31 July 2012 @ 07:28 am
I don't post here as much as I used to. Funny how that works.


Jane Sharpe, the woman who owned the house I live in (was born here, lived here until she had to move to a nursing home) is still alive. No lie, everyone else in my family thought that she was dead. Actually, we thought she died 15 years ago.

But today my mother gets a call from some guy who says she's dying and he's calling all of her friends.

My mother convinced me to go with her to see Jane. I mean, wow, it's been 15yrs, I don't even remember really what she USED to look like, but I do remember liking visiting her. She was an artist, you see, and she had done many paintings of our house. We always wanted those paintings-- obviously, it only makes sense-- and I used to like looking at them when I visited her in her assisted living apartment.


Anyway, in work news, Julie is quitting. She gave her two weeks notice yesterday. I'm going to give mine today (but for the 18th, which is a Saturday). I decided having an extra week to go check out my classes, get books, etc, is probably a good idea. A short period of time to recover from one "job" and move on to the next, so to speak.

The stupid thing is--and I fully admit that this is stupid-- that despite my hours being cut drastically, I still want to put myself on the Early List every day. -_- A few weeks ago I would have scoffed at the thought of putting my name on there, but ugh, yesterday, against my better judgment, I absolutely did put my name on the Early List. Of course, we were busy as all getout all day long, but still, the fact the remains: I Am Dumb.

I don't know what it is about this job that makes me want to be away from it as much as possible. I honestly hated a 14 hour shift at Honda less than a 6 hour shift at Scotts.

Don't get me wrong though. I'm grateful they gave me a job, cause I was in desperate need of one. It's just the kind of job I can't really get behind and be proud of. I do always take pride in my work, but it's hard to be proud of a job you're not good at and that you don't enjoy. Not saying I loved Honda, 'cause HAHAHA no, but I had an easier time channeling the stress. I could just work faster. Harder. Try the job a different way. Train someone else how to do the job. Laugh and joke with my coworkers, even the douchey ones.

But at Scotts, there is no way to channel that stress from talking to douchebags. A happy call is not going to make up for the bad ones. And nothing is more irritating than someone calling and claiming they want to talk to an "expert" before they argue with everything that you say, claim they're a "doctor" or a "lawyer" or a "groundskeeper" (HAHA NONE OF THAT MATTERS DUMBASSES) or have an associates/bachelors/doctorate in XYZ. Look, if you knew the answer already, WHY DID YOU CALL? Obviously you have no idea what you're talking about, you're wasting time for both of us by blathering on, I'd rather be talking to somebody (anybody) else at this point.

And if I hear, one more time... "But my husband said--" I will puke.

Despite the fact that I could probably use another week of pay, I'm just eager to get this crap over with. Get it over with now. I know they're cutting hours in the hopes that people will quit, because yesterday I heard three other people talking about quitting. Like, okay, this job at least paid pretty well, right? And wasn't too far from home. But it's a drag. And frankly, there isn't a huge difference in me quitting on the 18th vs. the 25th. Maybe a few hours' difference in pay, since they cut me back to almost no hours at all. -_-

Blah blah whine whine et cetera. I really do not like this job. And I know that makes me sound ungrateful but ughhh.


In happier news, I'm looking forward to school. I used to kind of hate it, but now I'm wondering if my perspective has changed after working for the last 10 years (instead of going to college). I have a feeling I'll appreciate the opportunity and education more than I would if I were going right after high school. Hah.
02 July 2012 @ 08:16 pm
So this morning my internet died 10min after I woke I had to drive into work. Where most of the seats were already taken. -_- Luckily I sat in the Boondocks with Carly and Ginny and Rich, but still.

While on the phones I got a call from a dude who wanted to know how he could get rid of fleas. I'm like 50% expert, 50% Been There, Done That for fleas, so I gave him half of my advice. Then he asked me if I was a student and went on and on about running a newspaper (his connect was cutting in and out so I couldn't hear very well) and he kept asking me to email him about writing a column for his newspaper? I''''''''mmmmmmmmm not sure how I feel about this. Uhm...what. It would be about pets cause I think that's what he was talking about.

