06 May 2013 @ 05:10 pm
I never update this thing because I suck. Actually, like two people read it and I talk to them on AIM anyway soooo.

Let's see.


1. French class: HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. The professeur has a phD in both French and Spanish. Fun times. She slipped into Spanish a couple of times during the lecture. Which was entirely en français. I understood like 12% of what was going on. Alex kept laughing next to me. I think he was lost, too.

2. I'm moved into the bedroom. Took like three full days to do it, too. I went a whole day without a television, then caved in and brought my brother's old TV inside my room. It's bigger than my old 27" (not by a lot, but it weighs like 100lbs less), but it has tons of lines across the screen. HAHAHAHA. It's hard to see. But whatever. I watch DVDs for background shit anyway.

3. My girls (Tiny & CiCi) are settled in all right.

4. I haven't gotten shit done.

5. My mother suddenly came to the realization that I probably have a long-untreated UTI. This is funny because I've mentioned it like 20 times. Why else would I be running to the bathroom every hour? My backaches have gotten worse, too. And I think I might have an unexplained fever--just a slight one, though. She started flipping out on me saying stuff like I FEEL HORRIBLE I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF FOR NOT FIGURING IT OUT SOONER YOU ARE DRINKING WATER AND-- And I was like, Mother Dear, I did. Like three months ago I went three weeks drinking only water and it didn't help at all. But whatever. Attempt #2.

6. Fanfic ideas out the wazoo and no time to work on them. Uhhm. I'm going to start one for FE7 soon I think. About the tactician. BUT NOT WHAT YOU THINK. Pseudo-spoof of the "kid from the modern world ends up in the game" idea that everyone and their gramma writes. But better. And hopefully funnier. And more realistic. The twist is that they're not from modern-day USA or Europe, but from modern-day Elibe, and they're going into the past because the events that happened in FE7/FE6 are history textbook things. ;P The downside is that it'll probably be in first person.

7. More Than Words has dragged on too long and is now probably one of the worst things I've ever written. Still going to try and finish it. But all future things will be posted to my other account. I think. Unless I panic and change my mind.

8. Rewatching Record of Lodoss War, too, btw. :D
23 April 2013 @ 01:47 am
Okay sooo things.

1. Finals are over.
2. Got a 76 on my science final. YUCK. I knew I'd do badly, though. No curve at all because the class averaged a 70. >< Bastards!
3. There goes my 4.0. It was nice knowing you, perfect GPA. /waves handkerchief
4. 87% on my French interview.
5. Not sure if I want to know how I did on my French final though. Eek.
6. I keep dreaming that people are ordering boneless hot wings and eating them without me. I get so pissed in my dreams over it, too. It's like I'm catching my husband cheating on me, but no, it's just a friend cheating on me with hot wings and not sharing WTF.
7. I am so hungry for boneless wings. BBQ would be good, too. Damn.
01 April 2013 @ 03:12 am
/spams journal

Things that are scary in the dark:
1. black cats
2. stairs

These two things combined are call heart attacks and/or broken legs.


So apparently my sister and brother-in-law are moving back in permanently this summer. Like that's not enough irritation for me:

1. My mother has promised to rent them the upstairs. Wait--the upstairs, but I thought YOU lived there, Manna! I DO.

DID. I GUESS I NEED TO MOVE BACK INTO ONE ROOM. This is okay because, well, I haven't paid rent in a long time, so why should I get a dining room/kitchen/living room to myself? So I'm going to the bedroom and they're getting everything else.

Except they want to remodel??? So this means they'll be sleeping in, you guessed it, the dining room! WHICH MEANS HOW THE FUCK CAN I USE THE BATHROOM IN THE MORNING?! I refuse to use the downstairs bathroom it is disgusting all the time because only men use it.

END OF STORY. We will have to come up with a compromise. Too many people like to sleep naked.

2. They're getting a dog. WHY THE FUCK DO THEY NEED A DOG WHEN WE HAVE LEILA? Nobody knows. Wendy has these dreams of this random dog being a therapy dog but she doesn't know anything about dogs?? And she can't even take care of herself so IDK how she's gonna take care of a dog. HOWEVER, this fucking dog is going NOWHERE NEAR MY CATS. NO. And she should be more concerned about HER cat--because when I move into that one room with my two cats, HER CAT IS NOT MINGLING WITH MINE. EVER.

3. What will I do with all my stuff??????????? If I'd have known they were moving BACK IN I would NOT have bought like five bookshelves and BROUGHT IN MY ENTIRE BOOK COLLECTION. Also just to spite Wendy I am taking the sewing desk. If I wanted to be really horrible I'd take my coffee makers and my microwave and everything else but I guess I'm not that mean. THE HEATER IS STILL MINE THOUGH if they can afford rent they can buy their own heater.

