10 July 2013 @ 01:38 am
personal reference you don't have to bother reading this shit:

fanfic idea list/thing idk )


skipping class a lot because it's so stupid and pointless and paying $50 in gasoline a week to learn nothing is ridiculous. I can work on a paper by myself kthx.
21 June 2013 @ 03:08 am
Gonna do my topic proposal paper this weekend. Yay. (That was 50% sarcasm, but the subject DOES interest me, so...) (Subject = tenure.)


I wrote a thing.

FE13, Fred/Cordy read if you would like to, drop a scathing comment if you love me.


It's so weird seeing a penname that's mine and such a small number next to it. (3) Three. That's it. Three 'fics? Gonna have to get that number up to like, 363 again. I wonder how long that would take. Another ten years? Maybe.

The funniest thing ever is that this account is FE13 only fanfic so far. Fear not, that WILL change. I just haven't written anything else new yet.
13 June 2013 @ 06:30 pm
where is [personal profile] kyusil when you need her.

/punts [personal profile] kender into the sun

I have important fe6 questions for a fic come pester me when you are alive again
04 June 2013 @ 10:12 pm
Aw yeah. Screenshots of my writing laptop and how I format my folders and stuff.

Under a cut obviously. )

I'm considering separating the "OneShots" folder by game: FE1-5&11-12, FE6/7, FE8, FE9/10, FE13. I haven't decided yet. LOL @ 235 oneshots.

Not all of them are posted things. Most are, though. Some were failures. Or I forgot what the hell I was doing.
15 May 2013 @ 11:17 am
So I finally finished More Than Words. It's kind of mind-blowing, really. I've written chaptered 'fics before but I usually abandon them (oops) or rush to the ending (double oops). This time, I did neither. I think I kind of screwed myself over at one point because I started repeating myself and also, it got bogged down with too many details. (Not as bad as "Crazy" did, but in that same vein.)

I'm currently toying with a couple of ideas. I won't write anything today, I don't think, because I've got other stuff to do, but it's a good planning day.

I already went to the park with Leila, and I'm considering a nap, but only because 1. I am sleepy already, and 2. the breeze coming in the side window is soooo niceeee (when it comes).

In crap news, it's too windy to put the rest of the trusses up on the new garage. We tried yesterday and uhm. They fell. So did the ladders. Was a grand old time.

Time to drag my alts through the raid finder.
12 May 2013 @ 02:29 pm
Stolen from Lua: list the last sentence of your last 21 'fics.

Most recent first.

1. "I love you, too." (On Even Ground, FE13, Virion/Sully)
2. He knew she'd be back. (Crazy, FE7, Hector/Farina)
3. And if she cried, it was because she hadn't wanted it to end this way, with her knowing where to find so many others…but nobody else knowing how to find her. (Found, FE7, Farina)
4. He watched as the snow drifted over the name carved into the marble and wondered why he had only ever allowed her to be a pretty thought at the back of his mind when she could have been much more. (Pretty Thoughts, FE9/10, Janaff/Lucia)
5. "I will be back in three days at the most; hold all of my mail until I return." (The Letter, Tales of Symphonia, Regal, Raine)
6. And she waits. (Accorde, FE7, Huey + Florina)
7. "Sain," she asked, rubbing the comb against the white fur of her pegasus, "have you any brothers or sisters?" (While There's Still Time, FE7, Sain/Fiora)
8. "Saturday, then!" (Back to Normal, Dragonball Z, Gohan/Videl)
9. "It just is," she said, as if it explained everything. (Love Is, Rose of Versailles, Nanny)
10. "That's when your mother went out and bought me the tackiest unicorn lamp…" (In Loving Memory, FE7, Florina, Lilina, Hector, Farina)
11. And then he fainted. (Luck of the Draw, FE7, Mark)
12. It could mean exactly what it says. (Three Words, Harry Potter, Tonks/Remus)
13. And that's enough for now. (If Tomorrow, Harry Potter, Tonks/Remus)
14. "I know," she said with a genuinely affectionate smile, and squeezed his hand back. (A Comfortable Sort of Love, FE7, Hector/Lyn, Hector/Florina, Hector/Farina, Hector/Serra)
15. She knows the next word she will utter will be hello. (Hello, FE7, Florina/lots of people)
16. "I am as well," he admitted, flopping down wearily. (Not Just for Show, FE7, Kent/Lyn + Sain)
17. Instead, his fingers squeeze her shoulder reassuringly, and she leans into him, and they both watch the world around them, waiting for the rain to stop so that they can move on. (Waiting for the Rain, FE7, Kent/Lyn)
18. "The best part," he said solemnly as he urged Wil to follow him as he lapped Caelin, "is that it's completely true." (Easy As One, Two, Three, FE7, Wallace, Hassar, Wil)
19. She traces the outline of her daughter's smile, and marvels at how the lines in Remus's face seem to disappear when his arms wrap around his new wife, and she sets the photograph down and turns away with a quiet, unheard whisper: "It should have been me." (Should Have Been, Harry Potter, Andromeda Tonks, Remus/Nymphadora)
20. The other students had spent weeks wondering what shape their own Patronus would take when they finally managed to make a corporeal one, and there had been wagering and discussion on the matter, but Teddy had known all along what shape his would take, and he grinned to see the silvery light take on the loping gait of a wolf. (Parallels, Harry Potter, Teddy Lupin)
21. "Whatever would you and Lord Hector do without me?" (All Or Nothing, FE7/6, Serra/Oswin)