Anyway, then I got home, put on my Fat Pants and then my mom wanted to go to the store and I realized the pants I wore LAST WEEK (yet didn't actually wash cause jeans you wear for 2hrs don't need washed) ddddddddddidn't fit. What. How. Why. So I smushed myself into a size bigger pair and went to the store.

I am now the proud owner of uhmmmm a milkshake.
21 June 2012 @ 11:18 pm
Uhmmmm it looks like they've laid off some temporary/agency people. Uhmmmmm I hope that doesn't mean bad things for me, 'cause my evaluations have been really bad and I've got only 28 hours next week. :(

Kind of worried.

It's hot.

I'm doing cleaning and stuff lately. It's too hot to sleep but I'm too tired to do anything constructive. I've mostly just played WoW, worked, did gardening, and I have been watching Boy Meets World. Lolz.
16 June 2012 @ 03:48 pm
This job makes me angrier than any job I've had before.


No, we do not determine if your local nursery carries [insert product here by Brand Name]. That is none of our business. They buy what they want, and we have NO SAY IN WHAT THEY PURCHASE. So if your (giant, huge, biggest nursery in the Chicago area) doesn't carry Rose & Flower Insect & Disease Control by Ortho, that is NOT MY PROBLEM. I promise you, they don't carry it. I looked it up. Yes, Wal-Mart and Home Depot do carry it. You're right, the people in WalMart and Home Depot don't know a fertilizer from a pesticide. But that has nothing to do with anything, and the fact remains: YOUR BELOVED ORTHO-CARRYING STORE DOES NOT CARRY THAT PARTICULAR PRODUCT. WHY? BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO. Don't bitch and moan at me because they don't carry it, and I'm "not helping you". That is all the information I have. I can't make them carry it. I can't even SUGGEST they carry it. But go in there, you'll see for yourself that THEY DO NOT CARRY IT.

No love at all to you, you fucking snotty old lady,
Your CSR


Dear other ignorant fucks,

Mulch is a NATURAL WEED PREVENTATIVE. I learned this when I was like 3 years old, okay. It's like this: If you put a stack of newspaper on the ground, are weeds going to grow through it? Probably not. 1.) the weight of the papers, 2.) if it's more than 3" thick, no sunlight is getting down there.

MULCH WORKS THE SAME WAY. 3+ inches of mulch CAN PREVENT WEEDS FROM GROWING. I think it's bullshit that I can even refund you for weeds growing through your mulch because THERE IS NOT A PESTICIDE IN MULCH. It just blocks out the sun if you put it down 3"+ deep. Which means a lot of weeds can't grow. Weeds that normally grow in direct sunlight.

But other weeds can grow.

And as far as your bullshit saying, "I have more weeds than ever!" goes? I don't believe you. Maybe you do if you usually have dry flowerbeds and you put down a mulch, since MULCH RETAINS MOISTURE, it will encourage the growth of plants. Which means if you are in a shady area, with weed seeds that require no direct sunlight to germinate, then YOU WILL SEE WEEDS.

Was extremely bitter she had to give you our address,
-Your CSR

PS. L2Garden before you try and tell ME how garden products work. I don't care if you've been gardening 10 years or 20, I STILL HAVE BEEN GARDENING LONGER THAN YOU BECAUSE I'VE DONE IT SINCE I WAS BORN.

PPS. Don't EVER fucking compare Preen (or any other chemical WEED PREVENTER) to mulch. That just makes you look and sounding like a fucking moron.
15 June 2012 @ 05:33 pm
Like I told Julie the other day, I feel bad for complaining about this job, because all things considered? It's easy. (And Julie said easy =/= good. Which is true.)

But here's why I hate my job.

