08 February 2012 @ 07:52 pm
Uhhh, let's get some thoughts and opinions about this article:

About a teacher who gets her job back after she's fired due to a rather callous remark made on Facebook.


Now maybe it's just me, and maybe I'm a heartless bitch, but holy fuck, I wouldn't want that horrid bitch teaching my children. Who the fuck thinks it's okay to even THINK something like, "I hate their guts", let alone suggest that letting them all die would be a relief because she hates them? That woman has no right to even be AROUND children, let alone in a position of authority teaching them.

Burned out or not, IT'S NOT OKAY TO SAY THAT. It's definitely not okay to post it on Facebook! I love how the first however-many comments are defending her. "Ohh she's just burned out."

Yeah, because when my cousin's mother said, "I hate you," to her son she was just "burned out". No, she was a fucking horrible bitch, that's what. And she also had NO RIGHT to be around children.

I'm just horrified and shocked that people in those positions are a.) stupid enough, and b.) immature enough to react to kids in that manner.

She added: 'It’s a witch hunt. 'I like my job. I’m good at it. That’s all they should worry about.'

THEY ARE FUCKING LITTLE CHILDREN. ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH. And no, you are not good at your job if you get on Facebook and post things wishing your students would die and saying you hate them. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WOMAN. GROW THE FUCK UP.

I don't even love children, but /I would never do that/. EVER. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS.
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05 January 2012 @ 08:34 pm
Basically, if someone tells you that a word is offensive to them, stop saying it. It's that simple.

I mean, people make jokes about saying shit like, "See what I mean?" in front of a blind guy, but that's pretty much the point of getting people to stop saying offensive terms. I'm sorry, but if I were blind, people purposefully saying stuff like, "See what I mean?" would grate on my nerves extremely fast. The third time I heard it, my fist would be knocking their teeth out.

Sometimes offensive terms/sayings aren't quite so obvious, though.

So when someone points them out, a polite response is really all that's required-- whether or not you change how you speak/act/feel is entirely up to you. Nobody can MAKE you change.
05 January 2012 @ 08:32 pm
This person is a serious fucking douche. For the first time since coming to this site, I've put a note on their account reminding me that they are, well, seriously assholeish.

Really? REALLY? "Ret-tard" is not a creative insult for a "retribution paladin". It just makes you look like a huge asshat because you feel the need to pound that statement into this person. Were they a dick for rolling on gear they didn't really need? Over people who did? Yeah. They were.

But that's not license to be an asshole yourself-- not even to other assholes.

Flashing fucking neon sign here: THEY'RE not hurt by being called a "ret-tard". You know. The people you're angry at? Yeah. They're not hurt.

Now, I'm not usually the type to jump on people for their language. People I know IRL who use the word/phrase "retarded" usually get a look. "That's gay" gets an even sterner look. I mean, FFS, this shit has been made really obvious on and offline for years.

Fuck. When I was like, 15 my friends and I said, "Okay, we're going to stop saying, "That's gay", and, "That's retarded". It's a horrible habit, it's insulting and hurtful to other people. If one of us says it, someone else needs to slap them." Twenty slaps down the road, and we were cured of our bad speech.

I know terms like "Huntard" are pretty popular in-game, and I try to overlook them most of the time. I know a lot of people don't really make the connection.

But here's the thing: When you play with:

a.) An idiot
b.) An asshole
c.) A clueless noob

And you call them "retarded" (either via saying "you're retarded" or by calling them a "huntard" or a "ret-tard") or gay? You are essentially saying that being retarded (mentally handicapped) or gay makes you:

a.) an idiot
b.) an asshole
c.) a clueless noob

Aaaand last time I checked, mentally handicapped people (those under all classifications/who consider themselves or relatives/friends as such) and homosexuals were none of those things. They are, well...uhhhh...people. Human. With feelings and shit. I mean, how can someone forget that?

And then people point at shit like, Tales of Symphonia or Fire Emblem 9/10 and say, "Oh, the racism/ist-attitude isn't very realistic/it doesn't make sense", when we see SUCH SIMILAR ASSHATTERY IN OUR EVERYDAY LIVES.

I mean, for fuck's sake-- there are just too many people out there who think that if you're gay/bi/pan/whatever/mentally handicapped/a different nationality/a different religion/no religion/etc, that you're less than human. Now you tell me that if there were other races-- completely different races/types of people-- in the real world, that we wouldn't be fucking horrible to them as a collective whole?

