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I command you. It's sad as shit but it's sooo gooood.

PS. Kender wrote it it's great you must read it it's great.






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All right, so while I'm working on a couple more HP fics, I'm reading along in the Tonks/Remus section of FFN. Made it to page 75 (I'm working backward). Found this 'fic:

Which I have to say is the BEST portrayal of Remus's internal conflict *AND* the best portrayal of both Sirius AND Molly that I've ever seen. So I'll rec it here in case anyone is interested.

Everyone tends to gloss over Sirius, or they make him silly/funny/cutesy. But let's face it: he's had a rough decade+ and he's not entirely sane if the books are any indication. Not that he's clean off his rocker, but he's certainly not 110% there, if that makes any sense.

And he's certainly not all up in Matchmaker Cupid-land. Not saying he wouldn't try, I guess if he was bored enough he might, but it wouldn't be some kind of gigglefest oh-how-cute-and-silly-this-is kind of crap, because let's face it, this is Sirius. And he is not all right. Nobody is, I suppose, by the time the fifth or sixth book comes around, but Sirius is definitely...worse off than most of the others.


ALSO related but not entirely so:

Re: Patronuses.

The one main characters whose patronus form is unknown is Remus. (Sirius as well IIRC but he never uses one. Maybe he doesn't know how or he just doesn't have to, but.) Either way, we know that Tonks's is a werewolf (by the end, though it does change from 'something else', common speculation is a chameleon but I like other thoughts better), Harry's is a stag like his father's, Kinglsey's is a lynx, Dumbledore's is a phoenix, blah blah blah. I have other thoughts, like I'm 99.9% sure Molly's HAS to be a hen, I mean come on it fits too well, but I actually have a thought about Remus's.

I think he can't make one.

I KNOW RIGHT WHAT EVEN. Because everyone tries to make his patronus a werewolf. The one thing about himself he HATES. Sure, Tonks's patronus mimics Remus when she's in love with him, but Remus obviously hates that about himself so I have trouble imagining he'd have a werewolf patronus. And in the third book he says himself that "quite the opposite, actually" when Harry mentions the dementors, indicating that Remus is actually quite bad at driving back dementors when there is more than one. I believe this is just foreshadowing to give away the fact that Remus is a werewolf and has so few happy memories that driving back a group of dementors would be hard, but let's face it, maybe he doesn't have a memory strong enough to conjure a corporeal patronus!

I like that idea and I think I'll run with it. I haven't seen it yet in any of the fics I've read. His corporeal patronus when it's mentioned in a 'fic is ALWAYS a werewolf, probably because of the whole Lily had a doe and so did Snape thing.

Which cracks me up because nobody really knows what Snape's patronus is but Snape and Dumbledore. (In the end, Harry as well.) But imagining Snape saying that Tonks's patronus looks "weak" is just a laugh when Snape's is a doe...and also mimics someone he loves. WTF. But we all know Snape hates Remus so that's probably got something to do with it.

Speaking of, there was a fic where Snape was jelly of Remus getting Tonks. I was like...wait what. It didn't make a lot of sense on THAT level. But on a GENERAL level, i.e., being upset that Remus did get to fall in love while he didn't get to be with the person he loved, is actually something that makes a lot of sense. Imagine hating people all your life and then in the end THEY are happy and you're still not. It would kind of suck a lot.
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I'm posting too much all of a sudden, aren't I?

Well, I come bearing a 'fic rec.

Here it is: The Wise and the Lovely

Before you click that, know two things:

1.) Harry Potter 'fic.
2.) It's about Tonks and Remus.

That said, don't let that stop you. If you've read Harry Potter, I have to rec that 'fic to you. It's seriously the best thing I've read in the fandom so far. Best thing. It's been a long time since I've felt a physical ache and nearly shed some legit tears reading fanfiction. It was written so well, and felt so in character to me, that I think I'll be thinking about it for a long time to come.

I mean, what do you even say in a review to a story like that? I tried to say something good, 'cause I'm usually pretty horrid at reviewing well, and this story deserves a standing ovation or something.

I mean, the fact that Sirius isn't forgotten about the moment the sixth book starts is one of many great things about that story. There's even poetry references. And did I mention the characters felt in character? Because shit son, not very many authors seem to pin Remus or Tonks down how I imagine them, but this came really close, especially for Tonks. She might be young--er than Remus-- but she's not a flippant silly little girl, and I wish people would stop writing her that way.
31 January 2012 @ 02:53 am

Note: I'm not really up into any crack pairings (sorry!) because they just don't rock my boat for this series, but most of these are romance or gen, sometimes friendship, blah blah, canon pairings and et cetera. I also have quite a few happier/cute stories favorited, which is good. And there are some excellent authors as well.

Alsooooo I have only been reading 'fics for, well, less than a month, so I don't have a wide variety yet! I might keep adding to this post, or I might make a new one when I have a bunch more, I'm not sure yet.

Under a cut due to length. )

And now for some art recs!!

Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione

Ron and Hermione

Tonks and Remus

Ron and Hermione

James, Lily, Sirius, Remus

Fleur in her wedding dress

Lily and Severus in their first year

Severus in love ;_;

Severus and Harry (the scene where he says "Look at me" right before he dies. ;__; ALL THE TEARS. This is worth a look.)

Severus trying to apologize to Lily

Severus and Lily and school (this is fucking adorable, no lie.)
23 January 2012 @ 03:14 am
I finished Harry Potter, by the way. Last night. I will probably post thoughts on it when I wake up again, but it probably won't be too long. Not sure I can ramble forever without jumping the train tracks a few billion times, hahaha.

I have no idea where I found this link, but here is a cute story about the perfume that Ron gives Hermione in whatever book that was. (So tired I can't remember, they all blended together...)

So tired, but

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