Thoughts: I don't know how to end anything. I just make shit up and hope it sounds good. I have a lot of short ending sentences, which I admit I didn't really expect, though I have to admit that most of them aren't as short as a person would think--for example, "On Even Ground" has two lines that go with/are connected to that final line. So it's not like I ended it suddenly with an, "I love you, too."

Interesting meme.
12 May 2013 @ 12:31 am
You know that sound that you hear when a clock chimes the hour? I have literally been hearing it all day off and on. I'll hear between 12 to 16 chimes and then it stops for like ten seconds and starts up again.

If I could hear it anywhere in the house but my bedroom, I would think someone was fucking with me. (Probably in revenge for putting that trollface paper on the sink opposite the toilet that says, "Problem?")

Alas. I'm pretty sure I'm JUST GOING CRAZY INSTEAD.

That said, More Than Words only has one more chapter and an epilogue left. And [personal profile] kender gave me the brilliant idea of writing a lovely chaptered Serra/Oswin 'fic. Dammit Kender. I'm kind of excited about writing it, though. I doubt it exceeds 10 chapters. But MTW wasn't supposed to exceed five...


I suck at French. Like. I'm really bad at it. So bad. I am so completely out of my element. I'll be lucky to get a C in the class. Maybe I'll be lucky to pass with a D. It's terrifying. I should have just taken ASL. What was I thinking. That class makes me want to puke. I just can't stand it.

I had like sixteen pages of homework to do this weekend and I finished most of it, but damn if I wouldn't be completely lost on all of the listening exercises if I didn't have an answer key. I'm fine if I can read something but I just can't understand ANYTHING when I listen to it.

Sigh. We have an exam on Monday, too. I hope I do all right on it. I don't know nearly enough. And I'm too tired to do anything but the homework. Studying last-minute is going to suck. The homework should help a little though. But a week to memorize a ton of vocab on top of learning stuff that never stuck to begin with (inverting questions? I don't even know how to write a sentence properly! AHHHH.) ahhhhhh ahhhh.

Oh well. Just the summer. Then I'm done. With French. And I'll never. Ever. Have to look at it. Again. ;_;


I think my problem is that, despite the fact that I write a lot, I actually don't understand the English language very well? So understanding a foreign language is hard, too. I totally froze up on the quiz on Thursday. ADJECTIVES WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT WHAT DO I DO WHY DON'T I REMEMBER ANY WORDS HOW DO I SAY I'M SINGLE IT'S NOT CONAITRE WHY DOES THAT WORD NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE I KNOW IT STARTS WITH A C OH DAMMIT I'LL JUST MAKE SHIT UP. So I did. And as soon as I turned the paper in. I remembered the word for being single/unmarried.

