money, amirite or amirite.

Still playing WoW a bit in my spare time, leveling a DK through battlegrounds. The process is slow and painful, and that's putting it mildly. So much stupidity in bgs. It's faster to just do a dungeon, I swear. But on this account I now have the leather PVP heirloom shoulders AND the leather chest heirloom (for a baby rogue). I figure getting DPS plate isn't worth it since my alts are all uhh not DPS plate wearers and Hecuba is almost level 75.

Here she is looking badass with some 70 PVP gear on.

Her name is from Greek mythology. It was fitting. Sorta.

A third story says that when she was given to Odysseus as a slave, she snarled and cursed at him, so the gods turned her into a dog, allowing her to escape.


They're checking to see if my mother has a carcenoid (sp?) tumor. She has a cyst in her lip, the benign tumor in her liver, but they suspect that she might have the carcenoid also.
18 February 2012 @ 12:42 pm
After being charged for many months on WoW I started to lose track of which account is which. Last month, though, I had only one account still active, but I was still charged despite it being...well, prepaid through February.

When all three accounts are frozen/temp banned, though, I STILL GOT CHARGED THE MONTHLY FEE.

So I called customer support.

Found out that sometime last year I had used my card to pay for a month of time for my brother Doyle (he was between jobs and bored, and what's $15, right?)...and I hadn't gone back in and unselected the whole "subscription" after paying the first $15. So for like six or seven months, his account has been paid for, and





Oh my God I am so mad at myself. -_-
22 January 2012 @ 09:39 pm

(TRIGGER WARNINGS: rape + minor other things) OR post #20 (top post right now)

(Same story, the first is a letter to the douchebag and the second is more of a ramble.)

people like this just piss me off.

so much.

raging so hard right now, my warrior tank will never run out of rage. if she could have put a hoofprint on that asshole's face she would have arggghhh


also fic ideas, thanks guys! will write starting monday~
18 January 2012 @ 12:52 pm
I dreamed a bunch of crossover stuff. Some weird combination of a Fire Emblem 7 novelization but there was a dash of Harry Potter in there because a.) the mages had wands (lol) and b.) I don't remember now but I swear it was very HPish. And then to add in even more confusing there was World of Warcraft.

WTB FE version of WoW? Not sure if want.

Trying to decide if I'd rather rewatch DBZ (starting with Buu saga) or Rose of Versailles (in French). Hmm hmmmmmmm well DBZ is more difficult to track down (Takes up an entire cupboard alone basically)
13 January 2012 @ 03:14 am
I always check LJ before bed AND THEN I CAN'T LEAVE IT.

Either way, this evening I ran some dungeons with Illidont from LJ. Had a blast with the newbies. Met quite a few people from our own realm (one of whom I had just seen on the boat that goes from Stormwind to Darnassas). Tried out burr tanking for the what, third time? Went pretty good, I thought.


The weather's getting crappy. Huzzah. I hate the wintertime.


They got my drug test/background check info back, so I'm good to go for my new job. Which I still have a month until I start. Kind of nervous. I also wonder if I could do it without my teeth in, though the thought of going to work without my teeth in makes me go D: because right now my face looks reminiscent of my old Geometry teacher's face when he had a stroke and half his face was paralyzed. :| One side of my mouth is in a frown all the time. It's kinda a horrible sort of way. :( Though that's probably partially due to yet another acne outbreak. :| I just can't win.

I was never afraid of growing old. Just of getting ugly. Stupid, I know. But I don't like feeling ugly. I was okay with feeling average, or not pretty but okay, but not ugly. Without teeth, I do feel ugly. But it's not like I can get them back. They're gone.

And I still have no idea what's wrong with my mouth. I must have eaten something or...something. Upon close inspection I saw there were like canker sores all over the back and sides of my tongue (just where it attaches in the back, so that every time I moved my tongue it hurt, and swallowing food hurt because it all touched the sores across the back/top). Anyway. Benedryl and stuff seems to have helped... I don't think they were canker sores. But who knows. They better not come back though.

If my tongue feels okay tomorrow maybe I'll try wearing my teeth again.
11 January 2012 @ 07:17 pm
Herp derp.

World of Warcraft. Deleted a couple of Horde toons that I didn't think I'd play anymore (Chevis and Francoise) and instead made a couple of ally toons.

I really liked Chevis, I liked his personality and his background/history I made for him. Buuut I don't RP all that much and I didn't wanna play alone Horde-side. It's dull. And I was always an Alliance person at heart, anyway.

So my new alts are Aanya the draenei warrior and Sora the night elf mage.

I debated for FOREVER about the mage. When I got the name Sora I was super excited, but I couldn't decide what race to make her. On one hand, I adore draenei. On the other hand...I miss my human mages! And on yet ANOTHER hand... I actually had something of a convincing story for a night elf mage.

Sooo I ended up going with night elf. On my 3rd account I have a worgen mage (named Deborah). And I have Nicholle horde-side as a blood elf mage... My first ever mage was Pyrefly the human mage. I miss her a ton. Her name is now July since she had to change servers. If I wasn't broke I would move her to Wyrmrest Accord...except that I can't stand the thought of having to come up with a new name, anyway. And I'm out of character slots there, so. Hahahaha.