03 January 2013 @ 12:38 pm
I don't really feel like doing an "end of the year" meme or anything. Welcome to 2013, don't forget to remember to write 2013 on things. I'm still catching myself writing 2007 on stuff for no real reason. -_-

For Christmas my sister and brother-in-law + parents got me:
-the zebra hat of awesome
-$50 Kindle giftcard
-$75 Kohls gift card (which is great, I desperately need pants that fit!)
-a few cute zebra shirts!
-a case of soda

And then Neal's parents got me some chocolate and a $100 bill. Which kind of blew my mind.

The first year my family's had Christmas in FOREVER. I mean years. It wasn't a big one but it was pretty awesome. I love gift cards; the whole "it says you don't know what to get" might be right but fuck that shit. I think they're super useful!


Uhmmmm...I need to get writing. But. Lazy. Maybe tomorrow after I go to the store and get some coffee I'll get some writing done.

Shit to write:

-fic for the exchange (still struggling with this, yes)
-update erik/lyn/kent fic
-update Canon because some cute scrub on ffn asked me to MORE THAN ONCE
-ToS fic (I have a few ideas)


I'm super excited for my classes this semester. I think they'll be great. :D I'll have to study French harder's definitely a weakness for me. Bleh.

First book to read for ENG2040? "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac. Hmm.
03 January 2013 @ 12:34 am
Neal went home. I feel better knowing I'll have time to write and stuff. He was here for 10 days. My socializing quota has been met for the next two months.

We had a bit of a fight earlier today but all is resolved now. I might talk about that more in a later entry; it was such a rollercoaster day.

Instead I thought I'd share this cute story with you guys.

So when Neal left this evening (after my raid), he left something in my apartment for me to find. He wasn't gone very long before my sister decided that she would help me look for it. He told Wendy that it would be in a really obvious spot, I couldn't possibly miss it. So we look everywhere and FINALLY, Wendy finds it pillow. -_-

Pictures under cut. )