I never used to panic during tests. This must be a new thing. I blame French class entirely. ;_;


Seriously what is this chiming sound WHERE IS IT COMING FROM IT IS DRIVING ME FUCKING CRAZY.
08 May 2013 @ 01:19 am
Man, only three more chapters of More Than Words. I can't wait to finish it. You have no idea. Noooo idea at all. When it's done. I will feel. So free. So. FREEEEE.

I am tired.
07 May 2013 @ 01:00 pm
Okay, while I'm waiting for class to start, I might as well write something for my journal. Yeah?

I've spent a lot of time (contrary to popular belief) playing with various narratives/points of view when writing a story.

3rd person (limited)
3rd person (omniscient)
2nd person
1st person

Third person is my default, I think, usually limited because it enables me to get into a character's mind more, or perhaps it just gives me more freedom in the sense that I can write emotionally about a character if it's from that character's point of view.

I abhor second person. Sometimes it works really well, but more often than not, it reads badly. Like I told Budgie ages ago, during her writing class, if you write second person, it really needs to be the type of story that's just generally relateable--or it needs to be told in letters or someting, so that it makes sense to the reader, but the reader doesn't have to feel like "you" is "them"--if that makes sense. Occasionally a 2nd person POV is fun to read, but the longer the story gets, the more difficult it becomes to follow, and if it's told and reads like the main narrator is talking to "you"--the reader--then it gets tiresome if/when you can no longer relate to the "you" they are speaking of. I guess I just find second person to be more digest-able when it's told in letters from one character or another, or when it's clear that the writer is talking to another person who is not the reader.

As far as first person goes, I really bounce around between liking it and hating it. Sometimes I like it, because it gives us a very real, solid insight into one main character, and because of this, their POV is biased and/or they're more likely to see things wrongly...which can make for great storytelling, because misunderstandings are easier when you can only see and understand the main character--and other characters through that main character. However, it becomes too easy for people to insert themselves into the storyline without meaning to. Also, a biased POV can be a turn-off for the reader, too, though I do feel very strongly that accidental self-inserting is way worse, particularly when your narrative character is one who is part of the main story. I can forgive self-insertion if it's an "avatar" type character most of the time, if only because it's way too easy to do, but when people do it to a beloved character it's a lot more grating. (To me, anyway.)

Any thoughts? I'm still trying to decide between my next project being in first person or third, and it's really hard to decide. Usually I default to third but I think first might be easier. Maybe.
06 May 2013 @ 05:10 pm
I never update this thing because I suck. Actually, like two people read it and I talk to them on AIM anyway soooo.

Let's see.


1. French class: HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. The professeur has a phD in both French and Spanish. Fun times. She slipped into Spanish a couple of times during the lecture. Which was entirely en français. I understood like 12% of what was going on. Alex kept laughing next to me. I think he was lost, too.

2. I'm moved into the bedroom. Took like three full days to do it, too. I went a whole day without a television, then caved in and brought my brother's old TV inside my room. It's bigger than my old 27" (not by a lot, but it weighs like 100lbs less), but it has tons of lines across the screen. HAHAHAHA. It's hard to see. But whatever. I watch DVDs for background shit anyway.

3. My girls (Tiny & CiCi) are settled in all right.

4. I haven't gotten shit done.

5. My mother suddenly came to the realization that I probably have a long-untreated UTI. This is funny because I've mentioned it like 20 times. Why else would I be running to the bathroom every hour? My backaches have gotten worse, too. And I think I might have an unexplained fever--just a slight one, though. She started flipping out on me saying stuff like I FEEL HORRIBLE I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF FOR NOT FIGURING IT OUT SOONER YOU ARE DRINKING WATER AND-- And I was like, Mother Dear, I did. Like three months ago I went three weeks drinking only water and it didn't help at all. But whatever. Attempt #2.

6. Fanfic ideas out the wazoo and no time to work on them. Uhhm. I'm going to start one for FE7 soon I think. About the tactician. BUT NOT WHAT YOU THINK. Pseudo-spoof of the "kid from the modern world ends up in the game" idea that everyone and their gramma writes. But better. And hopefully funnier. And more realistic. The twist is that they're not from modern-day USA or Europe, but from modern-day Elibe, and they're going into the past because the events that happened in FE7/FE6 are history textbook things. ;P The downside is that it'll probably be in first person.

