23 December 2011 @ 02:34 am
Funny thing is, one of the more recent entries here was about LJ drama. It didn't fall through. In the end, though, I suppose you never know. If you knew me a year ago, this journal has the same layout as I had back then on LJ (the Kent/Lyn one). I kind of missed it, so I'm not sad to see it still in existence somewhere. :P

That said, I backed up my LJ a long, long time ago and have NO intention of doing so again. I am CONSIDERING wiping this journal and starting fresh (with no entries), but we'll see. LJ drama go!

Edited to say: There is no mass deletion or even MULTIPLE ENTRY deletion tool. So it looks like I'm stuck with my...thousand entries. LMAO. That said, I deleted all my tags to make my life easier.