I can't stand losing. I can't STAND being bad at something. There's a reason I dropped writing as a "someday professional" option, and why I dropped art long ago as something I'd do seriously. Why? I AM NOT THAT GOOD AT THEM.

But this job is special.

You know, I get the usual anxiety when it comes to phone calls. I hate making calls. I hate taking them. When my own phone rings, I fight with myself to answer it.

So when you do consumer service and you have that phone anxiety, then when you're busy and you know that as soon as you're done with this call, there will be another waiting, it ups the anxiety. So you feel stressed out nonstop.

And not only do you deal with that, you have to deal with the actual people calling in. Maybe they'll be nice, but that doesn't really do much to ease the anxiety, because this is your job and you can't screw it up. And calls are recorded. And you get audited.

And maybe they'll be an asshole, they'll tell you to fuck off, make fun of your name (if they can even remember it), they'll yell at you for not apologizing the product didn't work for them, they'll yell at you if you do, "I don't want apologies", "Customer service is shitty, they didn't even apologize!"

So basically


BECAUSE YOU CANNOT WIN. You can never win.

I got audited today. I take a 2min call. I code one issue in the case for what to recommend. My audit says I should have coded an issue for all of the (unsolicited) advice I gave the guy who called. We were told to code the questions the consumer asks, not information that we volunteer. So fine. Make me code those issues. My internet is slow so it'll take me four minutes to code the 7 issues. That means the call is long over and I'm either a.) on the next call, or b.) I'm sitting in After Call. After Call should be < 30 seconds. I get complained at if it's longer.

And on top of that, the supervisors complained at us all because our email reminder service is shitty. Well, I did not take this job and agree to be a salesman. That is not what I signed up to do. Asking people if they want to sign up for a free email service is too close to "selling", because a.) most people think you're soliciting for their email to use it for Evil, and b.) it irritates a lot of people when you hold them up for SOMETHING THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT.

Anyway, I hate not winning. I hate not FEELING like a winner. Sure, we all feel shitty some of the time. But I can't STAND feeling bad about the work I do. I was EXCELLENT at Honda building cars. I was AMAZING at that type of work. Not only could I pick up on a brand-new job in less than 2 hours, I'd be better at it than half of the people who had been doing the same job for months and months.

I am TERRIBLE at this line of work.

I was better at making sandwiches than this, and that's just pathetic. I ENJOYED making sandwiches more than this. I would rather give my house a thorough cleaning that do this job.


Anyway, I have my math placement test for le college on the 25th. And I have a hearing for worker's comp (regarding my % of disability). I knew the 2nd person I had would say I was disabled, she did actual tests. The first guy just stared at my arms. Sorry bro, you can't see through them. My wrists and fingers hurt so bad YOU HAVE NO IDEA and no way can he tell by looking at them.

Why? I have skinny wrists and thin fingers. When they swell up nobody even notices. But I do. Because I can't get my damn ring off.

But whatever, I knew he and the nicer lady would disagree, resulting in a court hearing. -_- Yay. I will take a tiny purse with me.
08 June 2012 @ 04:29 pm
So my sister is now Mrs. Staton.

UHMMMM. :( I wasn't invited.

But I'm working. Darn work.

That said, they asked me to start early today, which is hilarious because they just cut everyone's hours (I got like five 5-7hr shifts next week)...and then we get busy again.

of course.
05 June 2012 @ 04:07 pm
According to Julie, working in consumer service:

"It is like shattering your fingernails and picking them off piece by piece."

...How true this is.
29 May 2012 @ 09:40 am
Aw man, writing action scenes. How do you do that? :| I am so bad at this! Also I'm EXTREMELY TIRED but sadly I have less than an hour until my shift begins, so... :(

Werewolf fic got a new scene, though, so I'm happy about that. Thanks to Meg for help figuring out where to go next. ♥

edit: For the first time in over a week I'm sad my shift starts before 1:30. I hate the 1:30 to 10pm shift with a fiery passion, but I'm so tired that it'd be great if I could go back to sleep and nap, you know? Not sure how to make it through an 8.5hr shift awake right now, but I guess I'll have to make do. :P

I think tomorrow I'll drive in to work. Maybe they'll train me on emails if I do. I guess I could email Frits to ask? Hm.
25 May 2012 @ 08:07 pm
Crazy day.