7. More Than Words has dragged on too long and is now probably one of the worst things I've ever written. Still going to try and finish it. But all future things will be posted to my other account. I think. Unless I panic and change my mind.

8. Rewatching Record of Lodoss War, too, btw. :D
14 April 2013 @ 09:33 pm
Post the first lines of your last 21 fics.

Ganked from Ammie and Lua. :)

1. She first knew that there was a problem when she found herself unable to sleep at night—not properly, anyway, because she'd lie there half-dreaming for hours. (FE13-- On Even Ground)

2. The pegasus gave her away. (FE7-- More Than Words)

3. Hector approached Farina cautiously. (FE7-- Crazy)

4. Lucius ran a small orphanage in Araphen. (FE7-- Found)

5. A quarter of a century was such a short span of time that Janaff found it hard to believe that a beorc might only live through three such periods before dying. (FE9/10-- Pretty Thoughts)

6. At first glance, it looked like any other letter Lloyd Irving had sent her. (Tales of Symphonia-- The Letter)

7. Huey is born on a cold winter morning in Ilia. (FE7-- Accorde ChVI: Friendship)

8. Had Fiora been born in a privileged time, she might have been the type to organize, to plan for the future. (FE7-- While There's Still Time)

9. With the defeat of Majin Buu out of the way, things in Satan City returned to normal. (Dragonball Z-- Back to Normal)

10. The news reached the de Jarjayes mansion two days after the deaths of its youngest two occupants. (Rose of Versailles-- Love Is)

11. "Have you ever felt like…maybe you were doing something you weren't meant to do?" (FE7-- In Loving Memory)

12. Valor had changed. (FE7-- Luck of the Draw)

13. Too old. (Harry Potter-- Three Words)

14. She knows she's said something wrong by the look on his face. (Harry Potter-- If Tomorrow)

15. She was cute. (FE7-- A Comfortable Sort of Love)

16. It's not a simple word for her to say, hello, a greeting like any other, a short, quiet word, quite like "greetings" or "salutations" but much shorter, easier to say. (FE7-- Hello)

17. "Let me give you a word of advice. It would never work." (FE7-- Not Just for Show)

18. "Are you okay?" (FE7-- Waiting for the Rain)

19. Once upon a time there lived a stout man whose head was as hairless as a baby's bum and whose sense of adventure was unrivaled by all but his closest friend, Sir Hassar. (FE7-- Easy as One, Two, Three)

20. Nymphadora is dead. (Harry Potter-- Should Have Been)

21. Teddy Lupin had never really wondered about his parents. (Harry Potter-- Parallels)

Conclusions: I write a lot of long or short sentences, but not a lot of in-between sentences. I don't fucking know. Why am I doing this? At least I can see I don't start every sentence the same way, I guess. HAHAHA.
05 April 2013 @ 06:52 am

I wrote my first FE13 'fic.

I wrote FE13 fic in general.


And it doesn't--it's not about the tactician. What do I do with this. It doesn't match 90% of the FE13 fic on







holy shit I'm tired I will be gone from 7am until 9:30pm it will be a sad sad day.
23 March 2013 @ 04:52 pm
possibly triggering )

In other news I am SO TIRED. I can't concentrate on anything for more than two seconds. I will have to have some time alone to write but my sister and brother-in-law are here ahhh.

11 March 2013 @ 10:47 pm
So instead of working on my Creative Writing final I wrote more Hector/Farina. Uhh...I have no real excuse except #blamekender and the fact that there are so few stories about them on I aim to write the most, obviously. I will not only be the Kent/Lyn Queen, but the Hector/Farina Queen as well.

Also shut up I promise I will finish this story.



My pastor's memorial was yesterday. It was so lovely. The church, for the first time since about 1989/1990/1991 was PACKED. So many people came. So many people were there that my family had to sit in the choir's seats (we haven't had a choir since the 80s there). But that was cool because we've gone there for 25 years. Mannnn. I recognized people from the Dayton congregation and Brother Tom from New Castle Indiana's congregation. It was so amazing.