4. I literally have three desks but my douchiness demands that I keep them all. Especially my grandmother's desk. This leaves Wendy and Tim with NO DESKS. I am okay with this. /bad sister

5. I'm leaving them the shit couch. :D

6. I have to take my old 900000lb TV. And the whole entertainment centre. I'm tempted to throw the centre out. Honestly. But I don't have a TV stand. -_- The thought of hooking all my shit back up to that TV makes me want to scream but I won't have satellite hookup anymore when I move so whatever.

7. I'm taking my pictures, my mirrors, my clocks, and gosh dammit I want the paintings too but I have nowhere to hang them in that bedroom so I guess they stay. Doilies will come with me though FUCK THAT NOISE THEY ARE MINE even if I have to pack them away.

God I hate this. Moving like one room over is too stressful. I hate wooden floors and that floor is uneven so ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff dammit I have finals to think about I REFUSE TO THINK ABOUT DOING ANY WORK UNTIL FINALS ARE OVER.


8. OH DID I MENTION SHE'S TALKING ABOUT HAVING A BABY?????????????????? NO I'm sorry but if you can't even control yourself regarding ANYTHING in day to day life YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A BABY.


When can I graduate with my license so I can teach, then I can move in to the tiny horse farm down the street. The old people who own it can't work it anymore.
01 April 2013 @ 01:18 am
Soooo my fridge died.

It was sad.

Everything melted in the freezer. At first we though the air was blocked but obviously if everything in the freezer melted that is not the case and my father suspects the thing has just...kind of died. Well it was like 15 years old it had a good life.

(I will try to save it anyway. I CAN'T BELIEVE MY ICE CREAMS MELTED. Oh well.)

04 March 2013 @ 08:18 am
Yesterday my mother woke me up for church by yelling "HEY!" in my living room/bedroom. I did this funky flail/jumping thing on my bed that she is still laughing about. I blame the fact that my dream was about Honda and the line stopped and I needed something from the other end of the assembly line so I ran down to the end and I was like GOTTA HURRY BEFORE THE LINE STARTS BACK UP!! And then she scared the shit out of me. For some reason the assembly line looked like the halls of the basement in my old elementary school. So. Uh. Who knows.

I went to bed earlier than normal last night before school is back in session now. (Booo can't believe break is over already!) Then I woke up at 7:30am without an alarm.

My ears hurt like hell though. I swear stress makes them hurt worse. I didn't have a moment's peace all week and it's really starting to bother me.

Sigh. Oh well.
14 February 2013 @ 10:49 pm

1. Neal got me some stuff. <3
2. Neal's flying in tomorrow. I'm making him play FE7 of course. Weeee.
3. I cut my hair again. (Bangs.)
4. I told Neal he could take the bed and I'd take the couch this time because the couch is evil death trap-worthy and the bed is nicer and he got all NOOOOO I CAN'T DO THAAAT and I was like uhh yes you can and he was like hahaha let's share and I was like hah and he was like just kidding and then I rolled my eyes and was like no you're not and he got indignant and was like your parents would shoot me through the floor okay and i was like yep

I think I won.

Also, me making the bed netted me a monster and a demon. The monster initially shoved the entire top sheet off the bed because she knows I never use a top sheet (or whatever it's called) because sheets are cold and I hate them.

But then they both came to play.

14 February 2013 @ 01:06 pm
Ughhh taxes. Yet again, a company has paid the CITY I live in instead of the SCHOOL DISTRICT I live in! Now I gotta sit on the phone all damn day to try and get a hold of someone to straighten this out, or I'll owe $120 to my school district.

(I live in the country so I don't pay city tax.)

Okay so I got through. Now I gotta pay the $120 and then get a refund back for the city. Damn it, this is a huge pain in the ass. Whatever.
29 January 2013 @ 04:34 pm
Pretty sure i promised some Farina meta at one point or another. I'll uhm...get on that.

/shuffles away

So far I just kind of want to fling myself off of the Medical Sciences building at school because I am horrid at French. I'm pretty sure most of the class failed that last exam.

I have a science exam tomorrow. Uh...I'm doubting it'll be hard which means it will be brutal of course.

And then randomly I get fanfic ideas. So. You know.

Things I'm actually accomplishing:

-read 100 more pages of On the Road. This book is awful. Seriously the worst thing I've ever fucking read. The writing itself is horrid, the story is awful, the characters are--you know, I have never legitimately hated a character before, really, not to this extent, but all of the main characters in this book can disappear. Can't believe people like that shit. The book is about drugs, sex, and Dean. AKA everything I don't care about. It's also 500% misogynistic.