1.) Went to get glasses.
2.) Was told it would take an hour and a half for them to be ready.
3.) Went to Hobby Lobby. Bought stuff.
4.) Ate out.
5.) Got glasses.
6.) Got call from parental unit, who was panicking thinking she was having a heart attack.
7.) Got home, called into work to ask if it would be okay if I skipped my shift. Was told okay, get on phones/chat when I get back home since I'm scheduled until 10.
8.) Go to ER, wait a lot, find out it's nothing serious really but she did have a bad bladder infection + UTI.
9.) Come home, go to WalMart, get prescription, come home again.
10.) Get on the phone for work. :|


All I can say re: work is this.

Holy fuck people, do you HONESTLY think I'm going to pay your gas money so you can drive your 14 bags of mulch you're not happy with back to the store? Uhhhh the answer is no. NO NO NO. I am not giving you free money for time and effort, or to soothe your irritation. Sorry. Go cry to someone else. You do not get sympathy from me.

I mean, yeah, it sucks that you can't put your mulch down today. But you know what? You can put it down tomorrow, or the next day, or next week. The bags you got were bad, yes. But that doesn't mean you deserve extra money. Mail us the receipt and we will refund you. But I'm not giving you extra money.

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Also ARGGHH if you get a rebate it says ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD RIGHT ON IT. RIGHT ON IT. RIGHT. ON IT. Do not call me and cry because you submitted two and the second was denied! It's not fraud. You're just a dumbass. SORRY2SAY.
21 May 2012 @ 05:06 pm
Arrrgghhhh. What drives me nuts? People on the chat who want to know how to fix a spreader wheel that won't turn...and then tell me they're not going to pay for stuff to fix it then they end the chat, refuse to accept a re-invite, and leave the site.




If they would give me ONE SECOND TO SAY IT then I WOULD SAY IT. This problem doesn't happen on the phone. Ever. Usually people just ask what it costs. But this lady, argghhh, she drove me insane. She typed up this long ranty thing about how she shouldn't have to pay to do maintenance etc and so on and then just left the chat. I'm like ._. really?

She could have gotten a new axle kit PLUS two new wheels for her spreader but noooo. :|


My other work pet peeve:

"How long do I have to wait to reseed after using your weed killer?"


Or, alternatively, "I have a question about your product." Then they ask an off-the-wall question, but don't mention the product they're wondering about. This is funnier when they ask about a Roundup product but they called in on the Scotts lawn and so I *even answered the phone with, "Thank you for calling Scotts..."


Anyway, I am feeling particularly RAWRRRRR today. 1.) PMSing like whoa, 2.) I WANT A NAP, 3.) I keep dreaming stupid shit. Like my cats dying. Or that I get more cats. I have a lot of cat-related dreams. Also Dave at work is being promoted ARGGHGHHHHHHH. I mean, I'm ecstatic that Julie is getting promoted /o/ because she deserves it and is awesome and creepily nice even if she does hate her job.

It's like. I can't even FEIGN niceness. It's amazing. I get yelled at a lot by old people, who then all apologize to me for being mean. I'm like. Uh. Whatever. But then I have a lot of people who just LOVE me. Old people ask me all the time if I've given my heart to Jesus. (OMG it's sooo funny when I get those calls. They crack me up.)

I have what my sister so kindly dubs "a bitch voice", which means I naturally just sound like a bitch. :B

In other words, I don't sound anything like those cutesy anime characters. Ugh.


