05 December 2012 @ 01:25 am

I've just been so busy


that I have time for nothing else. Regal/Raine = best pairing sorry cannot stop shipping it; send help.

Shit I got done today that I needed to get done:
-finalize/edit ASPCA paper
-finalize/edit Glory evaluation paper
-memorize periods/eras in order

Shit I didn't get done today:
-write extra credit paper for history. (granted I have a 99% in the class but WHAT IF I NEED THIS 5% AFTER THE EXAM ANYWAY RIGHT???)
-study science
-study sociology
-memorize French skit

Shit I got done that actually doesn't matter
-harvested crops in WoW
-did a dungeon in WoW on Candle
-did four dungeons on Raine/got to lvl 76
-read some fic
-reviewed that fic

I need help.

Also can I just say that as soon as winter break starts I will be churning out all the fucking fanfiction ever I CANNOT WAIT SERIOUSLY I NEED TO WRITE FIC I NEED TO NEED TO NEED TO.

..I have...

*Twilight Zone music*