-watching Road to Avonlea again. Hee.





-I think I ate a few things too
23 January 2013 @ 08:32 am
Can I just say I'm like 300% jelly of the people who have those fancy newfangled phones that can get on the Internets? I still can't really imagine that doing that is possible but hey, I'm not one to complain when technology gets even cooler.

I just don't understand how people can afford the phone bill on those things. My bill is like $40/mo or so, which isn't bad for unlimited texting and plenty of chattytimes (because I never talk on the phone, heh heh). But those fancy phones with their data plans and shit are like sometimes over $100/mo!

Granted, a lot of the college kiddies I see with those phones, I know their parents are paying for it, but still. I just can't imagine dropping that much money on a phone.
15 January 2013 @ 03:41 pm
Okay not much to report. My hands hurt like a bitch today.

I did my French homework though. Even though my professor thinks I'm great at the class, I know better: I'M KIND OF AWFUL. However, since I have to slog through four classes already, and a minor is six classes. -_- I should probably just get a minor in French. Uhm...still thinking about it but really, they have culture classes and a cool professor who does a conversational French class.


In better news, this creative writing class is the coolest shit ever. In fact, it's so cool that I finished all assignments (10min of writing per class, we don't have to finish, read it aloud, or even prove we wrote anything more than "I LIKE CHEEEEESE" all over our papers). I think the professor knows we're there because we WANT to be, so he pretty much lets us do whatever we want.

I'm considering reading my third piece aloud tomorrow but I don't know. :(

ANYWAY, I'm so excited about this class making me write ABOUT MYSELF (autobiography HERE I COME!!) that I decided to spruce up a community here to post my stuff at. Since things are original it's under a member-lock but you can join the community if you want to. It's at [community profile] professoring. :) I would drop my writing here but I don't want it crossposted and I don't want it dropped on people who give no shits, so go join that community if you want to read it, and don't if you don't want to. :D

(Sorry LJers: I seriously hate that site now and their new layout just makes me angry. I'm about to stop posting at my communities there, they're so aggravating.)


I had a dream I found this shepherd puppy that was all black and super soft and had this giant ruff of fur around his head. The dog was just the cutest thing ahhh I love shepherds. Anyway, it wanted love so bad it tried to grab my hand with its paw to make me pet it, and then I realized that IRL Tiny was being obnoxious and making me pet her in my sleep (DAMN IT CAT) and she's super soft and black so it infiltrated my dreams.

Tiny is probably actually a dog because she carries sticks around the house like a dog. Not sure why she does this. She's odd.

But dat dog man. SO CUTE.
04 January 2013 @ 11:29 pm
Whenever I get really bored, I think to myself, "Hey, I know what time it is. It's make a journal entry time!"

I really don't know what to talk about.

Pretty sure it's like 11:30 and I haven't eaten in almost 12 hours. I should probably do that. No wonder I'm so braindead/tired. That and I didn't get much sleep.

I wrote a thing. I'm kind of disgusted that it's been more than a month since I wrote anything. I have been seriously slacking. Also I hate the wintertime. But back to writing: dang, what is inspiration?

I mean, fandom has practically died on LJ. It's slow as shit on DW. And to make things even sadder, Tumblr fandom is just one shitstorm of drama after another, and over the stupidest shit, too.

(There is an obnoxious part of me that wants to popcorn.gif all of the FE drama on Tumblr but honestly I am just so far from giving even one iota of shit that it's kind of disturbing. Granted, at one time I'd have been right in the middle of it, soapboxing like a boss, but now it's kind of just...yeahno. I have better things to do. Like making another alt in WoW. Or drawing badly in a sketchbook. Or writing this pointless entry.)

Back to fandom. Don't get me wrong. I love me some fandom. But good grief, what is with this slowing-down stuff? I guess it's expected. I've been around a long time. Not as long as some, but I've been lurking since FE7 was released, so for a relatively long time, honestly. Pretty much everything that I could imagine to discuss has probably already been discussed by someone, somewhere. And I think I've almost hit that point where I'm like, "Ehhh, you know what? Not worth my time."

Meta, discussion, whatever. I guess I could start some, I always have super obnoxious opinions and thoughts. About everything. I'm probably one of the most opinionated people you've ever met in your life, even if you don't realize it yet. But that requires work. And thinking. And me actually considering game canon. And for the most part, it's Does anyone care? Probably not. So again, I'll do something else. Sadly even with FE fandom dying, ToS fandom has been pretty much dead for a long time. Stuff gets posted, but nobody is gleefully posting character discussion anymore. Prooooobably because nobody cares anymore. Because ToS is old. For a viddya game.