Speaking of anime, I'm rewatching Spice & Wolf. Why? Because I promised Neal that when I visit him, we will watch the 2nd season together. So I had to catch up. I finished the first season and I remember why I decided I liked it, now. At first I made fun of the series because Neal said he liked it and it looks SO ridiculous, like your typical hurr durr catgirl type of anime.

But it's not. Yeah. It's totally about economics. Which is kind of cool for an anime.

But my favorite part is that there isn't a ton of TEEHEE LOOK AT THIS STUFF HERE GAIZ scenes. If any, really. And even though Holo is a sneaky ass chica, Lawrence is adorable. Mostly. I think the part I like best about the series, though, is that it's almost a role reversal, but the characters are pretty even-footed. I mean, Holo saves Lawrence a few times, he saves her like, once, but he teaches her all kinds of things she didn't already know. There's a lot of give AND take on both their parts. And some of the scenes are just really great, like when he's going bankrupt and he's walking around asking to borrow change from people to pay off the debt he owes-- but nobody will help him because he's arrogant enough to still be walking around with a woman. I was like, whoa. YEAH. Cause she's well-dressed. That would just look SO bad.

Anyway, TBH Spice and Wolf sort of does give me Fire Emblemy ideas. There is a little bit of fantasy mixed in there, but for the most part, it's just medievalish. And there's the whole "corrupt church" thing going on, too. The only issue I have with that scheme is that it's aggravating to see everyone being portrayed as evil who is a part of a "corrupt religion". Even if you can say a religion has corruption in it, that doesn't mean everyone who is associated with it also evil. I think having a mixed thing makes it a LOT more fascinating, you know?

Like for Fire Emblem, maybe the church of St. Elimine is corrupt, right, but that doesn't make Serra or Lucius evil.
19 May 2012 @ 12:05 am
I have been called many things on the phone since starting at Scotts. Most people either can't hear me when I say my name, or they just assume it's not really what they heard. So I have been called:

Nana <--most common

Every now and then someone says, "Manna? Like from heaven?" but for the most part I'm called one of the above things by random strangers. It's both hysterical and ridiculous. Especially Leila. Where did that guy even get that? NOT EVEN CLOSE. LOL!


So here is my dilemma. I am going to Wisconsin. For Neal's birthday. What do I get him?!


Also gonna wait to bleach my hair until Sunday...or Wednesday next week. It's a little dry. :/ Though I should mention my hair looked okay in the picture I posted but IRL it looks pretty stupid. The back is all this awful blonde and only the front looks cool. I look like someone threw some sherbet ice cream or some shit on my head. Orange, pink, and white-blonde.
10 May 2012 @ 03:55 pm
Ughhh. I was asked to work tomorrow.

I said yes.

It's only four hours, and they asked me to help clear out the letter queue ONLY so that means no phones, I can jam to music or watch TV while I do the queue... I agreed. 8am to 12pm. (I picked the hours to work heh heh.)

Also I was supposed to be on chat right now but Frits called and asked me to do phones. :| I hate phones so much but. Well, things have settled down.

We were hopping earlier with like 40 people on hold. But it's...quieter now...or I wouldn't have time to type this, duh.
10 May 2012 @ 11:04 am
The pink looks really bad. But it's hilarious.

My dad came up to ask me to help him work on the car and he had no idea that I was going to have like flaming pink hair. It was pretty hysterical. His expression. Was amazing.


That said, I got a call from Tim at work. He asked if I wanted to start a few hours early today.

The answer was a bit fat NO.

I mean, sure, it's one thing if it's starting a few hours early, leaving a few hours early, but there is no fucking way I'm working from 10am until 9:30pm. NO. NO. NO.

I feel a little bad because they must be in desperate need of more help or they wouldn't have called, but at the same time, if it sucks now, it'll suck later, and I can hardly stand 8 hours on the phone, let alone more than 10. :|
16 April 2012 @ 10:20 am
Gonna be a long day today. It's 10:20am and there are 34 people on hold. Dx We've had at least 20 on hold since just after 8am. I have a feeling it's not gonna slow down at all. :/


That said, I started a Fire Emblem fic. Didn't get very far. Was too tired to continue. FE6-ish era stuff. Woo.