My sister and parents bawled their eyes out. I pinched myself damn hard to keep from crying when they started out singing It Is Well (With My Soul)--it's one of my favorites and my pastor had his own special arrangement for the piano that he made up himself. Ahhhh. But such a nice service. And people stayed to mingle afterward which also almost made me cry.

Hell it almost made me cry to see every pew filled and people sitting on folded chairs and standing against the wall at the back. So touching.

June put out her husband's paintings all over the place. My family is gonna pay to have her favorite framed for her. I sneakily measured it when she wasn't looking.


So I made a new Fire Emblem buddy. Sort of. There I was, in Great Books, talking to the girl who draws pictures on the board. We were chatting about names.

Megan: You know how your parents called you by your middle name when they were mad?

We talked about this a while, but then I admitted:

Me: My parents never really did that. I actually wanted to go by my middle name, though. I almost did.

Megan: What is it?

Me: Lynn.

Megan: Ohh that's such a pretty name. Actually, it's the name of one of my favorite Fire Emblem characters. Or close: Lyndis.


(Just like that.)

Then she said she shipped Florina/Lyn like burning but was sad that they didn't get a legit ending.

Me: That's what fanfic is for!

Megan: I swore I've never stoop so low.

Me: I can admit I stooped very low because I've written hundreds.

Megan: Wat.

Me: Yes. Literally. Hundreds.

Megan: ...I kind of want to find them now.

Anyway so then she drew a tiny Florina on the board and the whole class wondered why there was a pegasus up there. She also is a part of the in-joke in my family about how Neal killed Florina.


So she drew Florina being too late to save Myrtle from The Great Gatsby and the whole class will always wonder about it.

Dun dun dunnnnn.
11 March 2013 @ 12:28 am
Dear Google Docs,


19 February 2013 @ 11:48 pm

fe13: i haven't gotten very far, no OTPs yet, my brother and i are arguing about whose pairings are better
college: HAHAHAHA, exam tomorrow, classes all summer, spring break next week IT IS NOT SPRING YET DAMMIT

uhhhh when I have time to type up some more FEbruary stuff believe me I will. I have so many ideas ahhh. and fanfic. i want to write all the fanfic. but no time. maybe next week though. that'd be cool if i could get some writing done. am thinking of scrambling to finish the fe100 this year and i'd like to pick up canon in d again (SHUT UP I KNOW IT'S BEEN LIKE THREE YEARS) but it needs editing because i can't remember where i was going with some people and others i'm pretty sure i know (farina) but how i was going about it didn't make a lot of sense?

also I realized why I don't much care for sprawling stories like canon in d--everything feels so...surfaceish. like. if i write things too deeply it takes up so much space it hurts. if i write it sparing details it's fun and silly but lacks the depth i really want to see between characters. too many characters. i think that story had kent, lyn, sain, fiora, priscilla, guy, serra, florina, farina, hector, wil, rebecca, and then i had like jan and all the older characters and etc. it was such a silly story. fun to write but still hard to write because i had to try and strike a balance between HAY THIS IS TOO MUCH DETAIL and WHOA NOT ENOUGH DETAIL.
29 January 2013 @ 04:34 pm
Pretty sure i promised some Farina meta at one point or another. I'll uhm...get on that.

/shuffles away

So far I just kind of want to fling myself off of the Medical Sciences building at school because I am horrid at French. I'm pretty sure most of the class failed that last exam.

I have a science exam tomorrow. Uh...I'm doubting it'll be hard which means it will be brutal of course.

And then randomly I get fanfic ideas. So. You know.

Things I'm actually accomplishing:

-read 100 more pages of On the Road. This book is awful. Seriously the worst thing I've ever fucking read. The writing itself is horrid, the story is awful, the characters are--you know, I have never legitimately hated a character before, really, not to this extent, but all of the main characters in this book can disappear. Can't believe people like that shit. The book is about drugs, sex, and Dean. AKA everything I don't care about. It's also 500% misogynistic.

-watching Road to Avonlea again. Hee.





