07 December 2012 @ 12:47 pm
So I am here to pimp a couple of 'fics:

The Noble Spice and One of Us.

The first one is a finished four-piece (rather short) piece that's just...ahhh amazing. It's not very shippy but it's so well-done I guarantee everyone will like it who reads it I JUST GUARANTEE IT AHHH.

The second one is more blatantly shippy and the author loves "Da Cutes" so there's that. But it's fun.

Both are TALES OF SYMPHONIA fics, and both are Regal/Raine. If you're sorta "meh" on the pairing I still suggest reading the first of them. It's so good. I almost cried because they hadn't written another fic. LOL.


PS. Exam was...okay. :/