Then I went to sleep. My arms burned like hell. Not sure what to do about it. I emailed my supervisor to get the name/email of the person I need to talk to about the schedule but he's got today off. FFF. :|
15 April 2012 @ 08:46 am
So this morning I get up and get ready to get in the shower, and when I go to pull my ring off, it's like...stuck on there.


Because the joints in my fingers are swollen/inflamed. -_-

I was going to hold off on messaging the person in charge of scheduling but I got my schedule for next week and I'm sorry, but I CAN'T WORK SEVEN DAYS IN A ROW WITHOUT A BREAK. I NEED DAYS OFF. Or at least shorter shifts if you want me to work every day. Goodness. I hate to be a complainer, but come the fuck on, giving me off a Saturday means NOTHING to me. Give me off Wednesday or Thursday or Monday and I will be just as okay with it. But I really need more days off. Or shorter shifts. (I almost typed shits. SAME THING.) Because working 7 days in a row, 8.5 to 10 hour shifts every day? IS KILLING ME.

My tendinitis is burning awfully bad, and I have all those worker's comp appointments for my medical health. At first glance you might be like, lolz well they'll KNOW you have a problem then! But at second glance, they might blame it on my new job and I won't get the money I'm entitled to because they'll say my latest job is what caused most of the problem. Sigh.

So I guess I'll email either Frits tonight or if I have to call Tier II support I'll see who's in charge of scheduling--I think it's Denise but I don't know her last name-- and shoot them an email.


I can't remember if I posted this or not, but when I was still at the call center, I was sitting next to a guy who was in my training class. I usually say "buh-bye" instead of "goodbye" on the phone because if I try to say just "bye" or "Goodbye" my lips tend to stick together. This is because I don't have any teeth to keep them apart so they kinda overlap and are therefore moist all the time. It's awkward.

Anyway, this guy decided to harp on the way I talk, which, sorry you don't like it brah, but I'd like to see you speak exactly the way you do right now after you've had all your teeth ripped out.

And he was like:

"Didn't you ever hear of a toothbrush?"

Allllllllllll my rage. I was like, BITCH PLEASE/OH NO YOU DIDN'T JUST SAY THAT TO ME. He was lucky we were slammed with calls or I'd have lectured until my teeth fell out oh wait until the cows came home.

The part that's REALLY irritating is he's a know-it-all 40-year-old working in a call center when he doesn't know jack shit about gardening/lawn care/plants. And he chooses to harp on the way I talk? LOL. Of course, then he got an email* praising how great of a CSR rep he is which just pissed me off. Now I know I'm good, because a.) I don't do a half-assed job when I'm getting paid, and b.) I have to be good at whatever it is I'm bothering to do. But I don't get an email. :(

*If a consumer emails or sends a letter in to the company to say how awesome someone is, an email goes out to everyone in the call center telling them what the letter said.


That said, The 100 Things challenge is a pretty interesting challenge, I guess. I'm trying to decide what I'd pick to write about, because I don't really feel that passionately about anything that I could seriously come up with 100 DIFFERENT things to say. I thought maybe Fire Emblem-- because as much as I like Harry Potter, not sure if I could think of 100 things to say about it!-- but even then, what would I say aside from character babble/headcanon/etc? Most "100 things" entries would be short and dull. Or possibly dull.

My other option would be cats because I do love cats. And History, and other things, but 100 things? I don't have that many to say about either subject. Lmao.

I could post about 100 consumer service calls. I had a lady ask me the other day if I'd given Jesus my heart. LMAO. <3

Hmmm, what do.