But who am I kidding? I'm just stupid-nostalgic. For the good old days. When I wrote with wild and carefree abandon, even if I did suck, and where reviews weren't something so rare that you nearly died inside receiving them. (I'm not really helping with this problem, though, just putting that out there. I find reading 'fic on FFN tedious and rely heavily on recommendations. And I follow very few writing blogs. And to make myself look like even more of a douchecanoe, I only go to the FE section on FFN like once every few months, and usually it's to find something specific.)

I'll even take the not-as-good old days, back when fandom was booming. And people were like YEAHHHH. And everyone was at least polite, even if they didn't like someone.

It used to feel like I was a part of something. I don't feel that way anymore.

I know the anon meme was a horrible piece of shit, but we can't blame everything on it. I don't think so, anyway. I mean, we were the people posting there. People in the fandom. And some people said some awfully hurtful things. It's not the anon meme's fault that people decided to be a douche just because it was anonymous--as if being a jerk anonymously is somehow okay.

But I know also that a lot of people went through life-changing things in the last few years: family members passed away, people entered into or left relationships, people moved away from home, went to college, got new jobs, et cetera. Those things can leave you with less time for fandom, and sometimes you'll just stop feeling like fandom is as important. I will probably never feel that way, because most of you have been around me for a long time, and when my life was headed down an 80 degree slope of self-pity (or whatever), the people on my friends-list were the people that were there for me. I don't forget shit like that...ever.

Now, in ten years, some of you I probably won't know anymore. You'll have moved on, maybe we won't have anything in common anymore, blah blah blah. But there are a large number of you that I hope not to lose contact with. I think a huge part of the issue for me regarding fandoms starting to die is because I have such a hard time making friends IRL, when I finally make friends (in person or online), I get really irate at having to let them go. Such is the life of an introvert. It's hard for me to stay in contact with people I have nothing in common with, though...but fear not: I have very little in common with a large number of you, but I still read your entries (even if I say nothing) and enjoy reading about your lives.

In a manner of speaking, real life posts ruined a lot of friendships in the FE fandom. Buuuuuuut in the end I think it drew some people closer, too, and if a friendship was so shallow that it didn't last through a few entries about someone's personal life, maybe it's not as solid a friendship as a person might originally think, eh?

I might have to hide in the super quiet ToS fandom for a while and write my obscure OTP. I have some fellow obsessed buddies over there.

PS. Kender and I are email-RPing Hector and Farina and it's fun. Weeeee.
06 November 2012 @ 01:34 pm


I totally thought we had the fancy machines but we still do paper here. LOL. Also I was the only person under 40 years old there. What even.

ALSO I WROTE A FIC okay so that's not huge news but it's been a while. This one is for the Alphabet Meme, for [personal profile] penandpaper71, F is for Friendship. So check it out if you like Florina. XD

05 November 2012 @ 09:07 pm


(if you haven't voted via absentee ballot already)
02 November 2012 @ 11:25 pm
Okay, things:

1.) Fire Emblem Exchange is going on. :)

2.) Dr. Guzzo still needs prayers. He's still in the ICU though things are looking up.

3.) If you have any more prayers to offer, please send them to my pastor, Russell Weindel. A while back they diagnosed him with cancer, and they didn't give him very long to live. He's had a lot of bad days, since, and today he's really doing awful; if things don't get better he'll have to go to the hospital.
28 October 2012 @ 11:10 pm
You know, I tend to sort of default to believing everyone online is a brunette. I'm not sure why. But unless I know otherwise, you are a brunette in my mind.


Have you ever been extremely hungry but everything made you kinda just want to puke because it smelled or tasted so bad? :|


La douche = shower. Tried to keep a straight face for that slide during French class. Me and about 6 other people failed miserably.


They got two professors to take over Sociology for the rest of the semester. No more word on Dr. Guzzo; last I heard he was not very responsive and in critical condition, so please continue to remember him.


I get to evaluate a movie for my Analysis class. I believe we're just evaluating good/bad based off of XYZ criteria, so that should be interesting. Movies I've considered:

Dead Poet's Society

I haven't seen Amélie but I heard that it's amazing so it's a possibility. I put in Dead Poet's Society and was 400% depressed before the first commercial clip was over so I took it out. Doogle is the worst movie known to man and it might be funny to explain why that is. Glory is FUCKING AMAZING but also sad so it's still a possibility. HMM.

