15 October 2012 @ 07:48 pm
Okay a real update this time!!

Re: The history exam. That was seriously no mistake, I got the essay with the grade on it back and she scribbled fun comments in there, and said, "This is quite good. I like the way you refer back to evidence from the Mellor book." Hee. I knew re-reading that book one last time right before class would win me points! YES!! This professor is seriously the coolest ever. Also, she curved three points, so I had a 99% before the curve. :D ...I did at one point in the essay write "Greece" instead of "Rome" but she knew what I meant. Phew!

Re: English/Analysis. I'm not sure how I'm doing here. Uhmm...I mean, I did better than Random Bitch in my class, whose paper has to be completely redone, so yay. (I overheard this on the way out and it seriously made my day. Dat's what you get for gossiping about other people and boring the rest of the class before it starts.) I have to get my rough draft for my TV analysis done by Wednesday.

Re: Dynamic Earth...I wish she'd post the scores already!! I'm sure I didn't get an A--I distinctly remember mixing two things up. But I think I got a B. I hope. /sob


Last week I took my brother down to the Dayton Art Institute and we hung out there for a while. He had to write a paper on a piece of ancient art.

I found this and it was my favorite piece:

Seriously though, that place is inspiring and I suck at art! :D


I made my brother pay me back in pop tarts. I now have a giant box of pop tarts. Best day ever.
18 February 2012 @ 12:42 pm
After being charged for many months on WoW I started to lose track of which account is which. Last month, though, I had only one account still active, but I was still charged despite it being...well, prepaid through February.

When all three accounts are frozen/temp banned, though, I STILL GOT CHARGED THE MONTHLY FEE.

So I called customer support.

Found out that sometime last year I had used my card to pay for a month of time for my brother Doyle (he was between jobs and bored, and what's $15, right?)...and I hadn't gone back in and unselected the whole "subscription" after paying the first $15. So for like six or seven months, his account has been paid for, and





Oh my God I am so mad at myself. -_-