13 January 2012 @ 03:14 am
I always check LJ before bed AND THEN I CAN'T LEAVE IT.

Either way, this evening I ran some dungeons with Illidont from LJ. Had a blast with the newbies. Met quite a few people from our own realm (one of whom I had just seen on the boat that goes from Stormwind to Darnassas). Tried out burr tanking for the what, third time? Went pretty good, I thought.


The weather's getting crappy. Huzzah. I hate the wintertime.


They got my drug test/background check info back, so I'm good to go for my new job. Which I still have a month until I start. Kind of nervous. I also wonder if I could do it without my teeth in, though the thought of going to work without my teeth in makes me go D: because right now my face looks reminiscent of my old Geometry teacher's face when he had a stroke and half his face was paralyzed. :| One side of my mouth is in a frown all the time. It's kinda a horrible sort of way. :( Though that's probably partially due to yet another acne outbreak. :| I just can't win.

I was never afraid of growing old. Just of getting ugly. Stupid, I know. But I don't like feeling ugly. I was okay with feeling average, or not pretty but okay, but not ugly. Without teeth, I do feel ugly. But it's not like I can get them back. They're gone.

And I still have no idea what's wrong with my mouth. I must have eaten something or...something. Upon close inspection I saw there were like canker sores all over the back and sides of my tongue (just where it attaches in the back, so that every time I moved my tongue it hurt, and swallowing food hurt because it all touched the sores across the back/top). Anyway. Benedryl and stuff seems to have helped... I don't think they were canker sores. But who knows. They better not come back though.

If my tongue feels okay tomorrow maybe I'll try wearing my teeth again.
10 January 2012 @ 01:26 am
So I come home and my sister is sleeping in the upstairs bedroom. She kicked out my cats. She also kicked out my litterbox, and THREW THE LITTERBOX RUG INTO THE GARBAGE OUTSIDE.


AND MY 2ND LITTERBOX. I hardly think it's prudent to have three cats and then have two litterboxes IN THE SAME ROOM. How does that EVEN MAKE SENSE. And of course she put the 2nd litterbox RIGHT NEXT TO THE FOOD DISHES. Will tear her head off tomorrow night when I see her again. rage rage rage


I'm...sorta starting to worry about the inside of my mouth. I mean, I have an earache in both ears, and my throat feels swollen, and my entire tongue hurts. You know how like, you get those little canker sores from eating too many tomatoes? It feels like it's COVERED IN THEM. Except it's not. Or maybe it is. I can't tell. :( Tongues are so ugly ALL the time.

Either way I now have glorious earaches and eating hurts really bad. :(

And then I read that your tongue can grow bigger if you have no teeth and don't wear dentures. Well, that would explain a lot. Because without my dentures on, and my tongue laying in its normal /comfortable place, it literally is sitting right on top of my gums. Which also explains why I always bite it if I wear dentures and take a nap. :|

But that doesn't explain how all the pain at the back of my tongue is happening. Maybe i should take some Benedryl just to make sure it's not a
08 January 2012 @ 05:59 pm
So, Friday I had to put in my teeth for my interview. I didn't want to, of course, but there's nothing like showing up with a saggy mouth to an interview to get you, well, not hired, so I glued the suckers in there and went.

The problem with putting dentures in is that they can't come out for at least 6 hours. By that I mean, once they're stuck with the Fixodent, they're fixed there. In place. Until the Fixodent starts to wear off. Which takes...hours. Sometimes only six, but usually closer to 12-16 for the upper.

So I had a headache, took an Excedrin, dealt with it...etc etc. Took a nap. Woke up feeling kind of terrible.

When I went back to sleep, I didn't bother to take the dentures out because even 16 hours later the top was fastened in, and I've made my mouth bleed by ripping them out before (not my brightest shining moment, that).

I couldn't sleep. HOURS passed, and I couldn't sleep. My mouth hurt so bad. I finally gave up and ripped the top one out. (The bottom was sorta loose but believe me when I say you don't want the bottom one not in and the top one in. It's awkward.)

Two days later and the muscles under my tongue are in freaking agony. It's not even funny. The inside of my gum line on the bottom is raw and the top left corner is also raw. Holy crap this hurts. I'm going to have to somehow get these temp dentures fixed... Not sure how, because there isn't much they can do with temp ones; they're only supposed to last a year at's been, what, 9 months?

The thought of taking phone calls with my teeth in makes me want to puuuuuke. I won't be able to move my tongue, though, if I don't do something about them. :/