-I think I ate a few things too
04 January 2013 @ 11:29 pm
Whenever I get really bored, I think to myself, "Hey, I know what time it is. It's make a journal entry time!"

I really don't know what to talk about.

Pretty sure it's like 11:30 and I haven't eaten in almost 12 hours. I should probably do that. No wonder I'm so braindead/tired. That and I didn't get much sleep.

I wrote a thing. I'm kind of disgusted that it's been more than a month since I wrote anything. I have been seriously slacking. Also I hate the wintertime. But back to writing: dang, what is inspiration?

I mean, fandom has practically died on LJ. It's slow as shit on DW. And to make things even sadder, Tumblr fandom is just one shitstorm of drama after another, and over the stupidest shit, too.

(There is an obnoxious part of me that wants to popcorn.gif all of the FE drama on Tumblr but honestly I am just so far from giving even one iota of shit that it's kind of disturbing. Granted, at one time I'd have been right in the middle of it, soapboxing like a boss, but now it's kind of just...yeahno. I have better things to do. Like making another alt in WoW. Or drawing badly in a sketchbook. Or writing this pointless entry.)

Back to fandom. Don't get me wrong. I love me some fandom. But good grief, what is with this slowing-down stuff? I guess it's expected. I've been around a long time. Not as long as some, but I've been lurking since FE7 was released, so for a relatively long time, honestly. Pretty much everything that I could imagine to discuss has probably already been discussed by someone, somewhere. And I think I've almost hit that point where I'm like, "Ehhh, you know what? Not worth my time."

Meta, discussion, whatever. I guess I could start some, I always have super obnoxious opinions and thoughts. About everything. I'm probably one of the most opinionated people you've ever met in your life, even if you don't realize it yet. But that requires work. And thinking. And me actually considering game canon. And for the most part, it's Does anyone care? Probably not. So again, I'll do something else. Sadly even with FE fandom dying, ToS fandom has been pretty much dead for a long time. Stuff gets posted, but nobody is gleefully posting character discussion anymore. Prooooobably because nobody cares anymore. Because ToS is old. For a viddya game.

But who am I kidding? I'm just stupid-nostalgic. For the good old days. When I wrote with wild and carefree abandon, even if I did suck, and where reviews weren't something so rare that you nearly died inside receiving them. (I'm not really helping with this problem, though, just putting that out there. I find reading 'fic on FFN tedious and rely heavily on recommendations. And I follow very few writing blogs. And to make myself look like even more of a douchecanoe, I only go to the FE section on FFN like once every few months, and usually it's to find something specific.)

I'll even take the not-as-good old days, back when fandom was booming. And people were like YEAHHHH. And everyone was at least polite, even if they didn't like someone.

It used to feel like I was a part of something. I don't feel that way anymore.

I know the anon meme was a horrible piece of shit, but we can't blame everything on it. I don't think so, anyway. I mean, we were the people posting there. People in the fandom. And some people said some awfully hurtful things. It's not the anon meme's fault that people decided to be a douche just because it was anonymous--as if being a jerk anonymously is somehow okay.

But I know also that a lot of people went through life-changing things in the last few years: family members passed away, people entered into or left relationships, people moved away from home, went to college, got new jobs, et cetera. Those things can leave you with less time for fandom, and sometimes you'll just stop feeling like fandom is as important. I will probably never feel that way, because most of you have been around me for a long time, and when my life was headed down an 80 degree slope of self-pity (or whatever), the people on my friends-list were the people that were there for me. I don't forget shit like that...ever.

Now, in ten years, some of you I probably won't know anymore. You'll have moved on, maybe we won't have anything in common anymore, blah blah blah. But there are a large number of you that I hope not to lose contact with. I think a huge part of the issue for me regarding fandoms starting to die is because I have such a hard time making friends IRL, when I finally make friends (in person or online), I get really irate at having to let them go. Such is the life of an introvert. It's hard for me to stay in contact with people I have nothing in common with, though...but fear not: I have very little in common with a large number of you, but I still read your entries (even if I say nothing) and enjoy reading about your lives.

