28 November 2012 @ 08:58 am
Hey buddies. Pals.


Who speaks French and has a little free time to help a bro??

I have this stupid skit to do next Saturday (not in a few days, next week), and I have the English version done, but not the French. going to attempt to translate with my sister today, but we need someone who actually knows what they're doing to look it over and help with corrections. We have one day to practice with our partner--she's only on campus on Saturdays-- and it has to be finished by Saturday so she has the week to practice by herself.

...I honestly am not prepared for this and I suspect most of the class isn't, either, but yeah. It has to be right.

Aaaaaaaaaanybody??? :( I will write you a fic or draw you shitty art??? (wait that's like...turning people away WAIT COME BACK.)