That's what I thought.

Now I'm not saying that I expect everyone to RIGHT NOW stop saying offensive things. I mean, I do agree that some terms probably shouldn't be universally banned as "offensive"-- the Internet likes to try and control these things a bit much. I'm sure their hearts are in the right place, but they really need to also embrace Individualism on some level.

For example:

I don't find the term "lame" to be offensive. I've heard it my WHOLE LIFE. And I researched the shit out of horses and read so many books about the Oregon Trail/Wild West that I knew that "lame" also meant, "ruined" or "broken". (i.e., a lame horse is one who limps/can't walk, usually due to a broken leg or something.) It's in the Bible, too.

But I never really said, "That's lame!" and connected it, in any way to lame horses or human beings. I guess in my book, they were two completely different things.

I don't personally find the term offensive, but some people might! I mean, some disabled people hate to be called "disabled". Some prefer "handicapped", other prefer "handicapable". Some hate the term "crippled". It's really a huge personal thing.

But IMO people on both sides need to learn to calm the fuck down sometimes. If you jump on my back and tell me a word I've used all my life is offensive? It's a shock, first of all, and that's if I even believe that what you're telling me is the truth. Secondly, Patience goes a long way-- if you're going to critique a story, you are supposed to explain what the problem is and how to fix it, so saying, "you're being a dick by saying that," really just makes you look like a dick because you're not explaining why that's offensive. WHY doesn't a comma go there? WHY don't I need to explain where X is going? WHY IS THAT WORD OFFENSIVE?

Because-- GASP-- what is really fucking obvious to you MIGHT NOT BE OBVIOUS TO OTHER PEOPLE. WHOA. WHAT? NO WAI!

I know, right? Who would have thought? I get tired of this "mind reading" bullshit I keep seeing. People can't read your bloody mind, guys. It's just as bad as the stupid Fire Emblem Anon Meme-- people say they don't like a character/ship/author's fics, but they don't say why. People assume the worst (ass out of u and me, of course) and jump on them. There is dogpiling, and QQing, and people defriending. Some blame splashes onto everyone.

So. See someone saying something douchey?

Tell them in as nice a way as you can that it's an offensive word and they might want to edit. If you're not a mod, don't insist that they edit. Link to rules if you must. Make yourself clear. Don't attack them personally.

However, if they continue to act like a dick, like the above-linked bullshitter:

Dear people who want to complain about ablist language. I bet you use sexist, classist or racist insults daily without even noticing. Lousey? Nappy headed?
Yup. you're guilty.

^What kind of asshole edit is that? But if their reply is pretty much that? Then insult them all you want give it up. YOU CAN'T WIN. (I hear Star Fox 64 in my head when I say that.)

I mean, we can't make everybody change, guys. We can't eliminate every "ist" word that appears, that someone, somewhere considers an "ist" word. "Silly" and "Crazy"? I doubt those will ever truly go out of style, but some people consider them "ist" words.

I think a little Meet in the Middle is in order, though. Start small. Work your way up. Jumping all over everyone for every other word they say? Is just going to make them want to kill you. You will be as bad as those idiots who verbally correct your use of the English language in public/in front of your boy/girlfriends/etc, because you said "was" instead of "were". I don't like those people.

But a kind side of, "Oh, did you know that word is pretty hurtful to a lot of people? Might wanna consider using it less." works wonders. Trust me. Pick your battles wisely, etc etc. <--Always good advice. You can't fight two battles at once. ;)

That said, I love how some people want to eliminate every other word in the English language, but think it's TOTALLY OKAY to talk about legitimate phobias in front of other people who have them. Because it's lolsofunny or something. Sorry, it's not. If I had a needle phobia and you came up to me and started talking all about getting a shot in vivid detail just to be a prick? I would fucking deck you in the face.

But what does this all boil down to?

Treat others how THEY want to be treated.

I'm not all pro-active about shit, guys. (Unless it's annoying the fuck out of the Fire Emblem fandom by "pushing all the good fics off the front page".)

But I worked around a mentally handicapped guy who was in his 50s who a.) got really angry, and b.) cried, when he so much as HEARD the word "retard". And we were working at Subway. Where the bread goes in the "retard" and the bread is "being retarded" in there. <--official terms, but we just said "walk-in cooler" after we learned the term hurt the guy.

I mean, how many times had he been hurt in his life by that word? Sticks and stones my ass-- sometimes words can be a powerful weapon. And people. Just. Forget that. All the time.
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