10 May 2012 @ 07:25 pm
Oh lookit me, all full of opinions and stuff today!

Check out the latest CafeMom dramafest/discussion post:

Breastfeeding. Oh joy.

I'm sorry, but. No. Just no.

1.) That kid looks like he's 5-7 years old, not 3.
2.) 3 is too old to breastfeed IMO.
3.) That poor kid, that magazine will embarrass the fuck out of him later in life.
4.) You take away your child's blankie when they get too old for it, you get them to quit sucking their thumb because they are too old for it. SO WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT BREAST-FEEDING?

Even a 2-year-old should be eating table food. And if you can't get your child to eat table food IDK what the fuck to tell you.

Sorry, I'm 110% against nursing your baby as long as they want to do it. -_- In fact, I'm extremely creeped out by 10-year-olds who are still being breastfed.