15 August 2012 @ 07:19 pm

1.) I had to take my brother to class this morning, so while I waited for that to be over, I actually, randomly, horribly, for some reason, had the urge to work on that novelization again. I am 110% unsure as to why this is, but I did rearrange some stuff and look over my FOUR (yes, four!!) attempts to write it.

Still not sure how I feel about some stuff, like having to make OCs to cover Lyn's remaining tribe, but since I intend for some of them to come back into the story later (WHAT!!) I figured it was fitting.

I'm kind of proud of my portrayal of Hausen, though. Hm. I need a better title.

2.) Got my new laptop today. I've been moving programmes and stuff onto it most of the day.

3.) I have Steam now. Add lovehooves if you want. :D Or the email on my profile if that's how you have to add friends. I don't have any games yet because our download speed is so slow, but if I go to the school Friday then I'll do it then. They have a 100megabit connection there. We have a...2 megabit connection here.