Garden State was another horrid movie but I would rather die than watch it again. I can always do Hercules (HAHAHA) or another Disney movie for the lulz, but I think I'll keep things simple by doing something more obviously bad or good. I have until the end of the week to figure it out but I refuse to do a horror flick (FUCKING HATE HORROR MOVIES WHAT A STUPID GENRE SORRY) and I'm not big on action movies either. The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a great option too but it's sooo sappy and sad and just FEELS EVERYWHERE (such a great movie rendition of the book) that I'm just not sure.

Also a valid choice? The WB 1996(? I think) version of Black Beauty. I like The Black Stallion, too, but Anna Swell's tale is a little more classic if I may say so.
13 October 2012 @ 09:56 pm
That feeling when you look down at the scale and you see you weigh the same as a favorite character of yours.

...And realize you're several inches shorter.

But for some reason you're still amused/pleased/something.


For the last few weeks I have been prowling around the house eating bags of junk food and...well, pretty much everything in sight.


Today a baby-things magazine came for me.

My parents: Is there something you want to tell us? :U
Me: Uhm. No?


Analysis is haaaaaaaaaaard. Whine. Sob. Cry. TL;DR SCHOOL STUFF. )


Oh well. Maybe the Road to Avonlea episode will be better. It's the one were Gus plays his fiddle/violin for Hetty after she pesters him endlessly to go to school. Makes me cry every time.

>> I mean.

07 October 2012 @ 11:17 pm
I am a combination of two gifs right now.

I played Tales of Symphonia for hours today.

gif #1:

And gif #2 which is actually a jpg and which is possibly more accurate:

And then there's gif #3 which will happen as soon as I start writing fanfiction again:

I have like six pages of notes and my part is level uhmmmm 25-27. Aw yeah. I can't wait to get Regal though. I finally made it to the TOWER OF MANA. Too bad I must take a shower and go to bed. I mean...I was supposed to do that two hours ago but there was youtube and blah and blah and

school tomorrow and

ça m'énerve!!!
05 October 2012 @ 09:04 am
Well I was dumb. I bleached out my dark hair and went to dye it blonde. looked too light before it dried but afterward it's just reddish. Like a VERY strawberry blonde. Except it's not pretty. In fact, it looks pretty terrible. Ughhh need it to be darker. Maybe a more ashen blonde would be fitting. Bleh.

This weekend is Tales of Symphonia time. Wooo.

Also my next analysis paper has to be an analysis of a television episode. Not sure what to pick. She acted like comedy would be easier, in which case...30 Rock. But if not, uhmm...not sure what to pick.
28 September 2012 @ 06:21 am
Had some lack of...uhm...foresight concerning my checking account. I seriously should not have written that check to pay off my laptop because a.) no interest for a year or payments for a year anyway, and b.) that money was more than a month's bills. :U

Now I have like $300, which isn't enough to get me through October. FML.

I was considering moving my main to Dalaran because I want to play her, just not on WrA, but...then I checked my account and was like, NOPE.JPG. Good thing I checked.

Now that I know this, though, today is a bad day. And it's PB&J for me for the rest of the school year. And those sweatpants I was going to buy? Yeahnotgonnahappen. Oh well, that's okay. I have two pairs of jeans I can alternate (good thing I found that pair of mens' jeans I have or I'd be screwed).

Blah. I have so much work to do this weekend.

18 September 2012 @ 09:12 pm
I have a story.

I know, I know, since I quit working I haven't had any good stories. This is sad. :( School doesn't leave much room open for stories...except maybe the weirdo story*.

So there I was in the bath, soaking up the heat, possibly reading a history book, when I see a spider crawling on my towel.

Damn you, spider, I thought. You will not win.

After my shower/bath, I checked each side of both towels (one for my hair), shook them out--no spider. HAH, I WIN, I thought.

So I towel off and pick up my panties and think something like: Dammit I think these are too small for my ass, and I kinda stretch them out to see if maybe I can make them fit, when



Spider: 1
Manna: 0

You win this time, Spider. You win.


*My friend at school, Katie, was coming in one day. We had Joe Biden speaking at the school so she had to park in the middle of nowhere. A guy was parking out there with her, so they walked in together. They just chatted it up, had a lot in common, et cetera. So he asked for her number so they could stay in touch (even though she is married-- he mentioned this). So she says okay, gives it to him. When they part, he REACHES OVER, GRABS HER, AND KISSES HER HEAD.


He wasn't foreign. Some weird random nerdy guy. Just. WHAT. WHO DOES THAT??

Later that day I heard a girl in my history class talking about a guy who walked with her partway to class and asked for her number despite only knowing her for four seconds. Just. What. Same guy? MAAAYYYYYYBE.


Also I need to take a picture of the Mannadon that Neal sent me. That shit still cracks me up.