15 June 2012 @ 05:33 pm
Like I told Julie the other day, I feel bad for complaining about this job, because all things considered? It's easy. (And Julie said easy =/= good. Which is true.)

But here's why I hate my job.

I can't stand losing. I can't STAND being bad at something. There's a reason I dropped writing as a "someday professional" option, and why I dropped art long ago as something I'd do seriously. Why? I AM NOT THAT GOOD AT THEM.

But this job is special.

You know, I get the usual anxiety when it comes to phone calls. I hate making calls. I hate taking them. When my own phone rings, I fight with myself to answer it.

So when you do consumer service and you have that phone anxiety, then when you're busy and you know that as soon as you're done with this call, there will be another waiting, it ups the anxiety. So you feel stressed out nonstop.

And not only do you deal with that, you have to deal with the actual people calling in. Maybe they'll be nice, but that doesn't really do much to ease the anxiety, because this is your job and you can't screw it up. And calls are recorded. And you get audited.

And maybe they'll be an asshole, they'll tell you to fuck off, make fun of your name (if they can even remember it), they'll yell at you for not apologizing the product didn't work for them, they'll yell at you if you do, "I don't want apologies", "Customer service is shitty, they didn't even apologize!"

So basically


BECAUSE YOU CANNOT WIN. You can never win.

I got audited today. I take a 2min call. I code one issue in the case for what to recommend. My audit says I should have coded an issue for all of the (unsolicited) advice I gave the guy who called. We were told to code the questions the consumer asks, not information that we volunteer. So fine. Make me code those issues. My internet is slow so it'll take me four minutes to code the 7 issues. That means the call is long over and I'm either a.) on the next call, or b.) I'm sitting in After Call. After Call should be < 30 seconds. I get complained at if it's longer.

And on top of that, the supervisors complained at us all because our email reminder service is shitty. Well, I did not take this job and agree to be a salesman. That is not what I signed up to do. Asking people if they want to sign up for a free email service is too close to "selling", because a.) most people think you're soliciting for their email to use it for Evil, and b.) it irritates a lot of people when you hold them up for SOMETHING THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT.

Anyway, I hate not winning. I hate not FEELING like a winner. Sure, we all feel shitty some of the time. But I can't STAND feeling bad about the work I do. I was EXCELLENT at Honda building cars. I was AMAZING at that type of work. Not only could I pick up on a brand-new job in less than 2 hours, I'd be better at it than half of the people who had been doing the same job for months and months.

I am TERRIBLE at this line of work.

I was better at making sandwiches than this, and that's just pathetic. I ENJOYED making sandwiches more than this. I would rather give my house a thorough cleaning that do this job.


Anyway, I have my math placement test for le college on the 25th. And I have a hearing for worker's comp (regarding my % of disability). I knew the 2nd person I had would say I was disabled, she did actual tests. The first guy just stared at my arms. Sorry bro, you can't see through them. My wrists and fingers hurt so bad YOU HAVE NO IDEA and no way can he tell by looking at them.

Why? I have skinny wrists and thin fingers. When they swell up nobody even notices. But I do. Because I can't get my damn ring off.

But whatever, I knew he and the nicer lady would disagree, resulting in a court hearing. -_- Yay. I will take a tiny purse with me.
11 February 2012 @ 03:49 am
So I was going to go to bed but then I noticed that my old old tags were still in place, and of course I had to go read the tag for Tom. Hahaha. And my old work tags.

You know, I think I could deal with Honda SO MUCH BETTER now than I did back then. Especially concerning The Sexist and Willie. I miss all of the amazing stories I got to post about Honda. I miss it so much that it's not even funny. ;_; I had a dream about working on the assembly line again, and even though the entire dream my hands hurt and I could barely keep up with the line and I was sweating my ass off, I was like *__* I MISSED THIS. I could have cried when I woke up, seriously.

As far as Tom goes, I should have just asked him if he fancied me or something, or told him to take a picture because it'd last longer. I forgot how much he stared. He had to be the most aggravating guy I ever fell for. EVER. ARGGHHH. It aggravates me just remembering it. Also his fishing for information was just pathetic. I mean, okay, back when I was going to King's Island for a day and we barely knew each other? I can understand asking if I was going with my boyfriend. When you don't know someone, questions like that are normal.

But he would seriously ask at every major holiday if I was celebrating it with my boyfriend. Tsk, tsk, Tom you KNEW I DIDN'T DATE, RIGHT? Everyone at Honda knew it. Dx I also forgot about the whole tiff with Kevin and Tom over me, which was just so ridiculous I'll bet it was just Tom being childish as hell. Though in Tom's defense he was played like that against Kevin once before by some horrid bitch in another area. -_-

Either way! I do miss Tom. And Kevin. AND SHAWN. AND TERESA. I might even miss The Sexist and Willie and Sonya (lololohgodthathorriblewoman!) just because it was such a hateful riot of a mess.

Ahhh. I especially miss the months I got to work next to Kevin for 4-6 hours every single day. Those were great days. Kevin was awesome. We always had wonderful conversations, and iirc, Brad and Richie worked across from us, and it was just the greatest. So much funtimes. Sigh.

I miss Lonnie, too. And Beth. And and and and EVERYBODY. ;__;

All the imaginary tears. Fuckdammit. I wish I could have just gone to Honda to hang out on the production floor these last couple of years. It's been SO DAMN BORING AT HOME. Alas, Honda has all these "sekrits" they don't want getting out. QQ.

I miss that job so much. I don't think I'll ever get over it. I mean, I know I've said this a million times, but other than the physical pain part of that job, that was the perfect job for me. I was so good at it. Building car doors was so great. If I could magically fix my arms or something, I would definitely want to go back. In a heartbeat.

Sorry, ignore this... I'm just lost in memories here. :')

(I wouldn't go back to B Shift for anything in the world though. LOL. I will avoid Shannon until the end of time.)