In a manner of speaking, real life posts ruined a lot of friendships in the FE fandom. Buuuuuuut in the end I think it drew some people closer, too, and if a friendship was so shallow that it didn't last through a few entries about someone's personal life, maybe it's not as solid a friendship as a person might originally think, eh?

I might have to hide in the super quiet ToS fandom for a while and write my obscure OTP. I have some fellow obsessed buddies over there.

PS. Kender and I are email-RPing Hector and Farina and it's fun. Weeeee.
03 January 2013 @ 12:38 pm
I don't really feel like doing an "end of the year" meme or anything. Welcome to 2013, don't forget to remember to write 2013 on things. I'm still catching myself writing 2007 on stuff for no real reason. -_-

For Christmas my sister and brother-in-law + parents got me:
-the zebra hat of awesome
-$50 Kindle giftcard
-$75 Kohls gift card (which is great, I desperately need pants that fit!)
-a few cute zebra shirts!
-a case of soda

And then Neal's parents got me some chocolate and a $100 bill. Which kind of blew my mind.

The first year my family's had Christmas in FOREVER. I mean years. It wasn't a big one but it was pretty awesome. I love gift cards; the whole "it says you don't know what to get" might be right but fuck that shit. I think they're super useful!


Uhmmmm...I need to get writing. But. Lazy. Maybe tomorrow after I go to the store and get some coffee I'll get some writing done.

Shit to write:

-fic for the exchange (still struggling with this, yes)
-update erik/lyn/kent fic
-update Canon because some cute scrub on ffn asked me to MORE THAN ONCE
-ToS fic (I have a few ideas)


I'm super excited for my classes this semester. I think they'll be great. :D I'll have to study French harder's definitely a weakness for me. Bleh.

First book to read for ENG2040? "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac. Hmm.
12 December 2012 @ 05:06 pm
I'm done with exams. :D

English: No idea on my grade yet.
Science: A in the class, final exam was a 102%. :O
History: A in the class probably no matter what, no idea about final exam grade.
Sociology: A on final exam, no idea on final paper grade, good chance of an A- in the class.
French: NO IDEA but probably an A- or B+


Now that I am free I intend to write fanfiction starting...tomorrow. I've really been slacking this year on writing and it makes me sad. :(

I mean, let's recap this shit:

1. All or Nothing (Fire Emblem, Serra & Oswin)
2. Parallels (Harry Potter, Teddy, Andromeda, Harry, Molly)
3. Should Have Been (Harry Potter, Andromeda, Tonks & Lupin)
4. Easy As One, Two, Three (Fire Emblem, Wallace, Hassar, Wil)
5. Waiting for the Rain (Fire Emblem, Kent & Lyndis)
6. Not Just for Show (Fire Emblem, Sain, Kent & Lyn)
7. Hello (Fire Emblem, Florina+Hector/Wil/Sain/Lyn/Kent)
8. A Comfortable Sort of Love (Fire Emblem, Hector & Lyn/Farina/Florina/Serra)
9. If Tomorrow (Harry Potter, Remus & Tonks)
10. Three Words (Harry Potter, Remus & Tonks)
11. Luck of the Draw (Fire Emblem, Mark & Others, Reverse Order)
12. In Loving Memory (Fire Emblem, Aunt!Florina & Lilina)
13. Love Is (Rose of Versailles, Oscar & André)
14. Back to Normal (Dragonball Z, Gohan & Videl)
15. While There's Still Time (Fire Emblem, Sain & Fiora)
16. Accorde Part Six: F is for Friendship (Fire Emblem, Florina and Huey)
17. The Letter (Tales of Symphonia, Raine, Genis, Virginia)

Fire Emblem: 10
Tales of Symphonia: 1
Dragonball Z: 1
Rose of Versailles: 1
Harry Potter: 4

Total tally: 17 fics

...That's shit for me. :| Ugh. And only 10 FE fics??? What's wrong with me??

Well, I'm going to fix dat.

Things to work on:

-POLICEMAN HECTOR FIC. Have waited like 10 years to write this okay.
-ALL ABOUT US (shut up kender I see you smirking)
-BATTLEFIELD (I has an idea)
-alphabet meme shit
-ToS wheelchair fic
-??? other shit


I'm so damn tired.