I did get an idea for two fics last night. One for Fire Emblem, one for...well, never mind. =P
12 April 2012 @ 12:28 am
So I'm trawling the Internets and go torture myself by reading F!S again today. Nothing too bad there, today. I don't know why I went back. Hoping for something halfway interesting I suppose. Interesting Harry Potter secret I stepped in on the discussion of... ...of course.

That said I talked to some nice folks over at Hogwarts_Elite and they encouraged me to app to be sorted into a house to join the community so I was like...okay, maybe I will!

I like their app questions, to be honest. And everyone knows I can elaborate. On top of elaborating. Because I can also tangent jump like a bank robber jumping from car to car on an old train. Desperate, pathetic tangent-jumping.

So I say something and people are all: wait wut


And they all run from the room screaming.


Story of my life and stuff. I'm reaaaaally looking forward to having Saturday off! Oh man. A Saturday. It's like GOLD. GLEAMING GOLD. SHINY GOLD. Steaming delicious tasty fried potatoes--wait.

A whole day off. Oh man.

I'm thinking of writing my supervisor an email to ask who's in charge of scheduling. I really cannot keep working these long, long hours every day without sufficient days off. I had like 5 minutes once today without a call, which was crazy, but my arthritis and tendinitis can't stand hammering away at a keyboard all day long/for like 60 hours a week. All the ibuprofen in the world won't help. Dx

...she says, reaching for the ibuprofen bottle, grabbing a swig of milkshake to wash it down...only to realize there isn't enough milkshake left to swallow pills she rushes to the sink to get water.



Highlight of my week:

Me: "Thank you for calling Miracle-Gro, to better assist you may I please have your zip code?"

[Woman gives zip code]

Me: "Thank you, my name is Manna, how can I help you today?"

Woman: "Yeah, we've tried to download The Muppets soundtrack like three times from three different computers and the download just won't complete!"

My mind was BOGGLED. She was so embarrassed that she got the wrong number. LOL.

But then someone called today via the Vigoro line and asked if we were affiliated with Toyota. I was like...uhhh nope.
09 April 2012 @ 09:29 pm
Let me tell you about Chatty Chris.

There's my bro at work, Julie. One day Julie comes in but there are no seats on Nicolas-Cage-Lookalike (AKA Justin)'s side of the call center. A real shame. So she's forced to sit next to a random guy. Named Chris.

She said she would love to go to Germany!

Chris has been there.

She mentioned art offhandedly.

Chris is into art!

They have all these things in common and now Chris thinks Julie is pretty much his soulmate. I was laughing my ass off when she first told me about it, but I got a text from her today because Chris found her in the hallway when he was on break (and she was getting a spreader to help someone calibrate theirs via the phone) and he showed her his favorite painting by Dahli.


She was like, "I pretended to be 75% deaf but it didn't work. He was like "JULIE!" and I was like...crap."


Thaaaaaaaat said I started my Werewolf Fic last night. So pleased with myself. I wrote more for it this morning before work, too. Pathetically enough it's only 4k words long and I feel like I've written 100,000 words already. Boo.

But I am excited to get this concept out there.

I even.

(Are you ready for this?)

I printed out calendars for 1995 and 1996 for the UK to see what days the full moon fell on. OHHH DEDICATION STRIKES HARD. OOOOH.

Also I have no idea why I think older men are so attractive. It's just. Older Men. Okay.jpg.

I wouldn't say I'm sexually attracted to anyone, really. But I am definitely attracted physically to older men. By older I still mean late 30s/early 40s. Early 30s is sadlytooclosetomyownageqqqqqq to be considered "older". But I guess the mid-30s through mid 40s is just an attractive age group, all things considered.

So what the hey, I'll write 'fic about guys in that age group, amirite or amirite. Fair's fair! Tonks and Remus fics, here I gooooooooo--!
09 April 2012 @ 11:54 am
Working from home right nowwww.

-I'm in sweatpants
-I can check LJ on break
-No commute times!

