16 October 2012 @ 11:24 pm
Today's update:

-Ann (my grandmother on my dad's side) is in the ICU, she has pneumonia. They're thinking she might not live much longer. For the past couple of years she's really been struggling with her health; this isn't expected but I can't help but feel bad for my grandfather. If Ann dies, that will be his second wife dying before him. That's sad.

-I picked up crocheting again. Yay.

-Tomorrow is a midterm for my science times. :U

-I'm still feeling pumped about history. I want to take allllll the history classes ever. Now.

-In Tales of Symphonia I'm parked outside of Ozette. Mostly because I'm taking notes and also because it's fucking depressing and I can't deal with that at this moment. Maybe on Thursday. This is one of the darkest things I ever have seen in a viddya game. Gahhh.