-Cases don't populate on their own
-Have to write down everyone's phone number while they're still on the line
-Computer is slooowwww
-Computer is VERY SLOW.
-Consistent staticy sort of noise all the time in my ear.

That said, I still like it well enough. Especially the no commute time. :D
26 March 2012 @ 10:46 pm
I didn't forget about LJ, promise.


/insert tears of joy here.

That said, you know how there are all of these sappy 'fics and movie scenes where someone stands out in the rain, or two people stand outside chatting in the rain?

There is nothing even remotely romantic or awesome about that. Why? I stood out in the rain chatting with my workbro, Julie, and all I got from that was sick. I mean, I always thought the "lolz so romantic, stood in the rain, caught a cold" thing was a bunch of bullshit invented so 'fic authors could write hurt/comfort stories.

Turns out you can get upper respiratory infections from standing in the rain. And with the weather suddenly turning cold, to make things even sweeter (aka: worse), I had my windows open while I was at work Friday, so when I came home Friday, changed my clothes (but didn't shower or blow-dry my hair), then fell into bed after shutting those windows...

...I woke up Saturday feeling like DEATH.

I still feel like DEATH. Oh man. Throat is SO SWOLLEN. And I woke up Sunday three times during the night almost choking on my own phlegm. Talk about awesome. /eyeroll.

So anyway, since I worked all weekend, I didn't get jack shit done. I have a new Facebook picture though, which I didn't link here.


A photograph and this one was actually taken with my CAMERA so it's a NICE PICTURE YAY. )

What else.

Uhhh... I haven't done anything interesting. Just playing WoW now and then, and mostly just texting Neal and assorted bros from work. Tomorrow I'm visiting Doyle for a bit and then I will come home and do a post about cats. Because cats. (Speaking of cats I had the crazy urge to write a story about cats. I was getting dialogue in my head and stuff. Very weird.)


And to those I didn't tell.

Why do I get the sad calls? Dx

A little old lady who is like 85 and lost her husband two years ago, okay. She finally scraped together enough money to buy 14 rose bushes for a little rose tribute garden for her deceased husband. She calls in on the Miracle Gro line to find out how to care for them because she spent all her extra money on them and wants them to grow great so she can tell her husband "I TOLD YOU SO!" (they failed at caring for roses when he was still alive) as well as of course, honoring him. I was like ;_____;.

And then the old guy whose wife died last year so he lost most of her social security and he doesn't have the money to buy a new bag of fertilizer but he has this old bag of the Turf Builder Summerguard, and can he use that? Because he just wants to make the grass over his wife's grave look pretty. And I was like ;___;.
22 March 2012 @ 08:28 am
Okay, so this new and lovely weather? I'm down with this. It can stay like this for at least another few months before we go into a legit summer as far as I'm concerned. I stepped out of work last night at about 7:15pm and it was 80 degrees. (Yessss!)

The only thing that makes me sad is that this great weather has Scotts (and Roundup, and Ortho, and MiracleGro) all so busy that I'm working 58 hours or something this week with no day off. For example, today I work 12pm to 10pm. -_- Luckily the other night after 8pm it was pretty quiet until 9pm. They'll have work for us to do, but I'm still like, argggh.

And they keep telling us to enjoy the hours while we can, etc and so on, but it's still like, come on now...seriously? The hours I'm getting suck ass. I can't go anywhere or do anything because I have to be at work at 12 (today), or 10 (yesterday), or even 9 (Saturday I think). And I'm there until it's mostly dark or at least too dark to drive a half hour away to go biking or rollerblading. I mean, ffs, don't /I/ get to enjoy the weather, too? -_- No. No, I guess not. Well okay then.

I shouldn't complain overmuch. All the supervisors are putting in extra hours, too. I am getting sick of the whiners who complain too much about being on hold. Mention it, sure, ask why it took so long, okay, but yell about it? Lolz, no1curr, and the longer you talk to me, the longer you're making someone ELSE wait. Way2GoBro.